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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Dan Bilefsky, from the New York Times,


and Ben Riley Smith, political correspondent


The Metro leads on the news that David Cameron has found a pro-EU


ally in the New Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.


The pair put on a united front today as they campaigned for Britain


to remain in the EU, despite the Prime Minister's


criticism of Mr Khan during the mayoral campaign.


The International New York Times reports on the sentencing


of Issene Habre, the former president of Chad, was sentenced


to life in prison on Monday after he was found guilty of crimes


against humanity, torture and sex crimes.


The Daily Telegraph says that public concern about immigration has given


the league campaign a boost. The Guardian front pages about the


referendum and it acts with Eric David Cameron kinky Britain in the


European Union. The Daily Mail says that ministers had been have been


ignoring a string of warnings that Britain's small ports are an easy


target for people smuggling. The Times says that the government


dismissed concerns about people being smuggled in small boats. The


Daily Mirror reports on a new cure for skin cancer.


Can we do it? Yes we Khan. David Cameron has had a difficult week. He


has been on the stage with Sadiq Khan, who he criticised only weeks


ago for saying he was shoulder to shoulder with Muslim extremists.


Then he is on a platform with him. He has been criticised for that by


those who do not agree with them. It was only last month that he said at


the dispatch box that Sadiq Khan's integrity should be questioned. He


was making the point that people should not vote for him as mayor.


But London date. But now he is calling Sadiq Khan a proud Muslim


and saying they are joining together to back able to remain in the EU.


Labour has a difficulty turning out its voters. By appearing with these


figures he is trying to get Labour faces in the frame showing that


Labour wants is to stay in. There are some Conservatives the David


Cameron cannot share the platform with just now. He is also appealing


to minority voters. Your paper is leading with the appalling on the


subject of the referendum which is suggesting that there has been a


shift to do with migration. We have been doing polls every fortnight


tracking remain against Lee. Since David Cameron came back with the


renegotiation deal in February we have seen a decline in support for


leaving the EU every fortnight. But this time there is a four point


boost for those who want to leave, which is said to be because of


immigration. Last week we have seen immigration statistics on the front


pages. We have seen concerns about migrants crossing the English


Channel and there is no doubt that the out campaign believe they can


win on immigration. People who are afraid of immigration are more


likely to leave the EU. There were always fears that having a


referendum would be problematic in June. We have seen many capsized


boats in Italy and horrible images of migrants in the sea. The timing


could turn out to be quite difficult. Last summer when Calais


was always on the front pages more people appeared to be leaning out


the name. Believe campaign say that while we stay inside the European


Union we cannot control the numbers because of the freedom of movement.


On the front of the Financial Times, Brussels once like touch rules,


which is interesting in the context of control and regulation. This is


an example where Brussels is fighting from liberalisation and


suggesting that companies should not be overregulated by national


governments. They think it will increase competition in the European


Union. It is a good news Brussels story. You can see how the other


side response, saying that they do not want a light touch or a heavy


touch. They see any touching from Brussels as a problem. Brussels and


the Netherlands and Germany and France have been trying to reel in


companies like And birth. Now Brussels are coming in and saying


lay-off and have less regulation. This is also the time when


Washington is looking at overregulation by Brussels. Champion


national champions from Europe. Do think it is deliberate? Maybe that


is cynical. It seems like a counter voice. Hedge fund is. They are set


to me money on the campaign. We are not allowed to publish exit polls


before the 10pm point when people can stop voting, but there is


nothing to stop people doing exit polls and using that information.


Hedge fund is an investment banks are considering having a private


exit poll done so they can place bets on the financial markets. They


would argue that they might make more if they know in advance what


the result is going to be because what they're doing that there are


financial tools. It is hedging. It is a drop in the ocean. With the


amount of money that is moving through... Exit polls are quite


reliable but in the last election the polls leading up to it were not.


The exit polls were bang on and they are more trustworthy. In The Times


there is a story that has a link to the EU debate. Ministers have


ignored the risk of people trafficking. This was an old the


papers today. On Sunday nights there was a dinghy of 18 Albanians that


was saved from capsizing just of the border of Kent. There are reports


from independent border inspectors and a few months ago the government


was saying the risk of people being smuggled in by small boats is not


assessed as being significant. They are saying why were the warnings not


picked up when we are now seen some of these vessels. We don't know how


many there are. How do you place it? The scenes over the top. If you look


at what is happening in Italy boats after boat is capsizing. In the


British context and have only been one to and the borders are very well


pleased. This reaction that suddenly the country is under siege by


Albanians is not borne out by what is happening. It is unfortunate that


this one vote capsized but it taps into the fear that people have about


migration. , but there have not been very many at this point. In the


International New York Times you talk about Donald Trump and how


close he is with regards to Hillary Clinton. But the polls and not tell


the story of the difficulty he would face because of the way that the


states divide up. Donald Trump has played into the despair of the


working class in America and he's doing well on television and on


Twitter. What we're finding is that the Democrats have always one at


least 18 states since 1992 which adds up to a large number of


electoral votes. Swing states are going to be crucial in this election


and they will be difficult for Donald Trump to win. Places like


Arizona there is the big Hispanic vote. With all of his race baiting


and comments about Mexicans and that muslins cannot come into the country


has created a backlash and there is a feeling that perhaps he will have


a struggle in swing states because of this backlash. However, it is


quite early and polls have been wrong before. It is too early to


predict, but he is going to face an uphill battle. But Hillary Clinton


is a problematic candidate. The e-mail scandal and Donald Trump is


going very hard on her. He has been ramming her over the head. They both


divide opinion. What I find fascinating about this guy, you


would presume he is right candidate, he wants to build a giant wall


between Mexico and America. But he is also hard left. He is against


trade deals. He is very protectionist. Here's a hard


candidate for Hillary Clinton to pin down. He is hammering her as the


establishment. He could be a tricky candidate. There is a debate about


what he is like because they can be quite left-wing although his notions


on trade are of the wall. But Hillary is treating him as a serious


candidate and not fighting back she is legitimising his narrative and


what she has been handled for is that she is not fighting back on. He


also knows how to communicate. Aim it at a four is what politicians are


told. His message seems oversimplistic. But that hammers


home. And you remember it. We will end with cricket. Several


photographs of Alastair Cook. We have chosen this picture because he


has broken the record for 10,000 runs and he is the youngest get


there. The quickest person to score 10,000 test runs. He did at 31 years


old. Five months younger than the next youngest player. We were


hearing praise from other great editors. That included his old


batting partner. He will be remembered as one of the greats of


English cricket. He is up there. A point of caution. Remember when


Tiger Woods was zooming away. But that stalled. Whether he can go on


to replicate that remains to be seen but it is an amazing achievement. Do


you like cricket? Is there a hockey stick involved. It is an achievement


it is a good achievement. Not that long ago he was getting panned as


captain and people said his form was not great. That is in the past.


Thank you very much. Thank you, Dan Bilefsky,


from the New York Times, and Ben Riley Smith,


from The Daily Telegraph -


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