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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Byrne,


and the Senior Political Correspondent for the Daily


The Financial Times focusses on those comments made


to the Queen by David Cameron, where he described Nigeria


and Afghanistan as "possibly the most corrupt countries


The Metro reports on the apology from Greater Manchester Police


for an actor shouting "God is great" in Arabic, during a terror drill.


The Telegraph previews the release of the Government's white paper


on the BBC, saying ministers are preparing to re-write


the corporation's mission statement.


The Guardian reports that eltly patients are dying after being


released from hospital too soon. -- elderly. The times leads on the same


story as well ass claimed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are


neck and neck in three key states for the race to the White House and


a new brain scan that can spot Alzheimer's years before symptoms


appear, that is the lead on the front of the ex-press.


-- express. We will start with the Guardian.


Queen's photo there. She is look, how would you describe that look,


after MrCameron's word, choice of words describing a member of her


Commonwealth, that will be Nigeria, and Afghanistan. She is not too


happy, is she. But this isn't the first time Cameron has been caught,


you know, speaking privately in this way, caught on the Mike. Think it is


less embarrassing than you might assume. Because Cameron was talking


about Nigeria and Afghanistan. Not specifically the leaders, the


country, and I think it is hard to argue they are not corrupt. The


reason they are at this anti-corruption summit is because


they are some of the most corrupt countries in the world. If you were


Nigerian on Afghan, wouldn't you be a bit hang on a second? That is a


bit strong, Sir. Fair enough coming from the loader of the UK, but he is


hold -- leader of the UK, but he is holding this anti-corruption summit


here, and the leaders have both acknowledged that there is a


problem, with corruption, and they have contributed to a book, which


has been published to mark this occasion. I mean, look if you look


at the Transparency Internationals rankings of corruption, Afghanistan


ranks 166th. Nigeria is 136. Very corrupt country, so, you know but


the question is... They are our guest, the Queen's head of state to


come here to be spoken to about corruption and the Prime Minister


says that. Now, crucially, cameras were near enough to pick up what was


being said, there is some suggestion that possibly the PM new the cameras


were there, we, knew we were going to get a few front-pages maybe for


his corruption summit, that not enough people are talking about in


Westminster. They are talking about it now Given the Corbyn problems,


and the referendum. I wonder whether if that is case and there is no


proof, I think it's is bad form if the Queen is being used adds a pawn


to push this summit. There is no proof that is the case but certainly


the Number Ten was saying that the PM was wear of where the. Ka cams


are, which might led you believe why did he do it. When he was caught in


2014 saying how the Queen purred down the line when he told her the


result of the referendum, that the union would not be broken up by the


vote, that was clearly a mistake. This one is less clear cult. But


even so, he has the headline, whether these leaders come or don't


come, to this Thursday conference, I don't know. I mean, it is


interesting, though, because he is being very undiplomatic in his


language, in front of the Queen, about a member of the Commonwealth.


That is Nigeria, and also about countries that yes, everyone knows


have struggled with corruption, but with two leaders who have been only


been in post for roughly a year, maybe a bit more. You are right on


that, it is the countries not the leaders and that is why he has a bit


of wriggle room. I reckon the diplomatic wires are hot tonight,


making, clearly discussing the countries not the leaders, the


leaders, thank goodness they are coming. But the official response


from Nigeria has been one of horror and anger. But that is the response


you would expect. Publicly any way. Yes, but you know, look if you are


holding an anti-corruption summit you will have countries there that


are corrupt. You are not going to invite Denmark and Sweden and


Finland who have no problem at all. So that is why they are here. Yes,


it wasn't a particularly well thought out statement for him to


say, and whether he knew that he was going to be recorded or not, we


don't know. It is so rare you have the same headlines across so many


papers. The FT. Yes, Cameron insults key nations on 've of global


corruption summit. I was speaking to the presenter of Focus on Africa the


big evening programme the BBC puts out for African viewers on the


Continent, and he was telling me, Rebecca, that the Nigerians all they


need to do, is point Mr Cameron in the direction of a lot of the


buildings in Kensington, and a say actually that building, that is paid


for by dodgy oil money from Nigeria, why is that money being allowed into


this country? What your safeguards for dealing with corruption?


Exactly. I think he has spoken about this, and this is one of the things


he is trying to crackdown on, following the Panama leaks, that we


know there is a lot of money being laundered through the British


housing market, and that is something he is going to look into,


but for now, I think this summit is more about countries like


Afghanistan and Nigeria, which have arguably more serious problems. Well


they would argue that, you know, people in glass houses. Fair enough.


To be fair to the PM. He is big on transparency, he learned about


transparency through the MP's expenses scandal and he has been


pushing very hard. It is the big thing on the national stage. He came


out hard about his own tax affairs but a he knew he would be on the


world stage doing just this thing, on those property, he is going to


force ownership to be disclosed, of these house, as part of that, so he


is rying to say we are not saying anything is right or wrong. Let us


get it out there. On to the Metro. Police sorry for Muslim suicide bomb


exercise, what is this about? So police held this terror drill in


Manchester as part this drill a fake suicide bomber shouted Allahu Akbar.


And obviously the police force has apologised for this, for racial


stereotyping, but the whole vent has sparked a backlash, because people


are saying this is political correctness gone mad. Because it


probably, it might well be an an attack by an Islamist extremist


which are all looking out for and worried about? Yes, the recent


events in Paris and Brussels have been carried out by Islamic


extremists and someone tweeted rather humorously what do they think


he is going to shout out, Avon calling? I think in fairness,


terrorist acts can and do come from all walks of lie. If you remember a


few years ago in 2011, there was a very serious terrorist attack, by


Anders Brevik, killed 76 people. That had nothing do with the Islam.


But there is no real history I think, certainly in the last few


years, of the far right launching terror attacks. No. It is not


necessary the police to do this. I think itle right they are being


lampooned about it, obviously, you know, Muslims, they are not, there


is no reason to suggest that the next terrorist attack will be from a


Muslim group. That is assuming this guy might be a Muslim, is allowing


to build a stereotype, that is how you know, things go wrong in the


justice system, they have to push back. It is right they should be


apologising. It is lazy. It is lazy stereotype by doing that he, there


is no reason to assume that, the next attack... All right. OK. On to


the times, dementia sufferer abandoned by hospital, elderly


people subjected to harrowing ordeal. How do you free up beds to


get more people coming through? It is clearly wrong they are sending


home elderly people, late at night, without food, water or bedding, and


who can't be going to the toilet. It is appalling examples from this


report. Talking of how a woman in her 90s was hurried out of hospital


only to die in her grand daugt terse's arms at home. --


granddaughter. We will move, we are looking after you here and we


are-of-ing you into a new care set up when you get home. At night-time


that won't be working. But at the same time, Rebecca, there is a


problem with the shortage of beds and it is a horrible phrase but bed


blockers as well, it is an issue that the NHS is having a real


problem coming to grips with. We We have heard the statistics and we


know the NHS is under a great deal of strain this story brings to life


the personal suffering that is going on, Chris mentioned this, this


terrible case, there is another one 85-year-old woman with dementia,


brought back to her empty house by ambulance 11pm. The family had not


been told she was being discharged and the following morning, her


daughter found her mother had been left with no food, drink or bedding.


What is the justification for that? You can't be that broke as a service


and allow this to happen. They are caring for them in hospital. They


doubt they do it on purpose, it just happening because I think the system


is not connecting up properly. There is no social care at home. They


maybe too busy, they can't work out, it is the system not connecting up.


That is not what they want do, Echeverria in hospital they want the


look after people. It has been blamed on poor planning,er lack of


communication, yes. Lack of oversight.


That is a horrible phrase. On to the Telegraph. This is a story that you


were involved with, your buy line isn't on it you are making this up.


You are friending you have done some work on it. I am the actual logo.


Not really. Isil sell plant to use migrant roots for UK attacks. This


is about we are trying, we are talking about the right people are


getting across the border. There was concern there was an Isil cell who


was looking exploiting routes to try and plot an attack on the UK, this


comes to Theresa May talked about overhauling the sea border, that is


an empty, sparsely connected. There are four border force cutters that


can patrol it, there is increasing evidence of migrants coming across


in small boats and landing on the remote sea border, so that is a


concern. We see it as annish sue, everything is... It is going to feed


into that. I think we take the view we do this campaign, with or without


the EU referendum, so the fact that Theresa May has suggested there will


be a review of how they protect the sea border, this is a good start and


why it needs to be done. For Brexiter, the immigration issue is


one of the key planks they believe they can use to convince people that


leaving the EU is the right thing to do. Absolutely. And you know, this


story about the Isil cell how this group of people managed to make


their way through Europe, they went to Italy, to France, they came to


London, they took photographs of potential targets, how are the


borders that were so porous and allowed them in and two are believed


to be still on the run and gone ban to Afghanistan. This is going to


play into that whole debate. It is going to you know, give more fuel to


the people that want to leave the EU. Sure. And continuing that theme,


this is one thing that exercises and makes them angry. Regulations coming


from Brussels that suggest you can't have a vacuum cleaner of a certain


power and the banana has to be the right shape and this kind of stuff.


Well, it is coming at you. These eco design restriction, my colleague in


Brussels says they are going to delay these controversial meddling


officialle doll rules until after the referendum. It is not just


kettles. It is route ever, jet washers all of your weekend activity


Clive could end if we don't leave Europe.


Well, Becky, these are eco driven policies. They make sense, don't


they, if climate change is going up? Well, you could argue that, they...


One could argue. Not you cleave. One could argue that. I I don't have an


opinion either. It is going to play into this whole argument, the red


tape, the Medling in... It all feeds into that great long debate. Hasn't


finished yet. It is still going on. That is it for The Papers, we will


be back at 11.30 for a second look at the Pape errs. We will see you


then. Nan, for that. Now time for the weather.


Hello, most of us will be dry at the weekend but it is not


straightforward. Straightforward. It is wet for some and sunny for other,


it has been in Scotland. 26 degree, the warmest place in


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