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Hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me as broadcaster Rachel Shabi and the editor of the


Spectator, Toby Young. Good evening to both of you. Let us get straight


on to this. Most papers are still talking about the terrible events in


Orlando but now we have the politicians weighing in, Hillary


Clinton and Donald Trump. Yes, and as we may expect a have


quite different styles in responding to this terrible attack in which 49


people were killed. You would expect at this time, obviously people are


still mourning and are still in shock and traumatised so you would


expect something quite unifying, calls for solidarity and cohesion.


You got the exact opposite with Trump who was quick to point fingers


not just that Islam but both Clinton and President Obama for what he says


was not taking the issue seriously. This amazing quote here where he


says, we're being led by a man who is either not smart or not tough or


has something else going on. This is inconceivable. This is even by his


standards inflammatory. It is. It is awful. I don't think


he's the only candidate politicising this. Clinton said that she would


work to defeat Islamic extremism and call for tough on -- tougher gun


control. She has said some consolatory things and good things


but she is not innocent of politicising this either.


I think there would have been at least a decent pause before battle


resumed between the politicians if it happened in this country.


You hope so but who knows. We don't have much time tonight so


let us move on. This is the heart of Soho that came to a standstill.


There was a terrorist attack in this area a few years ago against gay


people when annual bomb was let off. Terrific to see so many people. It


was not just in London. There were events in Palace and Sydney and


elsewhere. Extraordinary. We were broadcasting


the silence from the middle of London. Quite extraordinary.


You could not not be moved by these scenes. In Soho, the heart of the


LGBT community in the UK and across the world scenes of solidarity and


support. It is hard not to be moved. They are such a powerful counter to


the hate that we saw in Orlando. What do you make of the emotional


out pouring? Sometimes people get criticised for it not being


something directly to do with them but this has gone worldwide.


I do not think you can criticise people for being emotional about


this. People can imagine being trapped in this nightclub with


someone with an automatic weapon just indiscriminately murdering


people. And it is solidarity with a


homophobic hate crime and that is what all this solidarity is about.


It is in support of a community that has been targeted just for being a


particular community. Let us hope that nothing similar


takes place, no copycat things. Back to the referendum, you cannot avoid


it. I think you have got to Leeds the stories very carefully to see


which all we are talking about. What the question has been, I do not


know. But in terms of do you want to leave or do you want to remain, it


shows that the Leave campaign has taken a lead, according to this


poll. It has become a 1-point gap for the levers. It seems this was


the electorate as a whole and not just people who were intending to


vote. But you do have to read it


carefully. The headline is that amongst those certain to Vote Leave


has taken a 1-point lead but amongst the entire electrode lead is five


points behind remain. Admittedly, Leave his catching up and Remain is


falling behind but it is slightly misleading.


And the Daily Telegraph standard-bearer for the Leave


campaign have to look at it and do that prison.


But it is being corroborated by one or two others tonight.


Look at the Sun newspaper tonight. They do like to think the influence


things. Whether newspapers do or not I'm not so sure that they are


nailing their colours to the mast. I don't think it is surprising that


they have come out as they have been pity pro leave. I don't think you


can dispute that it is good for democracy that the newspapers are


roughly evenly split this time. Back in 1975 the sun was pro-remain apart


from every other major national newspaper.


That is not my impression. Of course nobody is surprised by The Sun


backing Leave. But it does skew things. The front pages of The Sun


-- of newspapers of the last few months has had a stream of panic


stories. If the proprietors were different and the headlines were


different what would that no look like? I don't know if it is great


for democracy when we have right wing privately owned newspapers as a


norm. There are left-wing newspapers such


as the Guardian and the Observer campaigning for remain.


They are the one. How do you have the Daily Mail being


pro leave and the Mail on Sunday being pro-remain?


Conspiracy is not the word I used. The other subject we cannot get away


from is the third ball. Where do we start? These rather frightful


looking gentleman are from Russia. They do not look that Savary. This


is a thing that is emerging, that there were 150 hard-core Russian


thugs that were well and were planning this. This is one of the


reasons why it needed difficult to catch them.


This is a frightening prospect. I was upset about the coverage that


these episodes got on Saturday night with seemingly the England fans


being cast as the villain is because of their poor reputation but the


more you read about what happened on the ground, it is clear that for the


most part innocent England fans were attacked by groups of well-organised


Ushant bugs wearing mixed martial arts gloves, ready to fight. This is


the point that great date that -- Greg Dyke has made today.


Football does not exist in a vacuum. We have seen a rise of the far right


across Europe. Of course that is going to leak into football.


I don't think that is true of England.


I think England has some responsibility here and it is not


entirely blameless. Thank you both very much. I am


afraid that is in it. Don't forget, all the front pages are online on


the BBC News website we can read a detailed review of the papers seven


days a week. And you can see a spear again, what it alight. -- what a


delight. Goodbye.


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