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The mother and a third child have been seriously injured.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster John Stapleton and the former


government minister and vote leave campaigner Esther McVey.


your first time with us, thank you. Thank you. You will keep us in good


order. Yes, it will be very civilised. Tomorrow's from pages,


starting with the Independent. Online as criticism from a group of


academics that both sides of the EU referendum are making misleading and


inaccurate statements. The Justice Secretary Michael Gove has written


in the Times that a free for all EU migration will put the NHS at risk.


The uncertainty facing the high-street retailer BHS is the top


story in the Guardian, with reports almost 11,000 jobs are at risk.


According to the metro girls as young as three are being sold by


their families for less than ?400 following the earthquake in Nepal.


Green belt under siege. That's the headline in the i. The FT says


Heathrow faces funding black hole for transport links to the airport,


third runway goes ahead. New Day leads on scientists and launching


new research into miscarriages. The express wants a snowy blast will


sweep across Britain over the next ten days. It wouldn't be right if we


didn't start with the EU referendum. Here it is on the Independent. The


verdict on the EU campaigns, actor -- academics criticising both sides.


Interesting pictures, they look like they are singing to each other. Kiss


and make up! Neither side coming out well in this. Well, maybe both sides


have had so much passion behind and they have as many people as they can


behind it, so they are getting a bit carried away. Then they are saying


it would cost every family ?3400, and the Alt say ?450 a week.


Temperatures are being raised either way. I guess going back to Barack


Obama, that raised... The president, he has raised the temperature is as


well somewhat. I thought it was interesting that we need to look at


what he said when he is talking about trade deals. We don't have a


trade deal with America. Europe hasn't got one. And we've happily


traded all this time and we have 56 billion going either way. We have


TTIP. Yes, controversial. Jeremy Corbyn was an out. When Barack Obama


came over here, and he is fully entitled to say what he wants to


say, but what's in America's interests... He wants TTIP. Now he


wants and is desperate to have it. It is in America's interests not


necessarily ours. I think the headline sums up what many people


including myself have thought. We hear these arguments, one set of


facts presented by one politician one day, the same facts represented


the next day by different politician and a different conclusion. What


this piece says is there is evidence to show a lot of them are bogus


claims, and supported by evidence and at worst simply untrue. At the


end of the day I think a lot of people like myself, I know you have


committed yourself, but a lot of people at the end of the day have


said to themselves, I don't know to believe in this. Who do I trust? You


look at the array of people before you. You say, do I trust that lot or


that lot? I am for in, on the basis that I have more faith in the people


saying stay in them come out. Why? What makes you say that, a gut


feeling? Yes. And with all due respect... Show me the piece of


convincing evidence produced by an independent body that says we would


be better off if we left. It is a stab in the dark. It is a flight


into the unknown. They cannot say with any degree of certainty that we


will be better off. I guess you are right, we don't know. There is lots


of supposition either way. I want to be a bit more like yourself, on the


fence, maybe more in. When I was a minister and going over to Europe on


doing the negotiations with the other ministers for employment it


was the first time I saw how Europe worked, how much it lacked a


democracy, how much it lacked transparency. How much you didn't


know what was going on. The fact laws are made not by elected people


but unelected people. That was the start. Then I thought, hang on it


doesn't sign its books. Anyone else who didn't do that would be in


prison. And don't think it is that safe staying in. I'm not saying it


is ideal. Some of the judgments that come down from the European courts,


leave you puzzled. But some of the judgments come down from our own


courts leave you puzzled. My view is better the devil you know. You say


it is not very democratic but other people will say, we vote for MEPs...


They don't initiate law. We send our ministers to all of those meetings


and the argument is if we are not round the table... Ministers here by


and large have been voting in. I would have thought like you until I


saw what happened and then I saw those people don't initiate laws.


When I see who's doing the deals behind the scenes, things you will


think you have got they can at the last minute Saints, you haven't. For


me the biggest thing is their finances. We said the banks were too


big to fail. We are getting that with Europe now. It would be better


if we could untangle ourselves because the finances across Europe


are bad. It will be close. A reminder, I don't have an opinion.


Just setting the record straight. Let's quickly look at the Telegraph.


We don't have the front page yet but we have some of the comments from


Boris Johnson's: in the Daily Telegraph. He is saying it is too


soon for those who want to remain to think it is in the bag. The vote


Leave have had a bad week. Boris's comments about Obama's background


even by his own supporters were said not to be the best. Even Nigel


Farage said go for the ball, not the man. Others have said it makes him


unfit to be a Prime Minister. Comments about his background when


very badly, even with his own supporters. But Boris, in his very


highly paid newspaper column said Cameron and his mates are growing


too soon. He criticised David Cameron. For achieving two thirds of


diddly squat in his prerendered random negotiations. He says, if


they think it is all over, they are mistaken. They are crowing too soon.


I think it will be close. Do you? Yes. I think my generation, a lot of


my generation will vote to leave and I think the younger generation, if


they go to the polls, will vote to stay. There is a long way to go and


it will be close but I think you are right about the generational


difference. That was the generation that took us in. They say, we


thought it was one thing and is totally something else. I think it


is something to make note of, the older generation say, what a


mistake, let's get out. The FT and something different. Transport


crunch, black hole over Heathrow runway. This is about war would need


to be upgraded in the infrastructure leading up to it. I live near


Heathrow Airport. I am opposed to a third runway and have been for a


long time, as is Zac Goldsmith, the Richmond MP and other MPs in the


area. And so is Boris. Not just because of the increased aircraft


noise and pollution it will cause, but also we have said for a long


time, the congestion on the road that would cause. What this piece is


saying is TFL, transport for London, are saying the inquiry into the


third runway savagely underestimated the cost of upgrading these roads to


the tune of ?16 billion. Heathrow are saying that is nonsense. They


have listed in their assessment everything that needs to be done in


London. They are sticking to their guns and saying it will cost ?16


billion more than originally forecast. My personal view is it


will never happen. Your man David Cameron said we won't have a third


runway and then changed his mind, put it off and put it. Kicked down


the road. It shows how contentious it was, that there were so many


consultations and then looking at environment and all the other


things. To be honest, we are an island and we need various forms of


communication, getting people and goods on an off. I think we


personally need many more airports. I think you might need Gatwick,


Heathrow and I thought Boris's island for a future period of time


would be good as well. But we do need runways. I am not denying that.


I say there are pretty good economic and environmental reasons... Where


should it be? Gatwick. That won't be enough, where else? Another one in


Liverpool, Manchester... I think we need much more. Let's have a look at


the i. Jeremy Hunt rejects calls to trial junior doctor contracts. This


suggested rolling out junior doctor contracts in a limited number of


hospitals, just to test it. Jeremy Hunt is saying no. I think he was


also saying it was going to be slowly rolled out anyway. It was


slowly being rolled out and that is why he probably says what is the


difference between that and the pilot. It is simple, what the


proposal was, test it and have an independent body assess it and make


a judgment at the end of that trial period as to whether or not it


works. He said, you are having if you like it or not. If there is in


wrong with it, we will put it right along the way. He said let's go back


and have the discussions and negotiate. What were the doctors


offered, they were offered a reduction in the hours. It wasn't


about them working too much. They have an increase in wages. What he


was saying on Saturday we cannot afford for people to being on that


amount, double or extra time on Saturday. This slow roll-out was


what he preferred. I personally, I worked in the Department for Work


and Pensions, we did have pilots and reject if it worked and move it


forward. In this instance because the negotiations have gone on so


long they have foregone the pilot period and people have come forward


and said, we believe, or there might not be a strike. They never said,


this is what will be happening. Maybe he is getting the feeling to


kick this into the long grass. We have the potential of thousands of


operations and appointments being postponed this week. And people


suffering to some degree. This was a sensible compromise, wasn't it? Do


it on a trial basis? It was a way to end the deadlock? What you had seen


is that they were only possibilities, when you lead the


letter carefully there are many get out clauses. If he didn't think that


was watertight, what was being offered, he also said what we are


doing is a slow roll-out. Jeremy Hunt's later stance, people say it


is evidence of him being intransigent. I don't thing everyone


has the full facts. If you genuinely interested in your patience and want


what's best and then you looked at the deal on the table for what we


can afford... I have looked into the costings of locums, of the extra


hours and thought, how do we make that work for everybody to have a


good public service that we are all paying for question that is what we


want. With the i, and I declare an interest here. Fox's five points


from fairy tale finale. That is quite difficult to say. You did it


well. Thank you. Leicester City beat Swansea 4-0 today. It is lovely on


Twitter that people keep giving me a running commentary. It is a great


story. You may note, I am a big man city fan. Nothing would please me


more than if Man City won. Manchester City might still win the


Champions League, that is an option, but nothing pleases me more than


seeing Leicester City. Last year they were battling relegation. The


odds were 5000 to one. I remember at Christmas when they said this person


is that however much on and I thought it was fantastic then. To be


here now, and it is like a fairy tale football story. It is not all


about the money and it was on about the names, this is a team that has


come up. I watched them today on the telly and effortless as they were


scoring goal after goal. 18 months ago football fans like myself didn't


know who they were. Now we'll want them. Claudio Ranieri the current


manager is getting a lot of credit for what he has done. But how much


of their success is down to what Nigel Pearson set up? A big chunk of


that squad were his. I thought they play fantastically as a team. It is


not a load of individuals wanting to come on and show off. They are


coming together and say, let's do it together. That, to me, when I see


them working together is why they are where they are. They play as a


team and want to win. That is why they knock spots off anyone else in


the Premier League. It is so scary at this point. Terrifying. No, no, I


think they will do little stop they are well on the way now. No point


putting any money on now. If someone else beat them to the title they


would be very unpopular. They would. I think it should be like the Tour


de France where the winner on the final day is allowed to get on with


it. Finally, the Express, we know they love a weather story. We love


the weather in this country, love talking about it. Snowy blast to


sweep Britain. It seems like a bit of this with when we are close to


the end of April. The central heating went on again in my house


this weekend and I thought it will cost a lot of money, this bad


weather. It was cold. It is ridiculous that this time of year. I


have been deadheading my hydrangeas and look at this. I only did it last


weekend. Mrs Stapleton came in this afternoon and said it is too cold


for gardening. All the bedding plants after sale and you should not


buy them at this point unless you can put them cover. I sound like I


know what I'm talking about! Sometimes it snows in April. Whose


son that? I don't know. Prince. A lyric for every occasion. It was


quite civilised. I promised you. We were just warming up for the next


one! Esther and John will be back at 11:30pm for another look at the


front pages. Stay with us on BBC News, at 11 o'clock more on


President Obama's warning it could take the UK ten years to negotiate


its own deal with the US. Coming up next, Meet The Author.


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