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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the broadcaster John Stapleton and the former


government minister and vote leave campaigner, Esther McVey.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the Independent.


The Independent Online has criticism from a group


of academics that both sides in the EU referendum are making "misleading


The Justice Secretary Michael Gove has written in the Times,


claiming that "free-for-all" EU migration will put the NHS at risk.


The uncertainty facing the High Street retailer BHS is


the Guardian's top story, with reports that almost 11,000


According to the Metro, girls as young as three are being sold by


their families for less than ?400, following the earthquake in Nepal.


"Green Belt Under Siege" is the headline in the i.


The paper says the housing crisis is forcing ministers and planners


The FT says Heathrow faces a funding "black hole" for transport


links to the airport, if a third runway is given the go-ahead.


New Day leads on scientists launching new research


And the Express warns that a "snowy blast" will sweep across


It has to be the referendum, where we begin, I mean. A picture of Boris


Johnson and David Cameron. The verdict on the campaign. A coalition


of academics criticised misleading and inaccurate claims. It is


difficult to establish fact in this debate. It is a nightmare. The vast


majority of the people are the world and. -- the bewildered. One person


saying one thing and another saying and other. What these -- another.


Academics have looked at these facts and they are just unsupported and


untrue. Both sides have been criticised. George Osborne the other


week and his forecast. How does he know? It can't even get his forecast


right for next year! Project fear is on both sides. We will hear more


about it. It is the predominant factor in this campaign. It is


undermining faith in politicians. How sympathetic argue for voters


trying to work their way through what is fact and fiction? -- are


you. Some people will say I have heard too much and am turned off. We


don't want that. Others will say, I have not got enough information,


where do I get it? I think it will be, what do you feel, what do you


believe, how do you think things will work going forward, and what


can you see and believe around you? That is where Michael Gove in his


article is taking it a step further when he says let's look at the


immigration and the figures. We have net immigration at 300,000 and not a


lot we can do to prevent anybody coming from Europe. Now it is


expanding by another five countries, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Turkey,


Turkey itself 35mm and they can all now come to the UK. -- 35 million.


How will that impact the NHS, public services... In fairness, isn't an


element of this Michael Gove and his campaign being on the back foot. And


then once Johnson's comments about Obama. -- or is Johnson. Then he was


saying he was anti- British because of his Kenyan background. That


backfired on him. Even Nigel Farage said today that you should attack


the ball, not the man. Some of these comments by Michael Gove in the


papers are a retaliation to that, losing ground. It has been neck and


neck so far and this could change it. I don't think it was because he


thought they were losing ground. They would have planned out each


week until the finale. It is a well articulated argument, actually. His


first piece a while ago when he came out as a Brexter was like this.


Barack Obama coming over here, what he had to say, we understand he


should say what he wants, but that is what America wants. He once TTP,


this trade agreement with Europe, by the way, he hasn't had one for 43


years. We have two to 6 billion of trade either way and it works. --


56. We don't need one. Isn't Michael Gove talking about a migration free


far all? -- free-for-all. Isn't this project fear? With five countries


coming in we now know we will have a much higher wage, the living wage,


that will be a poll, and one of the countries with 75 million... Labour


said there would only be tens of thousands coming in. 2 million


people came in during the Tony Blair years. Most people are coming to


work and that is good for the economy. That is a big question


mark. I am still here. Sorry. (LAUGHING). I have kicked my shoes


off under the desk. It is all fine. This is what we want. The Daily


Telegraph, Boris Johnson's column, he has said that those who want to


remain in the European Union are calling it too soon. It isn't all


over. These comments could be long gone by then. It is definitely a


long time. An eternity. Many people are undecided and there are many


gaffs and fact still to be made. This particular thing about


migration... Let's look at that. Michael Gove says the NHS would be


at risk because even more people could come illegitimately and ask


for treatment on this. And there are people with absolutely legitimate


concerns about the impact of immigration on schools, on the


health service, et cetera. The point I was about to make, as some people


would acknowledge, you may not... Tell me and I will let you know.


Economically they are a positive. They work and they pay taxes. I have


a different way of looking at that. Going with the statistic that we


don't know. When you know we have got net migration of nearly 300,000


a year, that means we have a town or a city eager than Newcastle every


year coming in. Where are those people carrying on to live? We are


getting rid of green... Successive governments have not built enough


houses. But with these extra people, of course it will have an


impact on school places. The first time ever, well, not the first, but


many people aren't getting their first choice of school. And the


NHS... We have all these children here, not just child immigrants, but


children whose parents are born in this country. Sorry. I can't get


over a third of a million every year. It is huge. How will we


assimilate those people and give them all of the public sector's


help? I have my copy here. Thank you for doing my job. -- coffee. Both


sides are using back to their advantage. Those who want to stay in


the EU are saying, if we want to leave there would be a staffing


crisis because so many staff come from the EU. The NHS is such a


sensitive subject for Surman people it could swing it. That isn't quite


true either. Doesn't matter whether it is the Philippines or India,


those numbers have really tightened up. David Cameron won't want


those... He is trying to get it down to tens of thousands, migration. You


danced people, from the EU and then let the rest of the world do it. --


don't stop. The difference is, if people are coming from Europe they


come with a question mark on whether they have credentials. But if you


come from outside you have a points system to say these people are


coming to help the NHS. That is fair. Away from the referendum.


Don't get six tomorrow. Junior doctors, Monday's paper, it is


talking about Tuesday, not tomorrow, don't panic. -- sick. A two-day


strike that is supposed to happen. The idea of a temporary or limited


roll-out of a cross-party proposal that might have resented the strike


has been dismissed by cross-party MPs. Blocked by the royal surgeons


at the last minute. Jeremy Hunt is saying he wants to block it. Why not


test it out on a trial basis and then get an independent body to


decide whether or not it is working and fair? Whether the customers are


concerned or benefiting. Jeremy Hunt has kicked that into touch. He said


today that the system will be done actually. -- gradually. Problems


will be sorted out later. Many are saying it is a pity. It is a


compromise. It is a way out of a deadlock team to organisations and


he has rejected it. Why would you reject it? Why not roll out a trial


in this instance? To say it was because it was... That is the


same... He says you will get it whether you like it or not. Eight


slow roll-out would say whether it is working. -- a. Three years worth


of talk has gone nowhere. You could say that BMA was very much starting


to lose the support of the doctors because some of them were going in


and not wanting to strike. The BMA are losing the support of the


public. If they asked Labour to go in the back door to put an offer


forward because they were losing the argument. I don't know what Jeremy


Hunt said, but when I read the letter closely be work all possibles


and maybes, no definitive answers. According to the Guardian,


tomorrow's Guardian, a survey has been done to say that 78.4% of


junior doctors questioned in that survey said they will strike. So it


seems the overwhelming majority. The doctors I know came out in the first


time that never again because they care about the patient's. Doctors


are saying to not do emergency care... They didn't like that.


Senior doctors said they would step in. But if they step in they have


other people they should be seeing at the same time. It has a knock-on


effect. You have lost 12,500 operations along with the


patient's. -- patients. But the idea of emergency care not been


covered... -- being. What about the incredibly ill patients? Leicester


City five points away from a fairytale finale, it says. What an


extraordinary season! Apparently, the Algieri and winger. --


Algerian. He did not even know that Leicester City was a football team.


(LAUGHING). Maybe not after recent... It is


about the team and not just the individual. It has really caught me


out because it has been so beautiful. But it has been very


cold. The central heating went back on in our house over the weekend. My


wife was out gardening and she said it was too cold to go gardening.


Sometimes we have a bit of fascination with the weather on the


express. It is time to get your longjohns back on. Thank you. That


is it in the paper review and now it is time for the film


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