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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are our guests joining me tonight are broadcaster


and barrister Sophia Cannon and associate editor


The i leads on tonight's TV debate on the EU referendum.


It says Michael Gove castigated David Cameron for his depressing


The Daily Telegraph reports that Michael Gove blasted


the Prime Minister for allegedly destroying British jobs.


The Times says the Government has called in the competition watchdog


to investigate allegations that some drugs companies have been


It says "drug profiteers" face multi-million-pound fines.


The Financial Times says an internal investigation at Fifa showed


Sepp Blatter and several other senior officials secretly paid


The Guardian leads on the same story.


It quotes lawyers as saying Sepp Blatter and some


of his colleagues made a co-ordinated effort


The Daily Mirror reports that the boxing legend


Mohammed Ali is on life support, and it says fears are growing.


The Daily Mail reports on what it calls a cancer revolution.


It says research in California has shown that personalised treatment


The Sun says there's a growing "Evans crisis" at Top Gear,


and that producers used canned laughter to cover awkward


We will have those moments. Better start with what is happening


tonight. Michael Gove has been on television in a question and


hands-on session with an audience. The Daily Telegraph reporting that.


He talked about a personal story. He talked about how his father was a


doctor 's -- was adopted by a fishmonger and his wife. He spoke


about how his father's business had been destroyed by the fact that


Edward Heath giveaway are fishing rights when we entered the EU in


1973. He personalised his opposition to the EU. But you are having to


extrapolate quite a lot to make a personal story relevant to the


entire European community. We have got to stop personalising for each


and everyone of us what the European Union means. If we do not it is


going to miss a lot of people in times of the relevance of why they


should vote. I thought he was very effective for the lead case. He was


calm and polite and attentive and reasonable. He was also passionate


and persuasive and he hands the questions. I think people were


worried that he would be able to handle the question and as a session


with sky's political editor, but might be stiff when dealing with the


audience. But he was good with them and had good report, probably better


than the Prime Minister, who emphasised a lot of the usual fear


and risk about leaving the European Union. He said he was making a case


for project Hope and I think I came across well. For me it was the


hierarchy of refugees and immigration, the idea that the EU


immigration system is racist because it prioritises Europeans over the


Commonwealth. For a lot of second-generation commonwealth


alters the must be thinking, he is right. I think people do not


understand that. They do not want to end immigration altogether, they are


saying that we should not give preference to the EU from people


from the Commonwealth, many of whom we have personal ties with. But the


differences with the rest of the EU we have an agreement, it is


therefore all of us, because one of the basic things about the European


Union is freedom of trade and movement. It goes both ways. We can


go as people can come. He raised the issue about immigration, are letting


everyone in because they are European and why should be not let


an intelligent Jamaicans and so on. Quite a lot of people are caught in


the new system and they are from sharia. -- all Australia. They are


saying that a lot of people are resulting to dog whistle politics.


Do you think this format, it is not quite the debate at an audience, is


more instructive for people? Even though there were a lot of


complaints about the lack of any real head to head debates between


the two main political leaders, the same format used at the last general


election with Kamran and Ed Miliband being questioned by Paxman and David


Dimbleby did work quite well. -- David Cameron. Then they talked to


these should you audience, many of whom gave him a hard time. It brings


out the issues that often are not seen any head-to-head debate. I'm


not going to say that, I'm embarrassed. It was very informative


and people do like that two big questions after question. They like


to follow what the thread of the argument. So many people are


following a second screen at home and are on Twitter or Facebook


following what other people are saying. If you look at the power of


social media. Our postcode follows 24 houses. Facebook can get the


chatter going to every eight houses. They think that we might see a


change in the town or are we still going to have the slapping matches


on the front pages? One of the revealing things about the


audience's questions, of David Cameron and all Michael Gove, was


their impatience with the claims that were being made and a desire


for more down to earth facts. It seems like a lot of people are now


recognising that they have a big question to make on the 23rd of June


and they do not feel as informed as they would like to be. They would


like some factual information so they can make a decision. We can


move on and look at the feature story. Sepp Blatter and see that


she's paid $80 million, about ?50 million, over a period of five


years. -- Fifa. The sophistication of the payments to Sepp Blatter is


now coming back. He had incentives to pay him and his colleagues money


as a bonus. A bonus for what? It was a monopoly running, a huge sport


Empire, and so many of these payments were in secret. We are


finding out later how does work. It is now that people have realised


that they have been had by Sepp Blatter. He brought success and the


World Cup and world football to the front, but at what cost? This is an


investigation carried out by Fifa who are trying to clean their house


and restored their reputation. It was covered that Sepp Blatter paid


himself ?23.3 million since 2010 and a US -based lawyer said in his


defence that the payments were proper, fear, and in line with the


heads of major professional sports leagues around the world. ?23.3


million in six years. When you that Sepp Blatter could not get any


lower... The Guardian has this headline as well. They said that


Sepp Blatter made a coordinated effort with his colleagues to enrich


himself. The lawyer said they did not do anything wrong. We know that


Fifa are trying to clean their house and make it free of any wrongdoing.


Inevitably we were going to find out more detail now as these that these


reforms. It is not just this. This was the biggest boys' network that


we have in sport, it is dominated by men. Is that why this was going on?


You must think that they have appointed a woman as his Secretary


General and she is from Africa, she is a woman, she is black, she is


outside the European club of let us pay ourselves and do it in secret


and moved to a corrupt organisation. This has been condemned by the


ethics committee at Fifa. It is extraordinary they had one. Where


were they for the last year 's? Especially considering the number of


things being done in secret. In The Times there are three stories. The


first one is that the US would be a rogue state under Trump, says


Hillary Clinton. This is how is suggesting that he had not got any


policies to talk about. We think that the EU referendum debate has


got a little bit out of control, a little bit too much hyperbole on


both sides. It has got nothing on what is shaping up to be the most


vicious and unpleasant and dramatic US presidential election in decades.


This is the opening statement from Hillary Clinton saying that if Trump


wins the presidency then the US will become a rogue state. There is a


risk that he could start a nuclear wore. It is hard-hitting stuff.


There is a cult of personality going on here. The Clintons come with


their own baggage and soldiers Donald Trump. We have the most


interesting summer beyond these primaries because Donald Trump is an


unknown quantity. We do not know what he is going to say next or what


he is going to do and whether this message is going to carry some


weight with the American electorate. We do not know what is going on here


and that is writing. Another story we have been reporting, Sadler bows


in shame as boy said from the wilderness. This is a little boy in


Japan who was naughty and his parents thought they would send him


a lesson by leaving him in the woods. He then went missing for many


days. We have all had the frustrations of knotty children, but


this was quite extreme, was it not? I am the mother of twins and I have


left them in shops and did outside. We have all threatened to do it.


There are fairy tales about being left in the woods overnight with


gingerbread houses. This just went wrong. This little boy, he has come


out the other side and he is wonderful and cheeky, look at him,


he does not see it as a punishment, he thought it was an adventure. A


lot of parents looked at their children over the week and thought,


it is half term. Some people have said the parent should be


prosecuted. I think the same as severe. It is an extraordinary


story. This boy was throwing stones and abusing passers-by out of the


car window. Twice his father stopped the car and on the first occasion he


put out and drove on and came back for him. The second time when he


came back he was gone. The boy has been missing for seven days and


finally he has reappeared. It is miraculous. It is the thing about


Japanese culture. It is normal for a sexual child to walk to school. --


for a six-year-old child. I hope here's as unaffected as he looks.


The Bible of computer icons is incredible. A computer student has


made a programme that converts the Bible into computer icons. It is


quite an interesting idea. You pretend biblical verses and it comes


out of the Apple with emojis all over them. I think it is a wonderful


way of filling up charge she's an pulpit is. Otherwise no one will be


worshipping. God appears as a smiling yellow face with a halo. I


can imagine some traditional people getting upset by the emoji Bible,


but I think any departure from the original Kings James version is a


travesty. This is no different to the new King James Bible. We should


go back to the original. We can finish with The Sun. The Chris Evans


crisis grows. Apparently Top Deer was not funny. I think everyone is


in shock. -- Top Gear. They are trying to bed in the new team. There


had been editorial decisions. People are changing copy without


permission. It is how things are put together. Let the new team settling.


It is a huge franchise that is loved around the world and people are


asking who these people are and if it is going to work. It is a great


story. We think it is. It is embarrassing. The story is that the


presenters' jokes went down so badly with the invited studio guests that


the BBC inserted canned laughter onto the soundtrack to make it sound


like the jokes that not die. It is a good story because Top Gear was


indivisible from its presenters, the idea that you can recreate it with


new, politically correct versions is idiotic. This story is going to run


and run. Matt LeBlanc has refused to apologise. We can get them sometime.


It was lovely to see you both and thank you for giving up your Friday


evening. Still to come, you can check out the newspapers as they


will be on the BBC website at this paper review will be there for you


on BBC iPlayer. Go to the website and you can see us there every night


have to be finish. Coming up next is the weather.


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