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Hello and welcome to our look at what the papers will bring tomorrow.


With me the broadcaster Julia Hartley Brewer and political


commentator Lance Price. We start with Donald Trump looking likely to


secure the Republican nomination, David Cameron says he would


apologise for calling him stupid divisive and wrong. The Metro leads


with what they call a barbecue punch-up when a policeman allegedly


punched his Chief Constable after finding out he was having an affair


with his wife. New Day has an image of the Syrian child with the report


of the announcement by the Prime Minister today that the UK will


offer to take more children refugees. The Daily Telegraph has a


story stating that embryos have lived for 13 days, one day short of


the limit legal, the Daily Express has a story on refugees from Turkey,


the Times front page is an image of a victorious Donald Trump after he


became Republican presidential candidate following the Ohio


governor, John Kasich, pulling out of the race. The Daily Mail praises


David Cameron for making a U-turn on his decision not to allow 2000


charge of Jews from Syria to resettle in the UK. Julia, embryo


research raises pressure for law change. 14 days is the limit to


which you can grow an embryo in the laboratory. And they got to 13 days.


It was sad and 14 days, the idea that an embryo cannot split into two


ins at that point so one single life has been created so there's a


medical and ethical reason for this. But the view was, think, that he


would not be able to grow them for this long outside the human womb


although they have done that. We have scientific and medical


developments all the time and these are very good. They will save lives


in the long run. This is similar to the abortion law limit, 24 weeks, at


which point you don't need a risk to the mother's life, that is done


because the view was that foetuses could not survive after that stage.


Now we know they can. 24 weeks, we are seeing babies of 23 weeks


surviving while and living a healthy life. So we will see all these


medical developments, these questions being raised, these


ethical positions. What is important is that these law changes are not


about what happens in America when you get people like Ted Cruz who has


just dropped out of the presidential and Asian race, to have their say,


you get experts, scientists and lawmakers humming together to find


what feels right to most people. I think there will be a law change,


done in the right way. Lands, the scientists will say that 14 days is


not long enough. They haven't so far been held back by the law, it's been


there for 30 years. That was a long hard look at what was ethically


right. The scientists were quite content with that. They have not


been able, as Julia says, to grow an embryo for anything like 14 days


until recently, this is both a scientific and medical story, an


interesting one that science has moved that far, as one scientist


quoted says, it is not just for the scientists to decide, as a society


we must take an ethical decision. I don't think about at this stage


anyone is recommending a lengthy commission of the kind that the


Warnock commission was but parliament will have to tackle this.


I agree with Julia, I don't like to agree with you! I'll probably


disagree later! I agree that, thank goodness we can have a rational


debate about these things in this country. We look at the United


States, we will discuss American later, if we were in a Fox News


studio, or any studio... I can't see myself working for Fox News! They


would be much more heat than light. As an atheist I don't feel the need


for religious views to come into this. They always do. They get too


much say on these things. This is about saving lives, during terrible


diseases, helping with IVF, I have gone through that and I know people


who could have been saved by medical advances that we are only seeing now


because of stem cell research. It's an amazing wonderful thing that


medical experts and scientists are doing. I think a lot of the


arguments around the beginning of life get in the way of that. As we


have said, there will be people who will be very opposed to that. But


should be an interesting discussion in the months ahead. And the times.


An interesting thing, some would say laudable, Britain beckons child


refugees. I would question that headline. Bad headline suggests that


we are enthusiastic about it. -- that headline are just as much.


Dragged kicking and screaming into red! David Cameron did not want to


do this. He was faced with almost certain defeat. This amendment was


proposed by Lord dubs. We know that he himself was rescued from the


Nazis as a child by the Kindertransport. David Cameron says


it won't go through this ping-pong process any more and he is accepting


and reluctantly. Because he had to. A combination of Unionist votes, and


Tory rebels would have forced him to do it anyway. It's still a


relatively small number of people, very welcome, although a relatively


small number of children. Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have said it is


still not enough. We are talking about 1000 or 2000 extra on top of


the 3000 already arranged. There is no question at all, David Cameron


was dragged into this kicking and screaming. I think there are some


nice headlines. Saying, we need to adopt these children. I think


everyone wants to do that. We must think of the cost to the children in


this country. We'll have a massive shortage of foster places from


British kids. Is a backlog of 800 children for them. We saw the story


of Kandyce Downer, the legal guardian who killed a child in her


care because there was a shortage of foster carers. Let's face realities,


?50,000 is the cost of looking after a child that year, average and is


worth more than that. We have children who are desperately in


need, we must be realistic about whether or not the right solution


will be for these children to be taken away from their family links,


if they are in France, they are in a safe country, they have no need to


be in this country. It is what refugee groups talk about, they talk


about these children being very vulnerable, and accompanied, in


France... Often suffering terrible physical and sexual abuse. What


other problems it may create for Britain, they will be much better


off in Britain than they will be in the countries that they fled from.


Or in squalid refugee camps. New Day says that Britain is to offer hope


to loan charge of the Jews. Now the Duchess of Cambridge. A lot of these


children, we are talking about children who are 15 or 16, these are


not small children. They do have family links in the UK, they are not


just random children. We're focusing on New Day because this could be one


of its last days. On the inside pages of the Guardian they have what


appears to be well sourced story that Trinity Mirror, the owners of


this newspaper, will announce that Friday will be the last edition of


the paper, after only ten weeks. It was a bold experiment. Whether it


ever stood much chance of success I don't know, whether there was a


niche for the paper. It looks like a brief flaring up. Not many more new


days for the New Day. We saw the closure of the Independent,


wonderful newspaper. I have been writing for the New Day. Perhaps it


was your fault! The idea was to have more acceptable news, to make it


more reader friendly, to have my news stories. Perhaps the readers


don't want that. Punch where are the readers going? Reading online. I


have younger siblings who never dream of buying a newspaper, they


think it is fashioned. Some journalists may have had their


doubts about the format, yet they will still worry that now it is not


possible to launch in newspaper and what does it say about buying


habits? How long will we do newspaper reviews? How long will The


Papers be going? It will do us all out of a job! You can't buy


newspapers and no you can't review them! Go and buy newspapers! The


prime list will not apologise The man he called the "Stupid" camp. He


might have to have injured in a! It looks as if Donald Trump will be


coming to Britain in August. A lot over Americans living here. Donald


Trump, sorry, what is his name, David Cameron! Not only did he say


that he thought Donald Trump's views were divisive and wrong, he clearly


said, if he came to visit Britain he would unite the country against. I


think it is the second part of that that will cause or problems than the


first. Donald Trump would become president of the United States


unless he moves from his position... The truth is that a lot of people in


America to like him. As all British prime ministers do, David Cameron


has welcomed worse people than Donald Trump. And goodness knows


that I'd despise Donald Trump but when he welcomed the Chinese


president, and manhole locks up people for dissent en masse, there


are thousands of people behind bars there, and Saudi kings, with the


flag lowered to half-mast... Donald Trump sounds great compared to them.


He is much less stupid and wrong than some of the people we have


welcomed. On the front page of the Financial Times, Lance, Donald Trump


is going to have to have a woman as vice president. We will see Donald


Trump Mark two from tomorrow. He will try suddenly to be


all-encompassing, welcoming and uniting the party. It just won't


wash. We've already seen large numbers of Republicans say publicly


that they leaving the party. Moving to Canada! Some of them to Mexico if


they can get there before he builds the wall! They'll have to get over


the wall! Good news for the Democrats although they should not


one second be complacent because he will fight a vicious campaign. We


all said he couldn't win the nomination, no way, I have to say


that I don't think Hillary Clinton has it in the bag. My goodness, I


hope she has is the better of a bad two. My worry is that if these are


the best two people that a country of 320 million people confined to


run the country, and they might deserve one of these two, taxed at


does the rest of the world? Back to the Daily Telegraph. Women should


not travel alone, says a Moslem commentator. An extraordinary story.


This group is affiliated to the Muslim Council of Britain and they


have been condemned by Justine Greening for being medieval. They


say women should not travel distance of more 48 miles, without a male


companion, and they should cover their faces. Frankly not acceptable


in this day and age. So do women who have only just been allowed to vote


and still not allowed to drive and have to cover their faces -- Saudi


Arabian women. Why are we giving this credence? Why do we care?


Because these are people getting local council funding supposedly


representing a Moslem community in this area, self appointed men, and


they are being allowed to propagate. If someone told black people to


cover their faces, people would be outraged but because it is women...


! Surely the story should be that council gives money to dodgy Moslem


group. Sadly, there are many people in this country who seem to think


that shall I law is actually a viable -- sharia law is actually a


viable way to live in 21st century Britain and I am afraid it is not.


The headline implies that they are more significant than they are. A


bunch of cranks. Affiliated to the British Muslim Council,


representatives of ordinary people, I don't think they are, if they are


going to have council funding then they must not have these things.


Julia, Lance, thank you both for coming in. We will talk about the


elections tomorrow. Don't forget to vote! You can get away with saying


that. That is it for The Papers. When more newspaper has arrived,


leading with a story about successful transplants of organs


infected with HIV, experts claim that this could mean that more


healthy organs will be available, bringing fresh hope to patients on


waiting lists. On the BBC News website, read a more detailed review


of the papers. It is all there. And you can seek us there as well with


each night's edition of The Papers posted on the page shortly after we


have finished. Julia, Lance, thank you, I will see you soon. Thank you,




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