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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Political Correspondent for the Evening


Standard, Pippa Crerar, and the Times columnist,


Tomorrow's front pages starting with...


The i leads with on the war on words between David Cameron


The former London Mayor also features


on the front page of The Express - telling voters they would be 'mad'


not to choose freedom over the "outdated ideology" of Brussels.


The Daily Telegraph says the gloves are off


Five former Nato chiefs have expressed fears over peace in Europe


One of the main stories in the FT is the Chancellor's


warning of tens of thousands of job losses in the financial services


13 former US secretaries of state and defence


and national security advisers have written to The Times saying the UK's


"influence in the world would be diminished" outside of the EU.


The Metro's top story is the sentencing of a man


for the sexual assault and murder of Melanie Road, 32 years ago -


The Mail leads with a study that suggests thousands


of people have died needlessly because of poor care


And the Guardian focuses on Jeremy Corbyn admitting


that Labour is not yet doing enough to win the general election in 2020.


The paper also shows NASA images of Mercury making a rare transit


We will start with Mr Johnson, you cannot get away from this guy, he is


no longer the Mayor of London, but he is everywhere and he is fighting


for freedom! Boris is out of a job in terms of the London mayoralty. He


is down to his last two jobs. His last five jobs! What was his tax


return again? He is trying to make his presence on the national and


international stage felt very well if not on the London stage any more.


The fact he is on so many front pages, it really is the Conservative


's worst nightmare. This is blue on blue action. The Telegraph, the Tory


paper, Boris Johnson saying he is fighting for freedom, putting the


case the Brexit and just below you have Nato chiefs talking about fears


over peace in Europe. An intervention that is designed to


follow hot on the heels of David Cameron's warnings today that


Britain leaving would increase the threat of Europe descending into


war. We may get a TV debate out of this in the next six weeks. If it


ends up being Boris versus Cameron, Cameron would not want to go near


that. They will have to try to tread a careful line between their own


party collapsing into internal division and strife and making the


positive cases that each side wants to make. How does the Conservative


Party begin to heal this rift, once all this is over? It doesn't and it


does not ready want to, they are enjoying themselves immensely! This


is the real deal for the Conservatives, they go through all


this malarkey about wanting to run the country, but really they fight


each other on Europe. They have been doing it for a generation, a lot of


them joined the party because they are one way or the other new. This


is Tory tooth and claw. How they heal afterwards, they do not heal


afterwards, they take the fight to another generation. The leader of


the winning side could potentially becomes the next leader. If Britain


goes the Brexit, Boris Johnson is in a prime position to get supporters,


backbenchers. In this photo it looks like he is bleeding from the lips.


He is imploring the public. There was a close-up of his shoes, he had


a massive hole! Do you think he has tapped his shirt in in this picture?


You never know. Boris has got himself in some diplomatic hot water


and the whole case today was slapping off the Prime Minister's


suggestion that you could send Britain to war. It was not just him.


For those of us who have followed Boris for a long time, they know in


2014 just two years ago, he was busy lauding the European Union for being


the reason for peace and prosperity, he contradicts himself. Are you


expecting politicians to be consistent? LAUGHTER


Let's go to the i. A sign of the continuing use of scare tactics,


project fear on both sides. This is exclusive to the in campaign


clearly. What the leave campaign has tried to do of late particularly is


to fight against this notion that remaining in the EU is remaining


with the status quo. A lot of what Boris is doing now is about saying


what follows is if we stay in the EU, more risk and more uncertainty,


other bits of it will fall apart, we are more at risk in the EU than out


of it. The question whether it is the EU's fault for war in Ukraine, I


don't know, that is... I cannot think of an analogy, it is so crazy.


Yes, Ukraine was interested in joining the EU, that is not the EU's


fault. It is a slightly strange thing to say. It is this fight about


which option has the most instability. We put a very nice hand


to UK. We did try to encourage it. It is interesting. You talk


both sides having negative campaigns. That is not really what


the public say they want. People want to stay energised and infused.


We saw it in Scotland and the big danger of labour and the SNP forming


this coalition that got the Conservatives the election. It did


not work in London. It didn't. There are separate issues there though.


London... There are issues of race, London is a very diverse and liberal


city. People... Many people that the Tory campaign managed to come out


and vote because of the fear campaign, but they were offset by


people who are predominantly in a Labour city feeling energised to


come out and vote. I don't want to consider the Labour mayoral race all


night, because we have done it for weeks and weeks, but what I would


say is, Hugo, is there a positive message that the Leave campaign can


put out there and is there a positive message that the in


campaign can put out there? To put that question the other way round,


it is harder for the in campaign as the status quo, to defend the status


quo with a positive message is tricky. You are not promising any


sort of change. A campaign in which you are defending the status quo


will buy the assessor TBE project fear, you are talking about a risk


of change. -- will be by necessity project fear. You can talk about the


benefits of deregulation, sovereignty with the Leave campaign,


they bang on about that quite a lot. Have you fallen asleep yet? That is


the problem isn't it? These things do come down to fear. I wrote a


column in The Times a few weeks ago, fear is a perfectly good reason to


base your decision on. It is not surprising that the Leave campaign


comes down to fear as well, they are asking people to face the


consequences of not making the change they want to make. I wonder


about the consequences of staying in as well. I know about the status


quo... But those people who have jobs, not losing your job is a


positive case. It is slightly about fear. All sorts of... We are


struggling. French food is nice, the cheeses! LAUGHTER


Type think we had just explained why we are seeing project fear from both


sides of this to I think. Do not vote for Brexit warn US defence


chiefs. This is more on the reverend decision. The Americans have been


very keen on having their say, President Obama, Hillary Clinton,


Donald Trump just a few days ago suggesting that Brexit may draw


parallels between mass immigration and suggesting that if we did not


leave the EU, it would be better for Britain to leave the EU, unless it


wanted to suffer huge amounts of immigration in his words. Now we


have the 13 former US secretary of state and security advisers,


everyone who has worked in the White House for the last 14 years, big


names like Madeline Albright, the former Secretary of State and former


CIA chiefs. They are making the same sort of argument is that you have


heard about Britain being not just less safe outside of the EU, but


saying you cannot rely on the US as your first and foremost allied to


make up for all the things you will lose in terms of defence by leaving


the European Union. The Americans are really throwing everything at


this it seems. Is this because of the special relationship or do they


genuinely believe that Brexit will be a disaster for Britain? I think a


bit of both. There are voices on both sides, Donald Trump, who cares


what he says about Britain, no one cares what he says. Only Muslims can


go to Birmingham, I mean for goodness sake. This really matters


for the Brexit campaign. Their whole notion of what Europe would be


outside... That is why there was so upset by Obama. The creeping threat


of Remain is as so often when American politicians talk loudly


about something, you do nurse the suspicion that they are talking


about it more for America's benefits than ours. It is easy to the heart


it suits America's interests that Britain stays in the EU. You have to


have a nagging suspicion that for all these many people, yes there are


a lot of them, but for all these many people, that may come first,


even if they are right, which I'm sure they are. Jeremy Corbyn admits


that Labour still has it all to prove and he accepts they are not


doing enough to win in 2020. The parties seem to have problems with


party unity at the moment. This is a party meeting of the Labour Party


this afternoon and Jeremy Corbyn and current hero Sadiq Khan both


appeared before the committee. It is quite interesting. Before the


hearing we got word is released to the media as to what he was going to


say and then after the meeting, they came out and said that is not quite


what he said. He did not deliver a tough sounding message on showing


all the dirty laundry in front of the press. He also turned down,


talked around, some of the comments he was going to give. Expressing the


same general view, but not with quite the specific points we were


expecting him to make from e-mails received in the press team. The main


point is that he is saying that in general, the election result at the


end of last week were good for a book, but not good enough. He seems


to have listened to some of his biggest detractors in the party,


including Sadiq Khan who he met properly for the best time since he


was elected as mayor just hours before. -- were good for Labour.


Sadiq Khan has been banging on about the Labour Party not just


encouraging its own activists and supporters, but it needs to reach


out to people who voted for other political parties and indeed no


political parties and encourage them into the big tent. It is the first


time Jeremy Corbyn has acknowledged you cannot concentrate on the core


vote. You need to be broader than that. Where MPs sitting there


thinking I wish it was Mr Khan who is leader of the party? -- were.


Yes, I am sure that is the case. It has been overshadowed by his victory


in London. Over the last ten days or so, Sadiq Khan has been saying


astonishing things about Labour. He has been attacking Jeremy Corbyn


more by insinuation than by name, but he has been attacking Jeremy


Corbyn more than Boris attacks Cameron. During the anti-Semitism


row he talked about some of the later leave the -- he talked about


some of the Labour members needing courses on what anti-Semitism is. To


be outspoken as he has been to reach out to all voters and not rely on


the core vote strategy which is Jeremy Corbyn's only strategy. There


is real conflict here and Sadiq Khan does not care, because he has


nothing to lose, he has one. No more Sadiq Khan, now Mercury. This is a


beautiful picture. Hugo is an expert. I think they faked it like


they did the moonlighting! LAUGHTER It is the face of the sun. It


happens 14 times a century and will happen again in 2019. Panel


specialist moments that should happen in the year of the referendum


with the European Union. -- an auspicious moment. Does that mean we


won't have another one? Maybe. Many thanks for that. One more paper has


come in, the Daily Mirror leads with a man has finally face justice for a


crime in 1984 after DNA is taken from his daughter. In The Sun, there


is a story about EU reform negotiations.


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Thank you Pippa Crerar and Hugo Rifkind.


Very warm for some, very wet for others. The top temperatures were


across the Isle of Skye,


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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