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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Economics Commentator for the Daily Telegraph,


Liam Halligan, and the Economics Editor of the Independent, Ben Chu.


The Telegraph says the details of 800 terror suspects


It reports that errors by spies and the police meant that the DNA


samples of one in ten extremists had to be discarded.


The 'i' newspaper has Boris Johnson calling David Cameron a cynical


Prime Minister, and accusing him of being powerless


The Sun pictures David Cameron with his fingers in his ears


at the news of another 330,000 migrants.


The Financial Times says the campaign for Britain to leave


the EU is receiving twice as much in donations as the remain campaign,


The Times says plans for a European Army are being kept


secret from voters until the day after the referendum.


The Metro leads with the story of a little girl who was rescued


from the Mediterranean, when the boat she was in capsized


And, The Guardian says secretive firms are buying up the capital.


It reports that 40,000 properties in London are now owned


We cannot really avoid starting with all of these migration figures,


quite picture of David Cameron turning a deaf ear to a bombshell of


figures. Classic bit of photo shop. It was always going to be a big


moment, the migration figures before the big vote. It's the number one


concern of many voters and the biggest trump card believe campaign


has. The papers like the sun and express were going to play this for


all its worth. A high number of net migration and immigration directly


from the EU. Papers like this have used it to say exactly this is why


we need to get out of the EU because there is no chance of bringing down


the migration unless you don't have any more freedom of movement which


is why it's so easy for people from Europe to come and live and work in


the UK. It's sensitive timing. Left than a month to go, coming down to


the business end of the campaign and the FrontPage reminds me of the dead


parrot or Neil Kinnock and the light bulb. Almost a record and Leave will


play it as hard as they can. Nigel Pharoah saying it's out of control


and set to get worse -- Nigel Farage. But people say that we need


them for the NHS and the service sector. A think tank stressing that


a high proportion of migrants in the UK currently have come from the EU


under a points -based system they may net get a visa. Interesting, the


guardian have the same story down the side, feel free to move away,


very much the same figures but it's interesting what the different camps


are doing. This quote from David Davies saying immigration could fall


to near zero in some years if the UK opted for Brexit. People making


quite assertive claims. He is a big Leave complainer of course. Yes, and


if you plug zero migration into all the network models we have been


having you get a very bad outcome because economic models assume that


net migration is a boost to growth. It's a question of if it is a boost


to GDP per head but it's certainly a boost to GDP. If David Davies is


right and that is the Leave campaign objective, to have zero net


migration that makes it a lot harder to say the economy will not suffer,


living standards will not suffer. Saying there will be no more


migration. I think this is mischief, David Davis, I am not his spokesman


but he clearly doesn't believe that and did think anybody in the Leave


camp once zero net migration. -- wants. Many people are saying even


if you stay, if you want access to the single market you have to accept


this open borders policy, you cannot just say we wanted anyone. There are


some saying we could have a Norwegian style access to the single


market, we need a WTO style agreement which would mean no more


contributions but they have big implications. It would be net


emigration set by the British government from year to year.


Different trade agreements come with different restrictions in terms of


the free movement of people. Leave campaigners would say we are in the


UK, the fifth biggest economy in the world, we have ?60 billion deficit


with the rest of the EU who want to sell us stuff so there would be a


negotiation. You are saying about a bit of mischief making, take us to


the times because there is a suggestion that there had been plans


for an EU army which have been somehow sidelined until after the


vote. You could argue this is mischief avoiding from David


Cameron, the last thing he would want is something like this coming


out in the middle of this campaign. They say it's an EU army, if you


actually read it it's talking about European military and organisational


structures being a bit more coordinated. You could argue that


the beginnings of a European army or a bit more now to look operation


between lots of countries who share the same goals and have a lot of the


same objectives. So obviously, they have delayed it, and you can say


that's a terrible way of, an democratic way of not giving people


all the information. Just like people are complaining that Chilcot


has been delayed until after the referendum because that will make


people angry with the government. But this is a bit of a nonstory when


you read it. It's interesting because even though emigration will


stay a big theme until polling day we will quite quickly move on to


security and defence, the idea are we more secure within the EU,


because of Nato, using the five eyes, the intelligence sharing


network, this campaign has a long way to run. Strap yourselves in!


Stay with me, let's move to the Daily Telegraph, they have laid on a


different story, we will go down the side to France and the fuel strikes


and we should not be going there. Very much on the eve of a long bank


holiday story, a lot of people will be off to France. The RAC saying if


you have not invested much money in going to France perhaps you will be


better off not getting involved because there are nationwide


strikes, air traffic control, fuel hauliers, they don't have any petrol


at a great deal of stations. The RAC is warning if you go to France you


might get stranded without petrol and we can't cope. They are taking


quite a strong position. Yes. They have to look after their members.


What I find interesting is its one of the few things that we would


agree on, that France needs these reforms badly. The French labour


market is very gummed up with regulations and they need a shot in


the arm from this kind of thing. It has got the French out, the unions


out seeing you are attacking our sacred 35 hour week. Can you give us


a ten second reminder? It's essentially to give employers more


rights and more flexibility about how they run their companies about


like what the UK had before Thatcher came along. The French never had a


parallel deregulation of the labour market. To some degree it socially


accepted... So that's what it's all about. Typical French way of doing


things, you go on the street and hammer it out and maybe get some


reform. Just to stress, there are families and holidays involved, I


mentioned it, but to stress, it's not just freight hauliers and


petrol, it also air traffic control, a lot of flights have been cancelled


so before you go to the airport for the long weekend check your flight.


I like this detail tucked away saying do not attempt to take


supplies with you to France since many very operators have a five


litre limit due to the fire risk. I have hideous visions of people


stockpiling petrol cans in their books, don't do it. Let's move on to


the Metro, some powerful pictures tying in with the issue of


migration. This is one of those class of stories which gives you the


human face of these terrible, the migration story. Every so often we


get something like this which brings it home on a human scale. And


nine-month-old baby who was on one of these boats, pictures of the boat


collapsing in the Mediterranean earlier this week. She was on the


boat, her mother died, the assumption is her father has died as


well so she is an orphan and is being looked after by the


authorities in Italy. It is just one of those amazing stories where you


see the reality behind it. It's not about the numbers, it's not about


fear, it's very human and I think everyone can relate to this pull


will -- this poor girl. We talk about the fear factor we all have


around it. Then you read a story like this and it is moving. Of


course, you can do anything other than massively sympathise and be


moved by it and nor would you. The UNHCR numbers are pretty horrific


for the number of people did last summer. Thousands. It's likely to be


the same this summer. The reality is that as the weather improves


throughout June more people will do this, we will get more photographs


like this, more pictures on the news. It is hateful to say but that


will have political ramifications and implications and it just goes to


show, there is a lot of people trafficking going on and a lot of


unscrupulous people making money by preying on people's hopes and


dreams. Just time to squeeze in the Financial Times. You should have


started with this, you have two nerds here. This is Apple flirting


with Time Warner, what has been going on? There has been a big trend


of techie groups wanting to own their own content and now we have


rumours, what we have here is a stylised rumour of Apple broaching a


merger with Time Warner. Rupert Murdoch tried to buy Time Warner and


his bed was rejected. Amazon and Netflix are creating huge amounts of


their own content, Apple may be interested in buying a content


provider. This is interesting for Apple because they are one of the


biggest companies in the world but sales have been coming off a bet,


the market has slightly turned on them. It's very speculative, this


story, only a suggestion in a meeting a while ago but it's caught


the imagination simply because maybe this is the next big move. Good way


of boosting your share price! You are cynical! Thank you gentlemen,


that is all for now don't forget all the front pages can be found online.


You can see the detailed review there.


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