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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the entertainment editor at Huffington Post, Caroline Frost -


and the parliamentary journalist Tony Grew.


The Metro leads on what it calls "the three million pound own goal"


by the former policeman who's company caused the security alert


According to the Telegraph, the European Commission has said


terrorists are more likely to attack European countries as a result


of the deal to allow Turkish citizens to travel without visas.


The Express says a new report from the campaign group


Migration Watch UK claims mass immigration is costing British


The i leads on a warning from the Ofsted that thousands


of pupils in England are being taught in unsafe


The Times says students who suffer poor teaching at English


universities will have their fees reduced in an attempt


This evening's celebrations in Leicester are pictured


The paper also reports on claims that a study linking toxic air


and deprived schools in London wasn't published.


And news that the American businessman Warren Buffett has taken


a stake in Apple worth over a billion dollars -


So there we are. With beginning with the Daily Telegraph. They have the


story about these free Turkey terror threat, quoting the European


Commission as saying that increase mobility into the Schengen area of


criminals and terrorists losses and of Turkey all who are foreigners


based in Turkey. That is a direct quote from the European Commission.


Yes, from a European Commission document. Turkey and the European


Union did a deal in which Turkey said it would help to reduce the


flow of migrants coming into the European Union and people trying to


be trafficked across into Greece will be sent back to Turkey. In


return, in the European Union said it would grant 90 days of free


European visas. Turkish people will have to have biometric passports and


Britain is not part of the Schengen zone, the free movement zone. It


does not directly affect the United Kingdom. But it has raised concerns


about the EU in which immigration is the number one issue. We had the


former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, saying that it was


important for the UK to stay in the EU and he says that the deal done


with Turkey is perverse, compared to storing gasoline next to a fire.


This is next to apocalyptic claims from the remaining that if they


don't stay in, Britain will miss out in ?200 million of year -- a year of


trade. When you said Romanians, I thought you said remaining is, not


people from the Remain campaign! Tony walks the corridors of power


every day and I'm the person on the street. I am a person on the street


and I see the day of choice looming. It may come down to something like


this. To me, it feels as if we don't know as much as the experts, and we


think how -- who we can trust. For some people it may be Boris, for


others, it may be Mark Carney. You still don't know? I read things like


this and I think OK, make sense. But in the same article, two opposite


assertions! Let's move on to the eye. This story is also on the front


page of the Telegraph. They are calling it secret school scandal.


Save thousands of people are being taught in unsafe conditions.


Hundreds of children being at risk of being radicalised. The Education


Secretary has had a letter saying that there is a much bigger problem.


When we say illegal school, we mean these schools are unregistered. They


are in warehouses and so on. I find it inconceivable that people would


send their children to a school like this. One part of me says that


people can educate their children where they want to. I went to a


Catholic school, all this and that was registered! It was by diggers


school. But I question why parents would do this. Why would you send


your child to announce a school that weren't given any convocations? The


schools do not have proper curriculum is, they are not going to


be in a position to give you GCSEs. According to the Telegraph, they are


saying one in three of the schools is run by Muslims groups where


children are hidden from the authorities. You must question the


motivation of a teacher wanting to be part of such a school and a


parent thinking this is a good idea. You wonder what the other two in


three are doing? We hear about fear mongering about extremism being


given to young children but what else is going on? And how doesn't


work on a day-to-day basis? How are the children being transported


around and nobody sees being educated? Lets go onto the next


story in the Metro, the big story over the weekend. This huge security


scare at Old Trafford. Tens of thousands of fans evacuated from the


ground. The security boss who has admitted it was his mistake because


he left this pipe bomb, and he is pictured holding up this replica


pipe bomb, used as part of the exercise, he is an ex-policeman. It


is after the mistake. I feel for the man. He has properly had a really


long and successful career. He is the boss and all he will be


remembered for, every time he walks into the pub, perhaps a bit of a


cause celebre, nobody was hurt, fortunately but it's a massive own


goal. Yes, as the Metro says. We are lucky with a blunder, that's the


thing. But obviously it was a scary time at the weekend. You do feel


sorry for him Elizabeth? And for the fans, we interviewed some of them


earlier who had travelled from all around the world, never been to see


Manchester United before and won't be able to see this game when it is


replayed. I just want to say a couple of things. He came on TV and


confessed. Respect he is not trying to do a corporate blog. He said it


was his mistake and he was sorry. I know I have inconvenienced thousands


of people. And we should take comfort that this was found and


sparked a security alert. That shows the levels of security that we have


at sports stadiums. And the evacuation happened in an orderly


fashion so we are prepared. So in a sense although it was eight terrible


mistake, it was a drill and it panned out well. We should be


pleased the police can do an evacuation on that scale. Busy it's


terrible and is the first time -- it's terrible for the fans. How


often do you somebody say, the mistake is entirely mine?


Respected him for that. Perhaps not respective universities, some of


whom are being told to raise their standards or they might have to cut


their fees. We have known for a while that students who are paying


thousands of pounds for their university education, a lot of them


are saying they are not getting value for money. Tutorials and


lectures are not up to is gradual not long enough with their tutors?


Yes, walking the corridors of power, I sashay, rather than walk! But we


have been told that the government's White Paper on higher education was


going to be radical. This means that university will face market forces


that they have been shielded from. Universities will not be allowed to


increase their fees above ?9,000 a year unless they are assessed as


being excellent or outstanding. My concern is that if you are a student


in your second year and you'll university has been downgraded, it


will have a significant effect on you and your prospects. But creating


an office for students to publish detailed information and properly


assessed universities is radical. Given the commercialisation of


universities, this is inevitable. Caroline, nurses being trained to


cover the junior doctors' jobs? Odyssey, a new step because of the


unprecedented pressure on the NHS. -- obviously. The government and the


NHS are coming up with new schemes to plug any gaps. Boris Johnson is


busy talking about the gaps -- at the queues NAND. Nurses will be


given a lot of support. There will be a fast track group of nurses who


will be given special training so that they can take tests and monitor


the decisions that traditionally have belonged to the young doctors


who have had years of training. The FT has a story on Uber, they


have done very well but new taxi companies numbers have fallen this


year. According to the GMB, at least ten private hire companies close


every month. So established companies are suffering as well as


start-ups. My view is that technology is providing a service


that people want. Every problem that you have had booking a taxi is taken


away by this app. You can't help but be a fan if you live and work in


London and you want to get from A to B and you don't have cash. If you


don't know where you're going, that problem goes away, and if you don't


know how long you're going to wait, that problem goes away. I can't not


be a fan of such a slick service. But do you feel sorry for the


rivals? Yes, it is like watching all the chains on the high street and


independent cafes closing as a result. So is it market forces? Yes.


They give the consumers what they want. We talk about London taxi


drivers having the knowledge and knowing everywhere, but there is a


place for that. I have seen black cabs recently that have things in


the back saying I only take cash and this is 2016, that is not


acceptable. Finally, let's end with the Telegraph again. I would never


have guessed this, but going to church doesn't just feed the soul,


it makes you live longer! I'm not sure if that is because of God or


because... I haven't read the story very closely! What it says is that


they did a study of 74,000 women over a 16 year period and regular


churchgoers were 33% less likely to die of over that period of time. I


think there could be a whole range of factors. Being a member of a


church means you are part of a community so they could be a lot of


factors which are not quite as religious as this story implies. And


perhaps if you are a regular churchgoer, you are less likely to


be going out and hitting it hard on a Saturday night. There is less


likely to be a causative route. So will you be going to church more


often? No. Tony and Caroline, thank you both so much. We will see you


again later on. We will be back at 1130 PM for another look at the


front pages. For now, thanks to my guests. Goodbye.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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