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rainfall for this part of England. The rain is really beginning to get


up. More details of course what the rest of the week on the website.


Hello, this is BBC News I'm Martine Croxall.


Hello, this is BBC News, I'm Martine Croxall.


We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment,


David Cameron's challenged by two top Tory Leave campaigners to


admit he can't cut migration while Britain remains in the EU.


Downing Street called the comments a distraction.


An inflatable boat's seized in Kent by immigration officials after 18


Albanian migrants, including two children, are rescued from another


The Iraqi Government says it's making progress in attempts to


retake the city of Falluja from Islamic State militants.


A gorilla is shot dead at a zoo in the US


after it picked up a four-year-old boy who fell into the enclosure.


Cincinnati Zoo says it shot the animal as the situation was


Coming up, another trip for Alice Through the Looking Class. The


latest take on Wonderland. And the other top releases in The Film


Review. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are


the former newspaper editor, Eve Pollard and the deputy news


editor at the Metro, Joel Taylor. Thank you for bearing with us, it


was a long way tonight -- wait tonight.


The i, which leads with Conservative rebel threats against


A similar lead for the Guardian.


It says David Cameron's hopes


of avoiding terminal damage to party unity have been dented.


The migrant crisis is the top story


It reports people smugglers are increasingly using


un-seaworthy vessels to cross the English Channel.


The Mail also leads with the rescue of those migrants


It says experts have branded Britain's


The Sun's main story is the terror threat.


It claims the so-called Islamic State is planning


The Telegraph reports that Eton's most senior


governor is threatening to resign from


the Conservative Party over plans to force job applicants to declare


The Times leads with the recent tightening


It says that anti-alcohol lobbyists helped


And the Mirror's top story is the shooting of that


The paper calls it the miracle of the gorilla boy.


As promised we are not starting with the EU referendum for a change, but


a story you could argue is closely related to it. It's on the Daily


Express and the Daily Mail and its migration, immigration. 700 more


drown crossing the mid-. They are conflating two very different


stories -- Mediterranean. Thousands of miles apart. What's interesting


is people smugglers did... I think there were 18 Albanians who made it


to tempt today. This is the immigration we should be worried


about Tashkent. We shouldn't just be worried about immigration from EU


countries -- Kent. It's people who come from not necessarily Albania


but from North Africa the Middle East who want to blow us up that we


should be worried about. The Daily Mail say there are only three


boats. We don't know anything about these people and what their


intentions are. They say Albanians, we won't discover until tomorrow


where they have come from because it takes a while. But they are now


saying... The Sun is saying, all people are saying, is they are


worried about jihadists coming across not across the Mediterranean


but the English Channel -- or people are saying. And the risks they are


taking, we know the channel is such a busy shipping lane. If we see


anything like what's happening in the Mediterranean in the English


Channel it could be catastrophic and it brings the problem close to


home. To an extent the government have wanted to leave the migrant


crisis in the Mediterranean to countries in the Schengen area. And


not take much responsibility for it. This is bringing it to our


shores and we rely on being an island to add extra protection. If


people start coming over from Calais in this risky way it's something the


government will have to tackle. It sounds like an inflatable boat that


began taking on water and that is why they were rescued. Terrifying.


There were only three patrol boats going around this country. You have


the National Crime Agency saying British small ports and marinas are


wide open to people smugglers, crime gangs and terrorists. Listed in the


Daily Mail, the other headline, Britain's wide-open borders -- this


is in. The coastguard chief says it is as bad as the Mediterranean. We


are in Island, which is meant to make us more secure and safe, but


with that comes an enormous coastline. We have a huge coastline


and masses of places around that coastline that boats can land. It's


a hard thing to detect. They are talking about three boats. The


geography and the coastline hasn't changed, just our assessment of how


safe we are. Nobody ever thought that people would come across the


Channel, which, as you say, is one of the biggest shipping areas in the


world. But less dangerous unless far than going across the


Mediterranean. -- and not as far. The chief coastguard in France says


this will become very dangerous and as the weather gets better, more


people will try. Yes, more people will take the risk. Let's return to


the EU referendum on the Guardian. A backlash we understand. We haven't


even had the vote yet. The government will not be concerned too


much with this story. People like Ledeen Doris and Andrew Bridge, who


have never been fans of Cameron -- Ledeen Doris. The PM's hopes of


reuniting the Conservative party have been dented. I think we knew


that anyway! I think they will be able to dismiss them. The suggestion


is these backbenchers can get and people together for a vote of


no-confidence in David Cameron. Even the Guardian say that. They are


quoting Andrew Bridge and. And when they said dented, if I was a


newspaper editor I would say damaged, dented is what you do to


your bumper! It's a story because Nadine Dorries was on TV this


morning and talking about it and saying that David Cameron would be


toast if he didn't get 60%, absolute nonsense. When the criticism comes


from people like that it is a different story. The Times, we have


a robot... Thaiday you to depose me, Cameron tells rebels -- I dare you


-- a rebuttal. Just guessing. It is bank holiday Sunday. He has probably


said it to someone. He has already said he's not going to stand again.


He is going in 2020. We know a leadership election is coming in the


next few years. Exactly. You need someone on either side to replace


him. The hard thing for Cameron is that people on the Remain side have


been damaged. Osborne was the most likely candidate to replace him. He


was damaged by Iain Duncan Smith resigning three days after the last


budget. To try to get that continuity is something that Cameron


will find tricky. Let's move onto a different subject, still on the


Times. Anti- drink lobby group up official safety limits,


controversial guidance that reduces public Theia. It wasn't so long ago


that it was recommended we all drank less than the official guidelines


were changed. Now it is 14 units, seven pints of beer over seven


days. When it talks about anti- drink lobby, several of these


lobbyists are doctors, like Sir Ian Gilmore, a long-time campaigner on


these issues. The danger with this limit of 14 units, and the unease


cabinet has felt, it is so low. Coming through the West End


tonight, there are thousands of people out of there having a good


time and will dismiss these guidelines out of hand -- solo. On


the other hand you have Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer


for England, saying, as a woman, I reach for that glass of wine and I


wonder if it will affect me because they seem to think there has been


some research saying breast cancer and alcohol have some relation. We


are still at the foothills of this research. She has said this before


this report came out. It's like all these reports, you want to think


that the people behind it an bias on either side. Is this the alcohol


industry fighting back -- aren't bias. Is it temperance people? You


want to think people who are totally disinterested in the sale of alcohol


and only interested in our welfare are behind this. Many years ago when


these guidelines were first put forward, was there any actual


scientific basis for saying it was 21 units a week for men? They had to


come up with a number. I seem to recall they have to come up with a


number and it seemed as good as any. It was partly to do with people


going into A on the weekend and working out how many units they had


had that night that led them to end up in A


Remember, we are quite rightly providing free treatment at the time


you're ill and if you're sitting in A on a Friday night, you do see


some pretty horrific things, and alcohol induces it all.


The Mirror, terror at the zoo, miracle of the gorilla boy. This boy


fell through a barrier and into this enclosure and then the gorilla drag


him around in the water. Terrifying.


It's the second case in the last few weeks that someone has fallen into


an animal cage. The idea that it is a little one is pretty scary.


Horrible, you can hear from the video footage that they are calling


him to try to reassure him. Mummy loves you and so on. The boy almost


looks stunned along with the gorilla that they are facing one another and


the gorilla starts swinging it. It thinks it is a baby gorilla, which


is what it would do with a baby gorilla. Amazing it came out


unscathed. Absolutely. The Financial Times


finally, we talked about alcohol not being good for you, but an expensive


wine available. My way temps global connoisseurs with wine made on a


Tibetan plateau -- Moet. They won't invite wine experts to tasting


sessions in Burgundy and Bordeaux but in the Embassy in China. It


almost looks like and another one, the main. There are enough


millionaires in China who would be so proud that this amazing Champagne


has been grown in their own vineyards -- the name. They may pay


up. It's a bottle of fizz? I think they are producing a red wine in


fact. What a shame, oh, dear! 300 euros bottle of wine of whatever


sort, I don't think I have ever drunk anything quite so expensive.


There's very little about the actual wine itself. It is clearly quite a


clever little marketing exercise. It is. The vineyard has been chosen


because it has similar climactic situation to France and 25,000


bottles can be made there. I didn't know they were doing this in China


but they are always looking for new territories. We are growing wine in


Britain now. And there have been vineyards here for a long time but


people used to laugh at English wine, but it has done well and won


awards. Interestingly, this is the only French wine producer that has


taken part in this escapade in China.


You wonder whether it is because it will make good wine all-weather you


say, Eve, or whether there's a good market for it. There probably is a


good market it. -- or weather. Carrying the wine around cost a lot


of money so it will get to other places in Asia as well. I wonder if


we will get it over here but not at that price! We would need a


supermarket to find a cutdown version.


It would be fascinating if China becomes another place like


California, everybody was amazed when they first started producing


great wine. It's quite labour-intensive, 150


Tibetan farmers work on the farm. I don't suppose they have anyway to


limits! Could be very interesting to see if


it ever appears over here but I reckon it will get snapped up long


before then. That's it for the Papers. Thanks very much. Nice to


have a different spread of stories for a change.


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