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This is not true. He has in the past condemned and Islamic State. The BBC


now it is time for the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the Editor-in-Chief


of MoneyWeek, Merryn Somerset Webb, and the Political Editor


of the Daily Record, Let's have a look at some other


front pages. Thousands of patients have become trapped in hospitals


because of failures in social care. It says the NHS is having to foot


and ?800 million bill for elderly bed blockers. The Metro leads on the


strikes in France which are causing major fuel shortages. The paper says


British holiday-makers risk getting stranded after half the country's


petrol pumps will run dry. The Guardian carries a picture of


migrants and refugees scrambling for their lives after their heavily


laden boat capsized in the southern Mediterranean. They managed to save


500 people in a mission migration experts described as miraculous. The


Daily Telegraph has that your Matic picture too. He leads on official


projections suggesting the population in England is to rise by


4 million as areas in the south swell by up to a quarter. In the


Times, British special forces fired a missile to destroy an Islamic


State truck packed with explosives in Libya earlier this month. We will


start with the Daily Telegraph. The population to rise by 4 million.


Below it, it has a caption, EU referendum. Clearly this story will


feed in the debate. If you read the whole story you will see that half


this rise in population is purely down to an ageing population. Only


half is about Newham -- new immigration. It feeds into


everyone's anxieties about pressure on social services and the NHS and


education. This is about helping councils plan for a rising influx in


people. That will be discussed a lot over the next four weeks. As those


supporting Brexit, if we can get more control of our borders, they


would argue, by leaving the European Union, we're not going to have


250,000 EU migrants who came to this country up to September of last


year. If they think they can stop migration by doing the EU, they have


another thing coming. It does not feed into the debate. It adds fire


to the debate. The economic argument with the devastating bombardment of


economic against Brexit, they will move onto the ground which is their


strength, immigration. This feeds back into the economic argument.


One, session is about, are we seeing wages pushed down by a rise in


immigration? You can see that again wages are coming expectations. These


stories do dovetail. Quite an interesting speech by Gordon Brown


in Brussels today. He said, we will face massive immigration. People are


sceptical about Europe, so give them a deal, like the Scots got in their


referendum. If areas are under pressure, make sure there is a


migration fund. If schools are under pressure, hospitals are under


pressure and public services are under pressure, that is when people


start resenting immigration. If that can be dealt with, people on the


whole say they are not against immigration. Nobody is really making


the argument. Europe needs immigrants because the population is


ageing. The point is, it is Britain being able to have control of this.


They say, we do need to be able to take control of the people coming


in. That would be their argument. One of the things I do not think


those wanting to leave the EU have not been clear about is that leaving


the uterus not mean... Different deal for different groups of


professions or working areas. We know for example that large-scale


immigration affects wages at the Berry, very bottom end of the scale.


If you wanted to control immigration policies, perhaps he would bring in


different people with different skills. We use our tax credit


system. Liberty is prosecuted. You come back to the argument about the


minimum wage subsidising the global multinationals. Moving off the


paper, sorry. We are here for a nice, lovely


discussion. You talk about whatever you want to talk about. It is not a


problem. We're going to talk about the photograph on the front of the


Guardian. The flip side of the migration debate. Look at this


picture. A boat on its side about to capsized. Some actually died. I've


had in 50 souls came off and 50 died in aim and recovery. This image


shows the boat going down. It was taken by the Italian coastguard.


They took 550 off the capsized boat. The images will be in all of the


papers tomorrow. In the last two days, Monday and Tuesday this week,


they have taken 5600 people ashore from the Mediterranean. Hundreds of


thousands more are coming this summer. It, as we know, is a massive


crisis facing Europe. We do not know how to deal with this. Now onto the


Financial Times. The UK would face tortuous trade talks in the event of


Brexit. This comes from the world Trade Organisation. One of these


central campaigns as if we left the European Union we could have free


trade. The WTO is saying, it would be hell. This is interesting. I am


under the impression we could stay in the WTO and that would not be


much of a problem. Do you support Brexit? Absolutely. Time after time


these things come out. When you look at the detail they are not as awful


as a Sample. I have thought the default position would be to trade


under WTO rules. How tortuous would it be to stay? It is impossible to


say at this point. When you look at a list of the members, virtually


every country you can think of is a member. I find difficult to imagine


the UK would be one of the few countries in the world but did not


have access to it. I am sure we would have access to it. It would


take years and years. There are different deals with different


countries. In short, the WTO is repeating what President Obama said,


back of the queue. There is not a queue. On the back of IMF, the World


Bank, the Treasury. EasyJet. Everybody says Britain would be


worse off. The economic consensus. Big trade organisations prefer a


status quo to change. It is the same. What the Remain camp has been


doing is pounding this case about the risk, project


fear two, they are calling it. It will be interesting tomorrow. We may


find that the Vote League side comes up with more economic arguments. Has


this changed your mind question what -- Leave. I think there will be a


lot more interesting things to say. Three plus weeks to go. I am


throwing things at you now! This story assumes we lead the single


market and that is a big assumption. Consensus is that if we left the


European Union the single market is over. What are you suggesting! We


will stick with the Financial Times. Hillary Clinton is in a bit of


trouble. Her private e-mail server she kept while the Secretary of


State. She should not have done that. Is has dogged Hillary for


years. She used a private e-mail address and a private server. A


massive breach of security protocol. This will be dragged up. Donald


Trump will do this. They are already calling him a crooked Hillary


Clinton. He is not a relation of mine. He is from the same village as


my mother. Eye over eight that ever so slightly. He is in trouble


himself. -- I over eight that. I wonder how it will affect matters.


It will not affect Republican support. It is about those who are


undecided. The Democrats are so anti-Clinton that they are willing


to vote to keep her out. She is not found to have done anything illegal.


They are still looking into it. We have a problem. We are heading to


France in the next couple of days and they have a petrol crisis. After


petrol chaos as drivers head for France. You will have to fill up


here, would you? They are talking about chaos. The AA has already been


picking up cars from the side of the road in France. We did this first.


We had petrol strikes and blockades of refineries way back in 2000. The


eight days that Shook the Blair government. The industrial action


nearly ran Britain drive. It is so much better in France with burning


tyres, riots and burning police cars. They are better at labour


disputes than we are. The Labour reforms have been so watered down


that not even bosses want them anymore. Train ticket clippers are


facing the end of the nine. I did not know they were still about. We


did actually look at one of my train ticket earlier and see that it did


have a hole in it. I can see how that would be painful over time. OK.


Many thanks for looking at some of the stories behind the headlines.


Very many thanks. Thank you for watching.


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