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And the comic book heroes come to blow in Civil War, but what will


mark a mode make of this superhero showdown, we will find out in the


film review. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are journalist


and author Rachel Shabi and political correspondent of the


Daily Telegraph Ben Riley-Smith. Zeros to heros" is how the Metro


sums up Leicester City's sensational The Times calls hails the arrival


of the "fairytale finish" that The Guardian calls Leicester city


the "Kings of England" - and opts for a picture of Richard II


- whose remains were of course found The Express calls the story


"the greatest fairytale in football "Leicester's miracle" is how the


Telegraphs sums it up And the mail headlines the story


as "football's 5,000-1 fairytale" - and also brings news


of the death of their astrologer, It is coated Hexham interesting


reading and I can't believe the headlines of how they are reading.


This one on the Delhi Telegraph, Leicester's miracle man crowned


Premier League champion. It is staggeringly exciting and it is the


stuff of boyhood dream. Gigi Hadid is exciting and matter who you


support? I think they have united unless you are a Tottenham fan. The


scenes are incredible. It is the makings of a film and it is the


perfect story of the underdog rising. What is not to love about


that. This time last year they were scrapping the relegation and their


players were knocking around in the second division. 5000-1 in all the


papers and am not sure this is how they wanted to do it because they


are not on the pitch scoring goals. I don't think they thinking about


that? I don't figure anyone is saying they're not happy about the


way they warn. The announcers would've been better to seen them


live. That is what you would like but they're going to have this


incredible moment when they play at home with evident being crowned


champion. And then the last day of the season, Claudio Ranieri, the


manager, is going to go there with the trophy in his arms. It is


phenomenal. Is there any better indication than that? This quiet


Italian team could manage was always very polite to everyone with the


ringing of bells in training. And quite rightly it is dominating the


papers. The Metro calls at zeros to heroes and it is not just about how


Leicester City came to win, but within the fairytale there are some


remarkable undercurrent. The star goalkeeper who previously worked in


a factory. The coach returned and the striker. And there is another


story behind the whole win. There is a great story about in a day when


football just seems so all about the money and it is so cynical and so


slick. All the enthusiasm and dedication and hard work. The


Premier League has become a place where it is about a huge amount of


cash. Here is a team where cost a 10th of the Manchester United team


of 24 million. And that is the inspiration. The West Brom's and the


West Ham's are thinking if Leicester can do it, why can't we? It is a


fantastic achievement. Backup member the figure but was just over 47


punters. Set even if you just put a quid down that is serious money.


There is a sad story about everybody who put 20 quid down on his home


team and the first time he did and he was in New York and he did not.


But is 100 grand. It's great because it is not about the money. It is a


feelgood moment for the whole country. And some of those players


could be playing for England and that is the hope. And let us not


forget the Tottenham players who are at a great season. So there's a lot


of fantastic talent around. All that excitement and the lack of fear of


anybody can follow through and we will see about that. There is some


other news in the papers. Labour suspends 54 racism. This has been


bubbling along since Jeremy Corbyn came to the leadership. It has been


a storm. That incredible scene of Ken Livingstone being charged by


Labour MP at the studios. 50 members have been suspended the


anti-Semitism and that is far higher than we thought. 20 in the last few


weeks and there are fears that this compliance unit within Labour which


is made to reset all these people. They're saying that it is nowhere


near that the numbers that we need and then each come out and beef up


this unit. But is put this into some context. This is not summing


investors come up specifically to do with Corbyn's leadership. A lot of


these cases have been implying at a time before he came to the


leadership. Is not specifically about him. And it does seem to be


that there are right-wing elements in the media that seem to be


trawling through the social media posts. This is a time when you need


to show leadership. But hang on bed is specifically at the Labour Party


survey we don't have control of this experiment we don't have people


doing the same to the Conservative party or any other party. So there


is no way to tell that this is specifically about the Labour Party.


I think you're right because there are in every party. What is


interesting is that there is election dynamic. On Thursday, the


entire countries are devoted in some form or another. This has been the


fourth or fifth day that anti-Semitism has dominated the


front pages. Anti-Semitism is a problem in society not just the


Labour Party. Precisely, it is a widespread issue. I think that it is


not a particularly fair to say that the Labour Party has a problem with


anti-Semitism and I think is more accurate to say that we do have


problem with anti-Semitism. That never really goes away and it is


always something that is their. They are politicians, they are and Jeremy


Corbyn could test to be promised and this is a test of his leadership.


Them into lead our society by example. There is a drip of all of


this stuff only to be far more proactive. But you just have to show


that you are on top of that. I think it to be absolutely right but I


don't know that they are going to be to stop the Daily Telegraph from


running pages like this at head of an election. I don't think they were


Anymore on top of that the front pages would stop. To be fair all the


papers have been going on this. In a way the numbers are good for call


and because of the hazards live there is an automatic suspension


than that shows you have a hard line on this. What Rachel Australia says


would you still be running the front page if there was a local election.


Since anti-Semitism in Labour has become a proper issue and we are not


the only paper rooting around finding this problem. Let us turn to


the Times and the Prime Minister learns new laws to stop Muslim


extremists. Where getting a bit more detail now. This is David Cameron


going to announce in the Queens speech that he is putting and coming


is extremism at the heart of the speech. It is counter extremism


tried to counter the propaganda efforts of the Islamic State and


that is a very big deal. Especially in the context of some 800 Britons


thought to have gone over to join Islamic State. The problem with the


government's approach, and there are talks to measures to ban


organisations use to promote hatred. The problem is that they are


focusing on Islamist extremism. And it is not clear and certainly the


people I've spoken to who have worked on countering violence and


countering violent radicalisation, they've not pointed to a strong


election between political extremism and religious extremism and violent


extremism. That does not seem to be a direct connect between the two. Is


a stronger Croats and other things like mental health, alienation and


exclusion. And crime, as well. There are parts of Islamic State data


clearly criminal. In some ways, we're fighting that with a coalition


dropping bombs in serious and Iraq. It is not all down to


radicalisation. So when you look at this take you wonder if it is going


to be that helpful or in fact it is going to alienate the exact people


that you want to get engaged and get on board and working with few to


counter this very serious issue. I think you understand the extremism


bit far better than may. Buddon also bring this up, at the end of the


intro it says that they defending the claims and part of this is about


a political launch and four weeks and months his party is being sold


down by EU referendum. This is a time to put a stake in the ground


that even if I believe and win the referendum I have three years of my


term left. And some of it is his attempt to tackle extremism is a


covert fight against the lower of Islamic State. There is a propaganda


on both sides. This is a new revelation of a clandestinely


propaganda unit that the government has set up to deal with and counter


at Islamic State propaganda. It is called an Orwellian research and


communications unit. But the trouble is that this unit has been operating


in the UK but concealing the fact that it is a British backed


enterprise. Which of course, again, you wonder it is actually go to so


more mistrust at a time when you want to build that. Because people


know that they have been fed lines by a government backed unit and that


is not going to be a way to counter or deal with it. 3 million leaflets


have been distributed by this group who have been part of the government


funding and it is not entirely clear. They have a target and there


are questions about the transparency of the government involvement. We


only have a couple of minutes and I'm keen to get this story in. I


hope he wins. It is the story of the day for the man who was a


44-year-old Frenchman and he is claiming that he has suffered a bore


out at work, which means, his descent into hell which is similar


to burn up the less interesting. There's so little to do that he


became and he was ashamed to be paid to do nothing for nothing at all. A


no longer existed and he says that it can destroy you physically. He


talks about a serious illness and he talks about the stress and a level


that you can actually can sue for. But his employers point out that why


we're coming in are not complaining about being bored for a couple of


years. His idea to an ?80,000 out of that. I am really happy and not


bored at all. This is an interesting story for those were not as


independent. Another person who is potentially


happy is the person who invented the coin. It features on the front page


of the Financial Times. It is a tossup for big coin users on the


currency's creator. There has been years of speculation as to who is


responsible for the creation of the coin. This man has finally come


forward, Craig Wright, claiming he is the guy. He has given an


exclusive belligerent interview to the BBC saying I and the man, but


please stop asking me. Which makes you wonder why he did in the first


place. Of course the night belongs to the


fans of Leicester City. Hundreds continue to celebrate outside their


home stadium tonight. Coming up next,


it's The Film Review.


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