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So welcome to look ahead at what the papers are bringing us tomorrow, we


are joint and night by the media commentator at the Daily Telegraph


Neal Mitchell and also we are joined by the former special adviser to


Harriet Harman. Let us have a look at some of the front pages in


detail, we are going to start, with the i, it has the headline united in


grief and parliament is to be called on Monday. The Financial Times also


highlights how the different critical parties have come together


following the killing. The Telegraph says that female MPs have warned of


the threat of fatal attacks. The Daily Express prints what it says


was Jo Cox's last two words. And the Mira concentrates on the MP's role


as a mother, a full-page picture of her with her children. The focus in


a lot of the papers, is very much on Jo Cox. You actually knew her? Yes I


knew her and I know her husband Brendan. She really was, at a time


when people are very cynical about politics, she did represent the best


about politics, she was bright, principled, passionate and also she


came into politics having had already, lots of causes that she


cared passionately about, a huge critical mission, she had campaigned


on human rights issues, and I think the thing that summed it up, I was


in the individual in Parliament Square and there were so many


people. And there was a broad and people were writing things, saying


things like "I was saddened by the death but I will be inspired by all


life", that is how a lot of people saw it. What do you think she would


have made the focus on her life as a campaigner, a politician and a


mother, some of the words that came from her colleague's mouth, that she


be allowed to leave a legacy. The language and behaviour of


politicians needs to change and we need to look to Jo Cox as an


example? She is a very humble person, she didn't want to ever be


forcing herself to be a centre of attention but I think the legacy she


must leave,, had those very beautiful words. She was very much


about love overhead, everything she did, was to get to a compassionate


and practical solution, and she railed against division and


prejudice. If there is anything good that can come out of this sickening


murder and assassination, it is for all of us involved in politics, just


to perhaps be a bit more kind in how we conduct our politics, because


there was a very and there is a very toxic atmosphere around any sort of


discourse about public life and I think that is corroding democracy


and has led to this terrible incident. That is what she would


re-want. 100%. What do you make of the coming together of politicians


today, often side-by-side, echoing tribute after tribute to a


politician that was clearly really well thought of, not just as a


person but a politician? Echoing, it is sad, it is an event like this


that has too happen before politicians do come together. There


are times at which you see, Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron next to


each other, is the Cenotaph, the State Opening of Parliament and a


tragedy. And, her old boss Harriet Harman, we heard her same that we


can be brisk and vigorous, in our political discourse, at the same


time as, treating each other with tolerance and respect. I think,


America is often ahead of us, I mean further down the track, rather than


more enlightened in terms of their politics. So polarised now, to the


extent that each half of the country doubts the other half's motives. In


fact in Pewsey other half 's motives. I think that, a lot of


politicians including Harriet Harman have been saying today, we can


disagree with each other without believing that the other side are in


some way keeling intention, or wish the worst of the country. -- kill


intentions. Do you think, when campaigning for the EU referendum


starts again, do you think we will see changes in the language used? I


would absolutely hope so, I think that any advise involved in this,


both campaigns, must have the wherewithal to say to everybody,


everything has changed because of this. We are in a different country


because of what has happened. Each side has got to dial down the over


the top rhetoric and that has happened on both sides. And I think,


think very carefully about the tone with which they campaign. I don't


think anybody will want to see this horrible murder, politicised in


anyway, Joe was a fierce campaigner for the remains side and also a


fierce campaigner for Democritus seat, about making the arguments. As


Harry was saying, we can make the arguments on both sides and make the


way which is totally appropriate. And the call to Parliament on


Monday, in many ways as we have done already today, get greater insight


into a politician, a mother and a campaigner that some might not even


have heard of. And certainly didn't know, but we are getting an insight


into this quite unique person. And we will do further, many people


hadn't read the article she wrote with Andrew Mitchell about Syria,


Andrew Mitchell was known to most people, about the Downing Street


incident, that he, and this very sensible Yorkshire lass, who was a


social campaigner, far removed from the Tory party, the idea that they


could work together on an issue as emotive as Syria, was really


impressive. And Stephen Kinnock, her Parliamentary office mate, I think


they share an office, barely able to contain his emotion when he was


speaking. There will be much more of that and presumably it will be at


the same time as the debate about politics, moves on about the


security of MPs, the way that we talk about MPs, regard in which we


hold them or don't hold them. It is only seven years, since the expenses


crisis, when MPs were suddenly lower than bankers. In the nation's


esteem, and it has been easy for people to forget. I wonder how it


has been going down particularly with young people. There is a huge


issue in trust in politics and output a cool class, it is


incredibly interesting, it has given people a breath to stop for a minute


and one of the interesting things on social media as B-nets hashtag


#ThankYourMP where lots of people had taken the opportunity to try and


recognise the good work that MPs do, and we have had quite if you


articles over the last 24 hours reminding us that it is fashionable


to say, snouts in the troughs and they are all in it for themselves.


But actually, politicians of all political views tend to go into


politics to do good, they make lots of personal sacrifices. They work


pretty much every day of the week, they are not in it for the money and


it is important to remember, that if you constantly denigrate politicians


and politics, you will get the politics that you have asked for. On


the safety issue, I think this will be an issue that is very important


because most MPs will not want to have heavy security. Or the need to


have security, you don't get American senators having surgeries


about noisy neighbours. Know but congressmen and senators travel on


public transport and walk around on the street. But British politics has


a unique accessibility, but a lot of female MPs in particular, friends of


mine, get death threats, rape threats, threats of extreme sexual


violence on a daily basis. 12 of the daily papers reporting on female


politicians stop you even today, I was looking at Jess Phillips's


timeline, she's still getting the most horrific abuse. A lot of staff


who run them, the constituencies, our young women. There is no


security. There is an issue about how do you carry on and have that


unique accessibility and openness, but how do you also look after the


MPs and the staff also doing an important job? And you think that


debate. Quite soon? I think it has already started. As you say, the


front page of the Telegraph is talking tomorrow, about how female


MPs warned that there could be a fatal incident if security was not


improved. The correspondence between Theresa Mahan some senior police


chiefs, you don't want to throw the Democratic baby out with the bath


water. You don't want one incident, horrific and tragic as it is, to


completely change the very good way in which we do politics, which is


that you can go and see your MP about your noisy neighbour, all your


Visa. That is what Stephen Timms said, he got varies seriously


stabbed in his constituency by a woman a number of years ago -- very


seriously. He still carries on the surgeries. He has been out today


saying that he thinks it is very important that that culture


continues. There seems to be a wave of change within the public as well,


if you are across social media today, there was a hashtag trending


highly. Not everyone was thinking the MP. But mainly, it was people


saying, my local MPs in a fantastic job. You can tell, that those MPs


were quite touched by some of the messages that they were getting.


Particularly in this dark day after the death of Jo Cox. That is


absolutely right, lots of MPs especially post-expenses, most of


the MPs were badly caught up, they resigned all day went to prison but


they have tended to be away from Parliament. There is a whole new


generation of MPs who came in from 2015, and they I think a lot of them


had been quite humbled by this #ThankYourMP, they say they have


come into politics where they did not expect anyone to say thank you.


Nobody wants a sanitised culture where the media just praises MPs, we


want our MPs to be held to account in a rigorous way, in the way that


the British press do. But there is something about if you constantly


just denigrate MPs day in and day out, you do drip poison into the


overall thing about where public opinion is. We want to end the


programme showing the front cover of the times, the reason for this, is


that they have made the call on the position on the EU referendum, which


is not long away? The referendum campaign has restarted, tomorrow


morning, the Times leader coming out forum Main, it is a four page


editorial, we read it so you don't have to do. It is very much a hold


your nose in Dorset of remains from the times. So the league campaign


have made a great case. -- the Leave campaign. They say David Cameron


needs to go back yet again, after the shuttle diplomacy that he did


earlier in the year, to EU leaders to say that this is a common market.


That is where they start from. That in 1975 we voted to remain in the


common market, a capitalist project and it should be according to The


Times again, and the French, specifically should not be allowed


to stand in the way of free-market reforms, so they are really saying


that David Cameron should go out and be a Tory in Europe, assuming that


the vote goes remain on Thursday. You would know more than anything,


what do you think we will see happen in politicians in the next few days


as we head closer? I think campaigning will resume in all


honesty Sunday into Monday definitely. I think that the remain


campaign will stick on the message in the economy, I think this


development of the time is coming out his incredibly helpful, Remain


site and I think Leave will have two things very carefully about how they


pitch their message. It will be very tight and both sides will be


focusing heavily on the turnout, because that will make a huge swing


of difference, and I think they will be targeting young people. A lot of


young people are saying that they will not even vote. A lot of people


say that the older vote will come out but it is who can motivate the


younger people, I think you will only get to the younger people with


a more positive message of hope. Thank you very much for that, thanks


for watching. Don't forget, all of the front pages are wrong line where


you can read a details review, seven days a week. You can seek us the


two. Just shortly after we have finished. -- you can see us there


too. We will be back with the latest headlines.


Good evening, after a week of wild weather, things are


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