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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the political commentator Jo Phillips


and Nigel Nelson of the Sunday People.


You are also editor of the Sunday Mirror, two titles.


Tomorrow's front pages starting with...


A ringing endorsement from Nigel Farage for Boris Johnson


to be Prime Minister is the Mail on Sunday's headline.


Boris himself is quoted in the Sunday Telegraph,


saying the EU is pursuing a similar goal to Hitler and Napoleon


in creating a European superstate, albeit with different methods.


The Sunday Times says David Cameron fears being replaced


It also reports on an alleged CIA tip-off which led


The Sunday Express reports on a trial being carried out


by the Government over the safety of statin drugs for the heart.


I am ever so sorry if you have had enough of the referendum. I shall go


now. We will do statin is in a minute to keep you interested. We


will start with the Sunday Times. Cameron fears that Boris will be the


next leader. The suggestion is it will go to somebody in the Brexit


camp is David Cameron's new. What is the thinking? The thinking is it


Brexit wins, and there is a lot of Boris to talk about, if the Brexit


win, then Cameron will resign and Brexit will take over. But this


whole campaign, which is so unpleasant and, I was going to use


something rude, but let's say gentle man's posturing, it is becoming


ridiculous. This is all about the Tory party, who is going to be the


leader of the Tory party. The idea that the Tory party will be ripped


apart, if it has not been already, only somebody who wants to leave


Europe is the only one who could succeed, which is bad news for


George Osborne. We are several weeks away from the actual voting and this


is where the newspapers are taking the story. They are looking beyond


the result. That is because politicians are taking the story


there as well. A lot of talk in the House of commons this week has been


about the succession of Cameron. The conventional wisdom would be that he


has to go if there is Brexit. Now they are saying maybe he would not


have to go. So then how does he negotiate our withdrawal if he does


not go? Somebody suggested the way to do that is to make Michael Gove


his Deputy Prime Minister who would then negotiate the exit from Europe.


I do not believe that, but that is the kind of talk that is going on


amongst MPs. They are thinking about now what will happen afterwards and


there are still six weeks to go from making a decision. He did say, I am


not going to serve a full-time. As soon as you do that, there is


speculation about who will succeed him. And Boris is the favourite with


the public to take over. There are a lot of MPs in the Tory party who


say, we cannot have that. They want to find alternatives. But we ought


to be concentrating on the campaign and the biggest decision in a


lifetime and not about the politics of what happens afterwards. Whatever


happened to George Osborne? He was supposed to be a shoo-in. If the


Sunday Times is right and David Cameron thinks it will go to Brexit,


then George Osborne is finished. One of the quotes in the story is that


George Osborne thinks should there be a leadership election too


quickly, he has not got a chance anyway. The Mail on Sunday, Nigel


farad, I will back Boris as our PM. We thought it said sour PM. It looks


like Nigel Farage would like a job. He would. He has always said during


the general election campaign when it looked as if he would get some


MPs, he said he would never work with Cameron. He has been absolutely


consistent about that. Now he is saying he might be able to work with


Boris. But all of this is against the backdrop of him doing the TV


debate with Cameron, camera not facing Boris Johnson, and the Leave


Campaign really angry about the fact they have not got them and their


because Nigel Farage is a tangent to that whole thing. Six months ago he


said this is not so much an interview as a lunch review. Simon


Walters in the mail goes out to lunch and takes her Nigel Farage out


and we do not have their menu, oh, yes it was shepherds pie, and the


wind that they drank. Apparently he says he loves Boris and he compares


him to Ronald Reagan. Why does he compare him like that? Because


people said Ronald Reagan could not be president. But the former


Archbishop of Canterbury? George Carey has come out for Brexit. I do


not know if he was at the lunch, it does not say. Let's look at the


Independent on Sunday. A lot of people have been saying if we can't


establish the facts about staying or leaving because the facts are in


dispute, it comes down to trust for a lot of people. The Independent on


Sunday suggests that Boris is more trusted than Cameron. What do you


think about that? It is appalled that they are doing for tomorrow


morning and it shows that people think when Boris Johnson speaks he


is twice as likely to tell the truth than David Cameron about Europe.


When you look at the details of the poll it is fascinating because it is


still evenly balanced on the people who think we are better in or better


out. But there are still 38% of people who have not decided. Those


are the people where it is all to play for. This referendum will go


down to the wire and it will be the don't knows who will decide when


they finally decide which way to go. A lot of people approach elections


in this way, you walk into the ballot booth and you go, I have to


pick something. Will that be the case? No, I do not think it will be


the case. I have heard more people talking about this saying, what are


you going to do, what do you think I should do? In all walks of life and


in all circumstances, it is a conversation going around all the


country. But these blokes, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, and to a


certain extent David Cameron, are like a rugby club coach party that


turns up when you are having a quiet drink and a sensible conversation.


You think, could you shut up. There are millions of people who are


taking this seriously and really do want to understand and this is a


game about boys. Thank heavens for Harriet Harman getting involved in


the week and talking about what it means. These are boys and it is


silly and we need a bit of common sense. As you say, the polls show


that there are an awful lot of people who have not decided and this


is not helping. In terms of the gender of the politicians in charge,


one of the problems I think is both sides are relying on project fear.


For David Cameron he is putting out the fear of the unknown if we leave.


For the Brexit site it is the fear of immigration. Both of them are


grubby campaigns. The other thing they keep doing is throwing out


figures that are meaningless. They pluck them out of the air, and even


if they were true, they are hardly intelligible. They have to help


people decide are they personally better off in or out. And talk about


the future. Yes. It is not like the general election were it happens on


June the 23rd and you have got five years of government, this is for


ever, this is about our children grandchildren. What would be better


would be to simplify the matter. There is too much information. I


fear I should rebuke you for your sexist comments. The Sunday


Telegraph, Boris, how the EU was super state how Hitler did. The


other day somebody described what David Cameron was saying as


Churchillian. Boris has been compared with Winston tonight. This


is the nonsense, this is the overblown language where they are


trying to outdo each other. To be fair, Boris is not quite saying that


the EU wants a superstate as Hitler did. We have already seen the


comments about Hitler that got Ken Livingstone in a mess. But he does


say, Napoleon and Hitler, various people tried this out, this sense of


the European Union, and it has always ended tragically. There is no


underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe, there is no single authority


that people respect. I feel if Boris carries on at this rate, he will


take off like the Hindenburg. Like on the zip wire again. He might blow


up with his own pomposity. It is ridiculous to start invoking Hitler,


in the same way it was ridiculous during the week that Cameron


suggested if we pulled out, it would start world War three. If he


believes that, why are we holding a referendum? If that is the risk, we


should not be doing any of this at all. By Nelly, statin. You would


never have thought you would have been so pleased to hear that. The


Sunday Express, government to fund fresh controversial heart drug amid


fears of doctors overprescribing. I have read quite a few headlines in


the express championing statin 's. Do not be so silly! How unusual is


it for a government to fund a trial like this? It is not that unusual,


but there is a lot of concern about Miss prescribing and mixed messages.


Nigel is the expert on statin 's. I actually take them and I am angry


about stories like this. I was told there were no side effects until I


had muscle agony for three months. It was painful and you get used to


them. Did it go away? Yes, but them. Did it go away? Yes, but


initially it was unpleasant. However, the medical advice is


constantly contradictory. How can we trust our doctors if at one point


you are told you will take a miracle drug and the next point you are told


it might kill you? This is the kind of stuff that is going out. I would


rather they got it right first time around. They are doing it, they are


spending this money to do this research. There are so many things


that people say once upon a time was a wonder drug and then it is not. It


comes down to the individual. You way up the evidence. And it is about


the prescribing and whether it is appropriate to you and what else is


going on. People might think they are watching casualty. That is it


for this review. You will be back again earlier than usual. We will be


back at quarter past 11. We will be here for another look at the front


pages. Coming up it is time for


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