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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Rob Merrick, Westminster Correspondent


at South West News Service, and broadcaster Natalie Hayes.


The Metro leads with the mass shooting in a Florida nightclub


The Times has the same story - it says the attacker swore


allegiance to Islamic State before carrying out the killings.


While the Telegraph has IS claiming responsibility for the massacre -


the terror group is "waging war" on Western gays, it claims.


The Express carries some hostile reaction from Leave campaigners


to David Cameron's warning that a vote to quit the EU could mean


And the Daily Star says England could be thrown out of Euro 2016


We will begin with a couple of the newspapers tonight are reporting the


shooting of 50 people at the gay nightclub in Florida last night. The


metal has it, massacre in gay clubs it says, at least 50 guns down by


Daesh fanatic. It is immediately characterised as a terror attack and


for some people it doesn't feel the fact that this was a gay nightclub


has been emphasised enough? Kind step back from the horror of the


attack itself to consider the way the papers have reported it. Really


it is striking the emphasis is very much on the fact that this person


declared allegiance to IS and not, as I was travelling in this evening


it that obvious we would speak about the hate crime carried out by


someone who clearly is homophobic and hate gay people and we are in a


city where we know violent homophobia is not something that is


restricted to Islamists or extreme Muslims, there was nail bombs a cat


-- attacks insult will carried out by a white British man. Yes, it is


surprising at first sight the emphasis is so much of the fact he


swore allegiance but I guess that is perhaps what the newspapers are


considering to be the most headlining aspect of the attack and


he did apparently swear allegiance to Isis. Hillary Clinton and Barack


Obama did say this is a terror attack, this is a hate crime. The


fact it happened in this place that is supposed to be a safe space for


people late at night and the horror of the attack is palpable. And on


pride weekend. I suppose you could argue that the reason it coincides


with pride is not coincidental, it's that people felt more able to kiss


in the street is the court the metal begins with and as Islamic begins


with the Islamic jurist angered by the sight of two men kissing, if


only to mind is that pride is a time when generally people who feel they


cannot display their affection feel that this is the time we can do


this, it is a time of acceptance and pride soldiers especially awful that


it was today, although 50 people dead would be all for whatever time.


The Times has the story as well. He swore allegiance to Isis and then


shot 50 people dead. Of course, Isis, Islamic State, so-called, have


claimed responsibility. It feels like an awkward thing, in


appropriate thing to say that somebody allied to them, they say,


he was an IS fighter, but there is no suggestion that anyone in the IS


hierarchy knew about this in advance. I think it is one of those


questions that will be played out on the European media and plaguing the


FBI because it appears to be the case that they spoke to this man


more than once had decided he was problematic but not something they


needed to pay much attention to and now look. It is worth pointing out


that The Times has not gone with the idea of it being a gay club anywhere


in their headline, it is in the first paragraph but not in their


headline at all. It is in a subheading but not the top. Again,


sitting here in Britain urges much more difficult to get hold of


firearms, the fact he has an assault rifle and handgun that he seems to


have bought within the last week is always so apparent to us. Yes, it


seems just sitting here that the main reasons why this awful crime


was carried out was one that the man hate gay people and secondly that he


could so easily get hold of an assault rifle in America, people sat


around this table discussing it for many years as being absurd and self


harming to America but nothing has ever been done. Rather than as we've


discussed a second ago, the ices allegiance was to Isis encourages


moguls like this business to does not -- like this person because


gives people the impression it would carry out acts like this around the


world. Building are thinking about this evening was what impacts it


would have on the US election and anyone who thinks there is no love


that Donald Trump wants think we need to think again because


immediately he has thanked people for their congratulations for him


being right that Islamic extremism and appeared to be no thought to be


dead or their families. Donald Trump saying he reaffirmed his commitment


to preventing Muslims who are foreign-born from coming into the


US, more reaction to that as well. Lesson away from that story. -- let


us move away. The FA urges fans to behave as Uefa threatens expulsion.


That is on the style in the -- in a second as well. Russia and England


could be thrown out of 2016 F there are more scenes like we saw last


night. And the day before and the day before that. It seems like a


rotten time to be in English football fan because essentially a


spend a couple of days watching people who presumably do not


represent you and why you like football behaving appallingly on the


streets of Marseille and then you get attacked or run at or alarmed by


Russian fans and suddenly like on fear parents someone says I will


bang your head together. It doesn't seem like a joyous European cup so


far for British fans. I presume everyone will now put their


proverbial neck in and behave better. The Daily Star says England


face axe from your 2016, Russian fans attacked us but we get warning.


England or English fans, or English people, were insult doesn't involve


some of those street battles if not in the stadium, which seemed to be


more of a charge by Russian fans. I need to declare an interest of the


Welshmen because we have a great interest if England are kicked out


before the game on Thursday. Reading the story that seems 1 million miles


away. Russia is being investigated because it has cost the charge in


the stadium and England. They behave badly and Poland several years ago.


Yes, but Uefa said they are not carrying out investigations or


sanctions just know against England because the violence England fans


were pulling for the place outside the stadium so it seems a little


relief from we are not investigating you too if that happens again we'll


get you out, so we're a long way off from being kicked out of the


tournament and just as they've not been responsible for any violence on


the ground, which seems crucial. Yes, if you cannot control it in the


ground there is something seriously wrong. The fact they were fireworks


were surprising to me. I assumed when they said extra security that


fireworks, which are explosives, dangerous things, but probably not


be there. Turns out I was mistaken. Let that be a lesson to me. Some


witnesses we spoke last night said they could not see police in the


stadium, although there must have been some. One would presume so.


They could be segregated as well. And the disguises, they say people


dressing with England shirts. And very king -- confident England will


line up against well on Thursday. Your worried or happy Christmas a


little or happy Christmas a little of both?. Vindictive Cameron tries


Brexit -- Brexit blackmail. More of this florid language. This is David


Cameron's suggesting yesterday that there be a 40 billion pound black


hole if Britain leaves the EU and some of that would affect pensions.


That was the danger. I couldn't help but smile when read the intro. For


years and years he has been accused of bribing the elderly into voting


Conservative by throwing these goodies at them and now further


evidence of how the EU referendum is turning so much of what we thought


we knew on its head that David Cameron appears to be turning on


pensioners and surprisingly the express that sells heavily to all


The People, -- to older people. The other bizarre thing that perhaps


points to the Prime Minister's desperation is that one of the


things he said might be under threat are free TV licences but as everyone


knows, we the BBC will take it on over the next several years. That


was strange. I pointed that out last night, it didn't escape me. I was


seized upon it to pointed out that there was a slight elasticity about


that claim. It feels strange for him to be warning pensioners when he has


spent so long giving them goodies many people would see but what he


wants to do is to try and make more tangible for people the threat he


believes exists from ask pulling out of the EU and one of those would be


what we would lose with this black all we have to fill. Both sides


never agree on any statistic. It is probably -- properly exhausting that


of the statistic ever want to focus on is that David Cameron's voters


tend to be older people and more likely to vote Tory than younger


people. Older people tend to be more in favour of leaving than remaining,


so his natural constituency of older people and pensioners who are in


favour of leaving bags some considerable percentage, that is The


People he now needs to target. Normally has target demographic, The


People he finally cannot win over. He will have to look at the young


people. You might wish to use that tendency


idea with this next story, Labour voters and what they might tend to


do. Labour supporters flood Brexit camp. Jeremy Corbyn is going to be


more visible apparently next week. There was the suggestion in one of


the papers this morning that suggested he was going to take front


stage this week, I am sceptical of that. The PM has two fight every


day. On the 16 days to go or something, less than that. Actually


he once we've to be out there fighting. Jeremy Corbyn is said to


be lukewarm at best about EU membership. We are told he is going


to come out fighting, he has been campaigning but has not tended to


get the publicity the various warring conservative side is getting


the campaign. I am sceptical end the thought that he will win over Brexit


because just because he was elected does not mean Labour voters as a


whole will identify with him. Tony Blair might have more of an


influence on the way labour voters will vote. It was an influence some


time ago that Labour and the Conservatives who are drawn staying


in the EU should have made it clear this is not about party politics


because there is a cognitive dissonance for people who normally


vote Labour for example. That's exactly what I think is playing on


people's minds and I think not unreasonably the remain camp are


pretty keen to hear Jeremy Corbyn say I understand you would like to


give Cameron a bloody nose but this is not the time. It is Tom Watson


who has given that vote. Do not give the vote to punish the government


job as Prime Minister. I imagine job as Prime Minister. I imagine


that is what they are hoping Jeremy Corbyn will say to his largely young


fan base. And did as a reference to a psychodrama which is a good word


to use. Basically the whole thing seems different. The clarity that


many people are say they need to understand the issues is probably


diminishing for some people. That is probably true and the constant


refrain from voters during this campaign has been the more people


talk the fewer facts we get and I simply do not see that changing over


the next whatever that is, 12 days. I battle let's look at the Telegraph


finally. The Queen and Prince Philip in an open top car making their way


down the Mall as part of the birthday celebrations. I think the


Queen is ready to draw an end to it, telling the driver to put his foot


down. Via macro yes, I think they were running late and for these


standing outside in the rain and realising they were going to be late


for the people they were meeting Sheetal Prince Philip and he banged


on the roof of the car and that appears to be a gesture to say Harry


upsell and boot your foot down. They caught the time up and that was 11


minutes so that is good going. It must have sped down the Mall.


You'll both be back at half eleven for another look at the stories


Coming up next we will be back with more on the shootings in Orlando in


just a


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