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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers are bringing us


tomorrow, with me are the writer Natalie Haynes and Rob Merrick.


Let's look at some of those front pages, the Metro is leading with the


junior doctors strike ahead of two days on industrial action starting


tomorrow morning. The i also has the junior doctor's strike. Half of


junior doctors say they will leave the NHS, that is the headline in New


Day. The Daily Express as people with arthritis are topping up their


pills to deal with pain levels. The Daily Mail puts the Jason Myers --


puts the demise of BHS down to mismanagement of funds. The


Financial Times is also looking at that story and there is an


investigation by the pension regulator. The front page of the


Guardian has a picture of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel checking out


technology headsets in Hanover. And it is back to the doctors strike


with the Daily Mirror. It says stop running, start talking to Jeremy


Hunt. Let's begin. The Metro, as good a place as any. The junior


doctors, it is all out war, who is talking about war? The doctors


themselves presumably. Jeremy Hunt is as cross as you would expect in


to after he has been rather neatly sidestepped over the weekend, people


have said what about this cross-party suggestion? He has had


to make the doctors look even more unreasonable, he is insisting junior


doctors do not have the right to ruin a manifesto promise and the


doctors go out at eight o'clock. It would seem to be so. The interesting


thing is this line about the number ten source talking about doctors


trying to topple the government which does seem to go a little bit


file. I was going to mention that and at Westminster it is inch sing


how nasty it has become. It has been a bitter dispute, but it ratcheted


up significantly. -- into resting. There was a suggestion yesterday


that they wanted to bring down government. Perhaps after this


strike is over, the law could be changed to prevent the doctors


pulling out of and E in future. -- accident and emergency in future.


They may have an indefinite strike, it is getting better and more bitter


and it is hard to see how you can get any kind of consensus. There was


this vague labour proposed plan to get a compromise and that went up


and came down like fireworks. People must have thought this was a good


way of trying to sidestep what has become a very entrenched set


positions. Quite clearly it has not worked. You are very unlikely to win


people back to a negotiation table by suggesting they are trying to


bring down the government. That does not sound the most rational


statements. The front page there, the doctors are divided it says


here. The first all-out strike begins without the backing of any


royal colleges. There are an awful lot of doctors and some of them are


junior doctors who do not like the way things are going. They don't


have the backing of the royal colleges that the all-out strike,


but they have the backing of the public. Some polling saying there is


a dip in a public feeling, but it is still strong, that includes accident


and emergency and intensive care. While they have those numbers, the


doctors will think they have the public behind them. Natalie, why do


you think the public are still on their side? It is a vocation and all


those kinds of things, be prepared to work weekends, what a shocking


idea, why are people still in favour? The short answer is because


people see their doctors as trustworthy figures and with some


justification. They are seen periodically when they are


frightened and sick and these are people who generally have made them


feel better. Perhaps they have been in a position where a loved one has


been ill at the weekend and you have been sent to hospital and they have


been there. They know when the government paints the junior doctors


as those anarchist group trying to undermine the state, it simply does


not ring true. We are vast buzzing more likely to mistrust politicians


than doctors. If someone does go to accident and emergency and terrible


things happen as a result, that could swing public opinion. The next


two days are crucial. The doctors feel the level of cover will be


there from consultants, you end up in a knee and the next few days,


there is no reason why your life would be in any greater danger. --


in accident and emergency over the next few days. I was really struck


by how critical this MPI spoke to about Jeremy Hunt. -- this MP I


spoke to. He said he is a giant ego. It was someone on the house


secretary's side who were saying that. The front page picture there


of the present of the United States looking through some strange device


is watched by the German Chancellor. I have to say, it says Europe


united? I am more interested in what they are looking at. Virtual reality


headsets. It looks like the future would have looked in 1984 or 1985 in


a Spielberg movie. I presume it is not a VHS tape with someone googly


eyes stuck on it and there is something more going on inside. The


slightly serious point is here he is with Angela Merkel and all in


agreement. Britain got one mention in the President's speech today, it


literally said the British about something or other. There is only


one question after Europe united, Europe is far from united over


anything at all. If there was some sort of agreement reached today,


that would be a step forward. It was about Syria mainly. The other big


story of the day, VHS, into administration, 11,000 jobs under


threat. The line being taken, why are they being called sharks and why


are they sharklike? The sharks appear to be numerous if not


lawless. Philip Green who used to own BHS before about 14 months ago


when he sold it for a pound. Of that more in a moment, he tried to take


millions of pounds out of the chain before he sold it. If you go to the


Guardian they suggest that he and his family together took out 500


made ?6 million. It was a vast sum of money. Then he sold it for pounds


to a company who have managed subsequently to take out ?25


million. Feel free to observe that perhaps 30 months ago he may have


had a spare pound, I know I did, had I known I could have invested over


?25 million return, I would buy it myself, I just did not know it was


an option but to Oriel -- it was an option! We have to be careful,


because we do not know what happened. It is still a hefty


return. Any prospect of BHS surviving this? All I could hear


today was no, not in its current form. Have you ever shopped there? I


went there today, I am probably to blame for why it is going under, the


only reason why we go in one is to buy a light bulb and I think


everybody else does. I bought a lump there and it was a very good lamp.


-- lamp. In terms of it being far more tempting, it may be right to


blame it on the people who owned it and the bad running of it allegedly.


Maybe we do not want to blame ourselves for not shopping there.


The other serious issue is the business of the pension fund. It is


an unfortunate figure for him. He is a controversial figure anyway. His


wife is in a tax haven and in the past dividends have been paid to her


and not to him, no tax. He has been acting with some behaviour that has


been criticised. If he did take out 560 million, the gap in the pension


fund is 571 million pounds which is almost an identical figure. The


unfortunate thing is his third yacht has been unveiled. Is that


unfortunate for him? It is not terrible misfortune. Cry me a river.


We were talking about it earlier, we were thinking maybe you need a spare


for your spare. It is a strange world to most people. Here is


something from The Daily Express. Perhaps you could talk to us about


this a bit. Arthritis pain, pills warning. The express loves health


stories, what is this about? Five short paragraphs on the front, it


tells us that arthritis sufferers are not getting sufficient


prescription drugs to deal with their pain, so therefore they are


taking over-the-counter pills and there is a risk of side-effects from


doing this. Arthritis sufferers are being urged to try to get better


management of their condition from their doctors rather than was a temp


to over-the-counter pills which may well put their health at risk. --


than an attempt to get over-the-counter pills. A sad story


about the soldier who died just at the end of the marathon. 23 miles


in, aged 31. Incredibly sad. If you can take anything remotely positive


from is undeniably a tragedy it is that his friends and family have put


up a fundraising page in his honour. They have pledged to walk the last


few miles of the marathon from where he dropped and at seven o'clock this


evening those pages were at ?75,000 for help the heroes who he was


raising money for. There is that. I should point out that given that


health scares are bound on the front of the dead express, only 14 people


have died competing in the London Marathon over 36 years over a


million runners. It is a tragedy, but please do not feel like you


cannot run. It is shocking because he is so young. 31 years old,


Captain Davis. Very quickly, because this is the theme of this, the Daily


Mail inside says time does go quickly when you are over 50. It


will happen. Time does go faster. I think everything happened two weeks


or five use ago, for me wine were in the charts five years ago. I do not


love the science. -- Wham. The older you are, the more quickly you can to


120 seconds. It seems to me according to this study, that is not


the same as a whole year, it may mean you are in patient. Your


thoughts on that? It was not clear how you got from people counting,


how quickly you counted to 120, apparently there are age-related


changes in brain chemistry and a feeling of having seen it all


before. It seems like time passes quickly. This has gone quickly, of


course it always does. Thank you both very much. That is it for the


papers tonight. Don't forget all the front pages are online on the BBC


News website where you can read a detailed review. It is all their


view, seven days a week, BBC .co .uk . All the papers are being posted on


the page. From all three of us, goodbye.


Good evening. It is a frosty night ahead of us. There was all sorts of


weather, some sunshine to be had, showers produced some rain, maybe a


bit of Heol Fasan. We also saw some


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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