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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Caroline Wheeler, political editor of the Sunday


Express and Martin Bentham, home affairs editor


Tomorrow's front pages are starting to come in.


The Mail on Sunday leaves on the court appearance of the man charged


with the murder of Labour MPs Jo Cox. That story also leaves


tomorrow's Sunday express. The Sunday Telegraph shows a picture of


the late MP 's parents visiting a sea of flowers close to where their


daughter was killed. The Observer leads on the EU referendum. The


Sunday Times shows a picture of British astronaut Tim Peake who has


returned to Earth after six months in space. The independent says


weapons and explosives stored at a safe house in Belgium with the


intention of being used by terrorists during Euro 2016 are yet


to be found. That's plunged straight in with the Telegraph. That very


moving picture, I can't imagine anyone wasn't moved by the dignity


with which Jo Cox's family presented themselves in Birstall today to


admire the tributes left to their daughter and also to say a very warm


thank you to people for all the support they have received and this


extraordinary outpouring of grief over the last couple of days. I


don't think anyone can imagine any thing worse happening to your


daughter or son. The young thinkable has happened. This family have shown


it enormous strength in the face of just the most utterly appalling


crime. Her sister led the tributes today as they laid flowers at the


spot where she was murdered on Thursday and it is the word that she


uses, she talks about being so grateful for the outpouring of


support for the family and they have drawn such enormous strength from


this. The siblings and the parents who were out of about today, her


husband Brendan was back at home with those poor children and I think


it is another example of the kind of family that they are where the


children are really at the centre of it. Your heart absolutely goes out


to them. It is just an unimaginable thing. I hear the art pouring has


been so much that the Talmud out of flowers yesterday. They had a


restock and they ran out again. This is the kind of emotion that is


around this. The impression that is left as a result of the last couple


of days is that Birstall is a strong community and that that community is


pouring its heart into supporting the family. I think the whole


country, actually. It is just such a horrible thing that has happened and


as you say, the sister's was today were absolutely beautiful. They were


saying that good should conquer evil, they want to be positive, even


in the light of something so horrendous as this, fabulously


brave. And she was unequivocally brave and positive person. It is an


incredible message, really. Yes, and quite a tribute to her. One of the


effects of her death was the suspension of campaigning in the EU


referendum. Inevitably, it's begins again tomorrow morning, and it


begins in the papers with Michael Gove, Martin, trying to project a


very positive message for the league campaign which you might say a lot


of the campaigning on both side has been quite negative but he is saying


this would be a positive vote for written. I think that has always


been a flavour of it. You can have argue the immigration is a -1. But


at the same time there has been this strong argument about taking back


sovereignty, that is a strong card, and they try to counter the


arguments that have been thrown at them by the Remain side that we will


have some kind of economic setback and Michael Gove is saying,


actually, no, we will be freed from the shackles of the EU, as he sees


it, and that we can be a success. Going back to the Boris Johnson


Michael Gove argument of free trading world world outlook and that


is their message. It is a potentially difficult territory for


them because perhaps the strongest weapon for the remaining camp is the


economy and their warnings. However exaggerated some of them are, it is


still a powerful message and one that is perhaps difficult... The


campaign is going in a slightly cool -- different direction. It has been


widely accepted that the Brexit campaigners haven't succeeded in


making their immigration argument... This exception -- perception that


the economy is weak. I spoke to Mr Gove today and one of the things he


wanted to save was that a vote to leave the European Union was a vote


of confidence in Britain so are marked change of tone and style. No


turning back, warns Cameron. A couple of things I thought were


interesting. One, the very straightforward message, this is it,


you won't get a second chance. But also, this line, if you are not


sure, in other words, if you are one of the don't knows, don't risk it.


Is it now down to the don't knows when you look at the polls? I think


it has been for some time. Quite possibly. Because of the polls are


correct, we don't know if they are, but are the way, they are still


close and therefore, there was about 10% of people showing undecided. If


it is 1% either way in all the polls, then that is a critical


thing. It is interesting that his message is still a little bit


negative. Also, we talk about this more sober and sombre less critical


tone, but we still have this broadside against Boris and goes,


basically comparing them to irresponsible parents who put their


children's lives in danger in the car. So it is back a little bit


business as usual here. Just on the front of the Observer, to pick up on


what you were saying, Martin, to use that hackneyed old phrase, it is too


close to call. That Observer poll suggests it really is too close to


call. 44% on either side and 10% undecided. The interesting detail of


this, it suggests the polls suggest that among the undecided, more are


inclined to vote Remain than Leave. It that what people have talked


about, maybe that people that are shy Remainers. I think it is if you


are courses, the fact that you are a Brexit vote, it is a very bold vote,


it is an optimistic vote because it is saying we believe this country


can succeed on its own, it doesn't have to be part of a bigger


organisation but at the same time, by definition, it is more of a


gamble. So, obviously, you've got to be bold, brave and so on to take


that way. So if you are undecided, it then you are probally going to go


with Remain. Yes, you are more likely to be more risk averse. And


then these arguments cut coming in about the economy, how am I going to


afford the mortgage? Will there be a massive spirited drive? Those are


all the things that will come into play. As I'm sure you both


remembered, it is Father's Day tomorrow. The Sunday express, a


father who is also a son, of course, and a grandson, talking about the


pressures on modern day dads. Yes, this is a bit of a coup for the


paper. We've got Prince William writing exclusively for us. We are


keen for him to do it because we have a mental health campaign.


William has set himself as a bit of a campaign around male suicide. But


he is using this as an opportunity to said that on Father's Day, take a


moment out of your time, out of your day, to talk to your sons,


daughters, and ask them, how are they doing? How are they finding


fatherhood? It is all about breaking the taboo and treating mental health


in the same vein as physical health. It is a serious issue, isn't it? I


was slightly horrified when I thought I was going to be asked


about my feelings tomorrow! We would ask you tonight. We'll leave it


there but Tim Peake is back on Earth, I don't know if he is a dad


but if he is, happy Father's Day. Where back at 11:30pm with more on


the papers. Now, let's take a look at what has been happening with




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