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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the sports writer and commentator Tony Evans


and journalist James Millar of the Sunday Post.


A special late edition of the Liverpool Echo leads


with the findings of an inquest jury into the Hillsborough disaster, that


The Metro also leads with the Hillsborough inquest verdicts -


including the possible criminal charges now facing former police


'After 27 years, justice' - that's the Gaurdian's headline,


with the front page showing some of the relatives of the 96 fans


The New Day also leads with Hillsborough -


including the criminal charges the CPS is considering following


that's the headline on the Daily Mirror.


The FT is running a story on the cyber threat increases


following a raid on the Bangladeshi central bank.


The Daily Mail puts the resignation of Labour MP


Naz Shah who was an aide to the shadow


chancellor after controversial comments on Israel


On the front page of the Daily Express is a story


about a new drug which is shown to tackle cholesterol


without the distressing side effects of statins.


And the Sun puts on its front page that the Prime Minister's inner


circle are sending group texts on WhatsApp to keep EU


We will start with a late addition of the Liverpool Echo. Tony,


unlawful killing is what it has at the bottom, a composite of some of


the relatives who died, is that the Liver building? Yes. You were there.


What goes through your mind? Everyone was smeared, it was not


accidental death, this was far from an accident. It was a colour amity,


a collapse of police procedures. The people who be trusted to keep us


safe failed and then they tried to deflect blame. This is a momentous


moment not just for Liverpool, Liverpool fans, every time you send


a loved one, a member of your family out to a public event, you need to


know that the police will protect them, the emergency services will be


there for them if something goes wrong. It is not about us, it is


about keeping people safe and that is what we need to get over to the


rest of the country, it is not about Liverpool or football fans, it is


about being safe. It is about everybody. James, at the end, the


storms of golden sky, that suggest that people want prosecutions


following the unlawful killing verdict. That is the next stage of


the story. It has been going on for so long. I camera member it starting


in 1989 with the disaster, here we are 27 years later and we just had


an FA Cup semifinal at the weekend and we are still talking about this.


If there are to be prosecutions, we will still be talking about it for


some time to come. It does feel like a chapter has closed, the story is


ongoing, but this is the end of another chapter. Let's go to The New


Day. Justice that the 96 finally is the headline, prosecutions for those


people who have been held to be responsible as a result of these


verdicts. Do you want to see people go to jail? I think they will be too


old by the time it comes around. I want them to take responsibility for


their actions and basically be shamed in public, be embarrassed for


one the failure to do the job on the day that led to 96 people dying and


secondly for attempting to deflect the blame onto other people. If it


happened today and the same time frame was going, you would get this


verdict in 2043, it is mind boggling. That is what the families


have gone through. It has been such a long time, I am not sure there


will be any value in putting people in jail, but there is value in


saying if you do these things and you make such climate as mistakes,


then you need to be responsible for them. -- terrible mistakes.


Investigations have been going on for some time. And they will go on


for some time. It is such a huge story. Not very often these days do


we get a story that is across so many front pages. It says a lots of


journalism, there are so many different angles to be covered in


it. There is the issue of the ongoing criminal proceedings. There


is a very human story, people who loved ones -- who lost loved ones,


the cover-up, possibly at the heart of it, it is not so much mistakes


made the day, it is a conspiracy to blame the fans. It is all this to


unpick. The different papers are taking different angles, The New Day


and that echoes seemed to be talking about the human side. -- The Echo.


The Metro is looking at the truth. Suggestions that the police or


culpable to a point in this. Without a doubt. The police and senior


politicians, write to the senior level of government, they were


briefed, when they knew who was responsible, they briefed against


the fans. We need to go into that. The famous front page on The Sun,


the truth, that has haunted us. People always say we have seen the


truth, it was in the papers. I said would you steal from dead bodies


washed and Mark and they said no, and then I would say well why would


you think I would? -- steal from dead bodies? To deny responsibility,


that is really worrying. Tony, those people in the press at the time did


not want to know what the truth was. The stories that were being


presented to them by the police were simply too good to check. Yes.


Journalism is supposed to check the facts and tell us what is really


happening, but there were certain people in the media who are happy to


accept what they were being told. These are different times, 89 is a


long time ago. A different attitude towards football at the time and


football culture. And with good reason, it was easy to blame fans


because people were willing to believe football fans were


hooligans. It is a completely different game to what it is now


with all the money that has gone into it and the improvements in


stadiums and all the rest of it. People were much more willing to


believe it. But the point is good journalists are supposed to then


check those facts and confirm or deny them. The Sun certainly, with


its initial the truth from page didn't, they just publish them. We


know what the truth is now. The Metro has those two words on its


front page, the -- The Sun does not mention Hillsborough at all. Kelvin


MacKenzie made a joke about being made a Tory peer and said Lord


McKenzie of Anfield has a ring to it. He has to credit -- discredited


journalism. This is not so much about football fans. The Sun needs


to realise it is about the cover-up and the miscarriage of justice and


for its not even make the front page. It has not made the front page


of the times either. It is an abdication of responsibility and it


is poor journalism. The surprising thing about The Sun, you could


almost understand if they had a front-page story where they say it


is about a famous person and we will sell lots of copies of the sun, but


it is utter guff. It is David Cameron uses social media. It is not


a story, it is not a front-page story when there is this huge story


going on elsewhere. It is almost as if they are trying to make The Sun


the story and like they are mocking Hillsborough. They are keeping it


off their front page. There is still bad feeling on Merseyside. They are


100,000 sales down a day. What would bring it to an" to mark it is too


late, they had an opportunity back in the 90s, even later where if they


apologised and said we lied and made a huge contribution, maybe they


would have lifted the boycott. -- could they ever get back their sales


figures in Liverpool? In the Guardian, 27 years, a long time to


wait. To go from The Sun to this, this is good journalism. The same


goes for the Daily Mirror. Certain journalists have been all over this


and not just all over it, they have gone into it and committed to it and


they have covered it really well. They have not got so sucked up into


it that they explain it to really owes -- that they can't explain it


to readers in an investing way. From the day after the tragedy, this guy


wrote a really emotive piece in the daily post in the bubble and he has


fought every battle with the families and he has been a huge


influence. The Guardian's investment in journalism, to let him be there


almost everyday, it is fantastic. As we end the Hillsborough coverage in


the papers, we will remind you that you can see a special documentary


about the Hillsborough disaster. We have a bit of time to go onto The


Daily Express. The first all-out strike by junior doctors. A sad day


for the NHS says Jeremy Hunt. There is another day of all-out strikes


that will begin. Yes, tomorrow. This is another massive story. There are


two huge stories going on. Any other day this would be all over the front


pages. As you say, there will be another one. The interesting thing


is Jeremy Hunt can say what he wants. All the polls suggest there


is pretty solid support among the doctors, given the choice, trust


doctors or politicians, doctors will win every time. It does not look as


if any side will get any closer to a deal. This is a precious thing, the


NHS and we should all be behind it and Jeremy Hunt does not want it to


continue. That is one point of view. Thank you for joining us for the


papers. Don't forget all the papers are online on the BBC website. All


therefore you on the website. -- there for you. Thanks again to our


reviewers. You are watching BBC News, goodbye.


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