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I'm Babita Sharma with BBC World News.


A mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida claims the lives


It's the worst attack of its kind in US history.


A further 53 people are in hospital. We must spare not effort to find if


this was connected to terrorist groups. It is clear he was a person


field with hatred. UEFA wants our teams could be band from the


competition if violence continues. Thousands of people attend the


Queen's Birthday celebrations. Welcome to look ahead at what the


papers will be bringing us tomorrow. Nice to have you here. In the


Guardian, it leads with the mass shooting in Florida. It says the


gunmen swore allegiance to Islamic State. Islamic State claimed


responsibility and says it is waging war on western gaze. The sun calls


it America's Bataclan. The mail reports on fury over leaked


proposals from a diplomat to allow Turkish people free visit to the UK.


And the violence in the football. We begin with the shooting at the Pulse


nightclub in Orlando. The Guardian says at least 50 dead, and the


killer is identified as US citizen with alleged terror links. The scale


makes it the biggest may shooting in American history and it feels like


we have seen some horrific stories like this already. Gary Younge


hasn't written below that this focuses on so many faultlines in


America- homophobia, Islam, gun control. We can agree that someone


who is homicide only inclined, in cable to go into a shop and buy an


assault rifle will make it easier for things to happen and that seems


that is what has happened and it is so legal. Marco Rubio, the former


presidential candidate, we had him talking and he says this is


irrelevant. He said, look at what happened in Europe in Paris and


Belgium. Where it is more difficult to get guns. But they still managed


it. My memory of the attack in France... And the guns would have


been bought illegally... His point was they still hold of them. Yes, as


you say, it is much, much harder to get hold of guns legally or


illegally. The fact that it is easier to get them has made it so


much easier for this terrible event to happen. The story speaks for


itself. A dramatic picture, it is an appalling tragedy but this time, the


front pages have made a judgement, by and large, that the man has


claimed allegiance to Islamic State and not that it was a gay club and


apparently motivated to carry out homophobic hate crime. It makes it


interesting. It does refer to a gay club in the mirror... It is one of


the few. They have been some commentators are saying, where is


the emphasis on the fact that this was a hate crime. It was very


quickly labelled a terror attack. I think it is a problematic. In a way


it reduces the impact on a particular community. We are all


victims, all survivors- that is great- but, actually, this


government did not for a number of other clubs but he went for a gay


club. Some are reporting that he did this the cause he saw two men


kissing. It is not good to minimise the element, this is what he went to


do, to shoot gay people. The sun says this is America's Bataclan. The


worst terror attack in the US since 9/11. The comparison is with the


shootings in Paris. I suppose... It is the same judgement. The news


angle they are looking back to the Bataclan which was carried out by


people with clear Islamist links who had been trained in Syria where is


if you look at the New York Times, although this guy has claimed


allegiance to ISIS, there is no apparent connection with it. In


California, the same thing happened. Two people claimed allegiance but


investigators found no evidence they had been in contact with the group.


No evidence Islamic State knew this in advance even though they have


claimed him as one of their fighters. It is a tremendous


propaganda. They make people feel as though nowhere is safe and that is


exactly what you want if you are a terror organisation. The more people


you can claim, in the more different contexts, the happier you will be.


Another story, in the Daily Mail. 1.5 million Turks to be let into


Britain. This was in the papers this time last night for this morning


saying that plans had been drawn up that nobody was willing to talk


about until after June 23, whereby large number of Turkish people would


be allowed to visit Britain without visas. It is very rare that you


would see on paper basically take the splash story from another paper


and simply reproduce it which is effectively what the mail has done


here. With no mention at all in the front page... It thinks this story


has the ability to influence voters in the referendum next week. Is


there a plot to let 1.5 million in? Well, no, if an officer made the


suggestion, there is no evidence that has been taken up. We have no


idea where the number has come from. Really, everybody with a special


passport is not about to come to Britain and they are talking about


travelling not living in Britain. Before it was our proposal and now


it is a plan... Plot. Not a word you would normally use. Unless it is


gardening. They seem to have toughened up a bit. I suppose, it is


understandable that, whatever it is, a plot, a plan, our proposal... I am


impressed you pushed through. Those that are in favour of leaving the


EU, what on earth else is going on behind the scenes we have known


about and will not here until after the vote. Let's assume... The Sunday


Times have a figure of 1 million... Let's assume 1.5 million people will


work for some kind of public service institution in Turkey and then let's


assume none are required to teach, police, be civil servants, collect


bins and other things, and they will all come on holiday in the same


week... I imagine that would be unlikely I happy to be corrected...


When the schools are empty, the hospitals are empty. I being


slightly facetious... Yes, please do not write in. In the Times, Jeremy


Corbyn - suggestions that Labour voters are more inclined to vote


Brexit than Labour would like. There is some catching up to do. The idea


is that Jeremy Corbyn's supporters tend to be young and young people


tend to also be in favour of remaining. If you send Jeremy Corbyn


out to galvanise his support base then perhaps they will increase then


us. Jeremy Corbyn was criticised by not being vocal enough but he has


been out and about. A lot of big Labour names have been knocking on


doors, and doing it the old-fashioned way, to get the


message out. It is teasing a little bit. They do not tell us exactly


what they mean. He has been appearing on platforms, not


regularly enough for some people would like and not with the passion


some people would like to seek but it is a passion for staying in the


EU is 7.5 out of ten. David Cameron is going to step back tomorrow...


Sorry, today, so there is some evidence that Cameron himself fears


he is crowding out that people can reached Labour voters. Interesting


alliances created. Only the daily Star, England faces axe from Euro


2016. It looked as though the Russian fans had charged at the


England and France but outside the stadium, it seemed to be bought off


a joint enterprise, shall we say. Whatever violence outside the


stadium, whether it is the fault of the English, the police, the


Russians, that to gassing of people, in the stadium it was not disputed-


it was the Russian fans attacking the English fans so it is not clear


why it only should face the axe. Unless there is some violence by


English fans in the stadium, and UEFA says they may be responsible,


it cannot be a reality that England gets axed. Unless knocked out in a


traditional fashion. I imagine it would have been enormously


dispiriting if you had tickets hoping to see some football rather


than get to gas or something heavy and alarming. It seems ridiculous


that a week and a half ago the strikes were the things to bring


trouble to the euro, then the flooding but now it is the violence.


England Wales on Thursday. Whatever rivalry you have with the English, I


would be very surprised if the -- there is any violence between the


fans. Heavyset ait Mima out saying, lads, come on... The Welsh were not


shunting the sort of things that some others do. -- chanting. Could


you qualify your statement. I hope the Welsh fans are well behaved now


LAUGHTER A picture of the Queen, in Bush, not limegreen... I like the


way that rhyme. -- she did not have a minute to lose because they were


in 11 minutes late... On my reading the wrong story? She was late to the


cathedral so she did not want to keep 10,000 workers waiting a minute


longer than necessary. She made sure the car sped away. You can imagine


her doing it. They caught up as well. 11 minutes... That is a


reasonable speed. She is like the Roadrunner, the Queen. That is it


for the night. Thank you and lovely to see you. More in a moment on the


all under story stop -- Orlando.


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