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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Senior Political Correspondent


for the Daily Telegraph, Kate McCann, and the Deputy Editor


of the Daily Express, Michael Booker.


Let's run through tomorrow's front pages and - no surprises -


We will run through as many papers as we can!


The Guardian leads with another warning from George Osborne -


it reports he'll say that leaving the EU would leave


a ?30 billion black hole, which will cause spending cuts


it says the Chancellor will warn that income tax would have


which says that fuel duty rises and cuts to spending on the NHS


and schools are on the cards if Britain leaves the EU.


The i says there's panic in the Remain camp as another


new poll shows a substantial lead for Brexit.


The FT focuses on turmoil in the markets -


it says the prospect of a Leave vote has sent the pound to its


Attacks by what it calls Russian thugs on England


and Wales football fans is the lead for the Daily Star -


it says they were pounced on as they enjoyed a drink in Lille.


The Daily Telegraph has exposed Clement Freud as a paedophile who


preyed on young girls. And a very different top


story for the Express - it says that Viagra could stop


heart attacks, according We will get to that in a bit. First


the metro, there are warnings of a ?30 billion black hole. It was ?40


billion yesterday according to the Prime Minister. Most people have


forgotten what it was yesterday. We have headlines about tax increases,


what the money could be spent on if we leave from the other side of the


debate. Still people do not really know as the polls show what a Brexit


or a Remain boat really means. What George Osborne born is worrying


about and I think we will see more of this is the worry about the


economic impact if we leave. Some interesting research that YouGov


have done. What people really think in this referendum. They have found


people do understand the risks, but what they do not feel is the


personal impact of what that may mean for them. They would be


motivated to vote to Remain if it hit them by ?10 in their pocket, but


they do not believe it will affect them personally. It must annoy them


putting these stories out, the project fear stories, and then they


get a sarcastic headline, now George Osborne plays the tax card. There


has been a shift in the polls. A lot of people are reacting to it in that


way. He is just saying something else now, is he? He is trying to


scare us. That is why there has been a shift. The reason why these


stories are coming out, it is still a huge chunk of undecideds out


there. The Daily Express readers, we have half a million of them who


definitely want to come out as far as we know. That is why we were the


first to come out and call to get out of the EU in 2010. Those who are


undecided may stick with what they know. I am still a don't know for


the moment. Perhaps your paper campus-wide you one way or the


other. LAUGHTER I am a worry wart. There is a


negative sentiment on the markets today, people are trying to find a


safe place to put money. They seem to be. It has wiped ?30 billion off


the FTSE. It would be expected. You see this in the run-up to elections,


the run-up to referendum. The uncertainty is what the experts are


saying and this is what is fuelling this. There will be huge


fluctuations at a time of great uncertainty. Lots of other places in


the world are not the usual safe havens at the moment. Absolutely and


some say that capital flight is happening, some taking money out of


the UK, but not as much as you would expect. While you would expect the


markets to be slightly volatile ahead of a boat like this, but ?30


million is a lot of money in one day. -- a vote. Out in the stock


markets, they are all up and down, aren't they? I want my country back,


the anger of a city in decline. This is Stoke on Trent, the potteries,


normally a Labour heartland. Lots of people will have seen this


interesting documentary. Definitely worth a watch. It is the EU


referendum vote encapsulated in ten minutes. You would expect lots of


Labour voters to want to support the EU, but that is not the case at all.


The Guardian found nine out of ten people saying, no, we want our


country back, we want to leave, including people who work in the


pottery factories in Stoke. A lot of their market is in the EU, even when


faced with that, they say no, I am fed up. The most illuminating part


was when one person said, I just want to change. People want


something different because they feel they have been let down by


Labour over so many years now. The views of people such as Nigel Farage


on that side of the campaign, those views may be highly questionable,


but it is cutting through to these people because they are in big


primary colours and people are talking about the migrants coming


over here taking our jobs and people are going for that because people


are fed up and they think this is a quick fix. What I thought was


interesting is the local MP is Ruth 's me and she said the narrative


they are getting from London is not cutting through. -- roost Smeath.


They have made it about the potteries. The Labour campaign has


been fairly risen above. Where is the Labour campaign? They have said


they will be much more visible in the last few days. They have left it


aided late. We have seen more of them out and about. -- they have


left it a little late. Let's look at this other story. Lille fears the


worst. It is too little too late. Some reason they did not foresee the


in Marseille. Marseille has had trouble in the 1988 World Cup, it


has happened before. Now they are desperately trying to get this


sorted now. There are bands on drinking, there has already been


fighting tonight in Lille. Some of the stuff I have seen on social


media... Byland is building, Russian fans attacking Welsh and English


fans. -- violence is building. Hopefully this will cut through to


the Russian fans, this warning. Seeing how well organised they are,


they look as though they are simply there for a fight. You do wonder if


they'll really football fans if there is a risk their team could be


kicked out of the tournament. You have to wonder that, the one thing


where there have been questions raised about, why were games


scheduled when they were, why is there no drinking ban? You could


have scheduled matches at a different time in different places


and that should have been thought about. To be fair to the French


authorities they have been mainly worried about a terror attack.


Hooliganism just seem to be an afterthought. Now it seems to be the


major threat and they are desperately trying to sort it out.


The Times, the state should give health lessons in parenting. That


will go down well, won't it? The idea we are bringing healthy babies


into the world but we are not looking after them properly. This is


the outgoing president of the faculty of health. If you are


outgoing you can say these things and get out and leave the


consequences to play out. All parents should receive these


lessons. Schools are currently sweatshops, bad parents must step in


and stop this irreparable damage. A lot of people will say why is he


talking to us like that. I can look after my children as much as I like


and in the way I want to. He says parents should talk to their


children at the breakfast table about sex to prevent them turning to


online pawn. I have a 17-year-old and 13-year-old, I would be


embarrassed talking to them about it. Oh, no! I am impressed that use


it together at the breakfast table. -- that you sit together. There are


lots of children growing up with anxiety and depression. Stressed out


kids. There is a controversial measure where every child has to


have a named Guardian that is not their parent and there has been a


lot of outrage about the idea that it is not just the parent that needs


to parent your child. It is a particularly shocking story. You


make a good point about the outgoing person, you can say something. You


can then speak your mind. A lot of what he says is true, but the way it


is presented, people will find it difficult to take on board. Who will


pay for these lessons? Where does that money come from? Can we afford


not to because of the consequences of not dealing with it? Instead of


teaching parents to parent their children, maybe we need to teach


children sex education a bit earlier. The idea is that we are all


terrible parents and we get this message given to us all the time.


The majority of people are very good parents. Very hard work, everyday.


My kids have all the answers, I have none, that is half the problem!


Finally, The Daily Express, Viagra stops heart attacks, discuss. We


thought we would be a bit different. We lead the way with EU, we will let


everyone else do that for a day and we will do Viagra. This has been


done by the Centre for cardiac research in Manchester. They have


looked at people in Cheshire and they have seen what it has done for


the heart and it turns out they have protection against heart failure.


This is early research that has been done,... It often is on the express!


It is by the British Heart Foundation. Any side-effects no?


Exactly, how did they know it is the buyout clap and not be increased


physical activity. -- it is the Viagra and not the increased


physical activity. Don't forget all the front pages


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