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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the political commentator Jo Phillips and Nigel


Nelson political editor of the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


A ringing endorsement from Nigel Farage for Boris Johnson to


become Prime Minister is the Mail on Sunday's headline.


Boris himself is quoted in the Sunday Telegraph


saying the EU is pursuing a similar goal to Hitler and Napoleon,


The Sunday Times says David Cameron fears being replaced by Boris


It also has the story of an alleged CIA tip-off, that led


And the Sunday Express reports on a trial being carried out


by the government over the safety of statin drugs for the heart.


Cameron fears Boris will be the next leader. This doesn't tell us a whole


lot about the campaign today, but the worries over what might happen


after the referendum. The Sunday Times has quite a lot of detail here


alluding to private conversations. It would appear that the PM has been


speaking privately, but it has a obviously been eavesdropped upon,


about his concerns about what happens if he loses the Brexit vote


with anything closer than a 53-47%, then he has no option but to step


down. We know that the party has been rent asunder. That would pave


the way for Boris to become a leader. I think what this is all


about is that this whole referendum thing is that if we are not


careful... I have just looked at the BBC's guide to the referendum, and


it is brilliant. It is just what people need to know and understand


about it. Whereas this is actually about who is going to be the next


leader of the Conservative Party. So look online... It is really good, it


explains it, it explains everything, which this is not helping. We all


did a course before it started. We had to do an online course about it


to make sure we knew what was happening. It doesn't help people


who are trying to decide, does it? No, it doesn't. This story has


nothing to do with the referendum, because it is all about who will


succeed David Cameron, will he go, will he not go? I heard this week


that some of the Tories are talking about bringing in Michael Gove as


the deputy PM, and whether all that is true, I don't know. This is not


actually down to what people care about, it is not part of the


decision people are making, and that really does come down to, are they


going to be better off in Europe or out of it? I wonder whether


headlines like this on the Mail on Sunday it will persuade people one


way or the other for different reasons. If people think we are


heading in one direction or the other and the consequences for


leadership will be X or Y, that could have an indirect effect. It


could, but we are seeing something that is dominated by personalities.


They are throwing figures at us that almost unintelligible, and again,


what we have to get down to is what actually are the issues they are


talking about, and are we better off in or out? There is no way of


cutting through that kind of dross to get to the bit that you really


need to know. This is Nigel Farage saying he has primed grenade for the


crucial TV debate. This is about jockeying for a job, because he sees


Boris as a future leader. It is just, get back to reality. Kiwi come


to the issue of trust. This poll suggests Nigel... The truth on


Europe. That is what people are telling the independent in this


poll, which is also carried by the Sunday Mirror. What is also


interesting is what is getting through and what isn't. It would


seem we are still talking about 38% of people haven't made up their


minds, and those people are who will decide the result of the poll. But


they are shuffling towards Cameron. There are fewer of them now than


they were a month ago, and they tend to believe what David Cameron is


saying about the economy. Interestingly, they don't believe


what he said about security and the risk of world war three. It is an


interesting shift, and yet we have Boris. That is why I think


everything is all over the place. At the moment it is too close to call.


People like Boris in the same way that people in the general election


like Nigel Farage. They are great fun. But Nigel Farage did not sweep


to victory as everyone predicted. We do wonder whether Boris might have


peaked at eight too soon. You also have to be careful of polls after


the general election. Given the Eurovision song contest includes


Australia, bring it on! I think this shows the confusion out there that


people want to know the fact that they can take in not the billions of


pounds that have been thrown around, but they are showing that the


campaign is not quite getting through because there is no trend


building up. It is not like a general election, although it is


becoming increasingly about a general election in terms of


personalities, that it is not about something that you can say, well, am


I going to be better off... It is not being painted as this is going


to be better for you, because it is such a long time in the future. If


people didn't like David Cameron talking about it will mean world war


three, I wonder what they will make of Boris in the Telegraph. He said,


the headline is quite inflammatory. It is just a very odd thing to say,


particularly given the recent hot water that Ken Livingstone got into,


talking about Hitler. I am a bit surprised at Boris, he is a


well-known historian and classicist and well educated. He said the past


2000 years of European history have been characterised by attempts to


unify the continent in order to recover its lost golden age under


the Romans. Napoleon did it, Hitler did it, and it has failed because


there is no loyalty to one state. You can see the argument he is


making, but there is a sense of him ramping up these Churchillian


comments, with David Cameron talking about world war three last week. We


do have democratically elect people, and people could say there is a


democratic deficit, but I don't think Hitler had that. It is


dangerous for any politician to use Hitler. It should be banned


completely. Interestingly, the EU was set up originally to stop


another world war happening. Exactly, so why... That was a long


time ago. To say we haven't been to war because of that is a moot point,


we don't know. You shouldn't invoke that any more than you invoke the


idea that world war three will start if we don't pull out. The hyperbole


is getting a bit insane. Know, and it doesn't help us to get to the


bottom of it. Odds plummet on Hiddleston 477. Tom Hiddleston has


been spotted, he recently was seen in the Night Manager. He was spotted


in London late at night with Sam Mendez and the projectors and


producers of the Bond movies. Apparently they ran into each other


by accident. Betting has now been suspended on it, because people


think that Tom Hiddleston will be a shoe in. A particularly large amount


was placed, sending their odds plummeting. After the Leicester


win. He was fabulous in the Night Manager, but he is a bit young, I


think. I think Sean Connery was the best. I really like Daniel Craig.


Hugh Laurie as James Bond, why not? Statins, are we looking at that now?


Just waiting for the voices in my head to kick in. The new safety


alert exclusive, the government is having a fresh trial because they


are worried about overprescribing. Anyone who reads the Express, they


will know this is a story they have been covering, and they are claiming


that ?1 million are being put forward to look at the side-effects,


because there is growing concern about the side-effects of the


statins, which were a bit of a wonder drug. They actually cause


muscle pain and fatigue and various other things. It is difficult for


people to know. It is something I object to, one minute you are told


the drug is wonderful and the next moment that it might kill you. It is


quite right that the government should have a trial, because there


has been enough concerns about whether they have been over


prescribed or under prescribed, and it needs to be sorted out once and


for all. Finally, the Sunday express looking ahead to something that will


possibly be in the Queen's Speech. A boost to Britain's space race. Stay,


the Queen will set the government's agenda for the next year. One of the


things the government wants to do is have ports in space for tourists.


They want to really start to capitalise on all the space that is


out there. The idea is that we now get properly into the space race. We


will see details when the Queen stands up. The other things they are


talking about is a revolution in driverless cars, which I find a


little bit frightening. More than going into space? Yes, I think there


is more danger with driverless cars. You can imagine some teenage hacker


in their bedroom getting into your driverless car. You have been


watching too many silly films. There could be a danger. Driverless


lorries was a story, wasn't it? I think that is absolutely terrifying.


In normal circumstances, everybody, including yourself, would be


previewing what is in the speech next week. If it hadn't been for the


referendum, every splash we have seen has been to do with the


referendum. That is the kind of story that on a normal kind of


Saturday we will be talking about. It just shows how obsessed


journalists are with referendums. That is it for the papers, good to


see you both, thank you very much, coming up next, looking at pollution


in India killing the Ganges.


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