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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


You both sat upright then... LAUGHTER.


We knew that we were on telly and thought we had better look our best.


With me are the broadcaster, John Stapleton, and the former


It is nice to have you both here. Thank you.


But first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages,


which are almost all focus on the EU Referendum.


The Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson has used a letter


in the paper to call on voters to seize a once-in-a-lifetime


The Times reveals that Baroness Warsi, a former co-chair


of the Conservative Party, will announce that she is abandoning


Brexit and defecting to the Remain campaign in protest at what she has


described as its "hate and xenophobia."


The Guardian leads with the news we have been covering tonight.


The Prime Minister using an appearance on Question Time


to invoked the memory of Winston Churchill as he delivered


an impassioned plea for EU membership.


The Financial Times says that David Cameron invoked the memory


of the murdered Labour MP, Jo Cox, to press the case for Britain


staying in the EU during that Question Time appearance.


The Daily Mail sees it differently, saying the David Cameron


was subjected to a live TV mauling over his failure to curb EU


The Express claims that every family could be hit with a ?2,600 tax bill


The paper says that European Union is opposed to the UK charging zero


The Sun goes with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's comments this


morning that there can be no upper limit on the number of people coming


into the UK while there is free movement of labour in the EU.


And the Mirror meanwhile splashes on what it says is the first picture


of a pensioner who tried to save MP Jo Cox before her death.


So, we will begin this time with the Times, and since we were last on a


it has changed its headline. Exit camp divided as senior Tory walks


out. Gove and Farage accused of spreading hatred. And Baroness


Warsi, communities minister, now a peer in the House of Lords. She had


started off as a Leaver and with what happened in the last couple of


days and weeks it appears that she days and weeks it appears that she


has had a change of heart. To be fair I would call it a non-


defection- defection because we would have thought she was always a


Remainer, so it is desperate stuff, trying to invent a defector. What we


know for sure is Lord Guthrie, former head of the armed forces, he


has defected to leave and he is now an Brexiter. I don't think this


rings true. She left in 2014 saying she couldn't support the decision on


the conflict. It is powerful. She is accusing Michael Gove in her words


of peddling lies and xenophobia and I think she has in mind... There are


three that David Cameron has identified. The EU cost ?300


million. It doesn't. We get half of it back. There will be an EU army,


well it won't be happening. And Turkey will join the EU. Well, maybe


one day but not within my lifetime. I think that is what she is talking


about. Whatever she is talking about, it is a non- defection


defection because most people would have always thought she was a


Remainer. What people were saying is, why are we paying ?10 billion to


an organisation? We are actually paying 62 billion in trade deficits.


People would say we are not having our sovereignty and we need to keep


control of Allah borders. We are talking stories either way -- our


borders. Why would she say she was the final straw and can't support it


if it's not a defection? Because most of us would have had her down


as a Remainer. But what she thinks she is and says she is... We have


quotes of her as a Remainer. Maybe she has changed. We are not sure


about her. Boris said he wanted to stay in. He would decide to leave if


Cameron didn't get the right reforms. To be fair, people would


have said they don't know which side of the argument to be on and they


will look at what he brings back as a deal and then people have said,


actually, there is no deal. We still have freedom of movement. We still


want. We haven't got sovereignty. want. We haven't got sovereignty.


People said he didn't bring anything back. The sovereignty argument is


interesting. We choose to belong to Nato and the UN. We choose to belong


up until now to the EU. So all of our sovereignty has gone but we


decide to belong to bigger organisations because we think that


on balance it is worth doing. We are saying, who makes the laws? You have


unelected commissioners making the laws. They are commissioners we


send, just as all the others. They have to be approved. They are not


elected and we cannot get rid of them as we do in this country. 50%


of the laws are coming from Europe. That is not true. Something like 2%


of our laws in this country are from the EU. We send MEPs who vote on


policies brought down from the commission. Laws are introduced by


people who are not elected by us and we cannot get... We agree on that.


The point is MEPs vote on it. They can have a vote on it to tinker them


but they are not introducing them. The commission introduces laws at


the request of the member states. Having been there for several years


and watching the process that goes through, I would say it is bordering


on to the least worst option as 28 countries cobbled together laws. We


think it is right in saying that it is diminishing our democratic


process here and that is a huge part of the issue. Get a word in, John.


It does claim to be a Brexit, it was a Brexit, and she was in the


remaining camp, and she says she has left because of the UKIP poster


issued on Friday showing a stream of people coming with the headline,


breaking point. Most people didn't agree with that. It is on the Metro.


The implication that they were coming into Britain. They were


Syrians going to Slovenia. George Osborne said today it was vile and


disgusting and Nigel Farage is battling to defend it. Everyone else


has said it was wrong and misguided. They said they shuddered. We must be


able to talk about immigration. That was misguided without doubt. It was


only a one-day poster. He will have another one tomorrow. Well, he has


to say that. In the Metro he says he is a victim of political hatred. I


don't follow that. I heard him say it earlier, we have to be careful


about this, I think he was saying that had it not been for the


unfortunate murder of Jo Cox he would have been put through the


ringer over that poster. People can understand what I mean over that.


That was one of his lines of defence and whether you agree is another


thing. I thought it was a vile thing to do. They are not EU migrants.


They asked Syrians. They have no idea of Britain. He came out and


said it was wrong, the tone was wrong - mistake. Michael Gove


distance himself too. The Daily Mail, PM's TV mauling over


migration. A mixed reaction to his performance. Some thought he did


well and was impassioned, others thought he began to rant. I missed


the first few minutes. Esther said it was a game of two halves. I saw


35 minutes and I thought the audience was really good and feisty


with intelligent questions and they were not letting him off the hook. I


thought he coped quite well. What got him going was a reference to


someone saying he was a modern day Neville Chamberlain with


paper that he waves in front of us. We all know that it is a European


dictatorship that can put the paper in the bin. That got him going,


talking about Churchill. He said he didn't give in and we shouldn't get


in. This is what we were talking about before, the democracy having


what you thought you have got, he came back and said... Neville


Chamberlain, waving this piece of paper with what you have thought you


had got and it actually isn't, you think you have got it but those 27


other countries can turn against you. You have brought back nothing.


Marks out of ten, what would you give him for that performance? You


saw it all. I thought the second half was much better. He was much


stronger on that answer. But I think... He looked anxious in the


first half. Oh, really? I don't think there was anything new. He


would be anxious. I have to say, when you are doing those debates,


they are nerve-racking. Obviously he has placed his credibility and


belief on the line. He didn't sparkle. And the polls are neck and


neck with a search, if you believe them, towards the Remain camp. The


Sun - we just can't keep them out. Oh, dear. Jeremy Corbyn admitting it


would be impossible to put any limit on EU migrants if the country votes


remain. Well, he has it right. There is no argument. If the country votes


to leave, but the negotiations take place for us to remain as trading


partners, a bit like Norway or Switzerland, they would still be the


same freedom of movement issues. That is untrue. Like they have their


own agreement, we would then have our agreement. Some of those


countries asked for more immigration to go to them because that was part


of it, they wanted that. We would look at it and said, what do we want


and not want? You can't compare the UK agreement with someone else's


agreement -- say. For the first two years, not too much would be


happening. And because we've got most things in place it would be a


pretty quick deal. And it would be because most exports are coming to


the UK. If we leave the EU, the UK is Europe's biggest single export


market. Of course we can negotiate. Why would the 27 members make it


easy for Britain to leave and strike a deal easily when they would tell


us that we are at the back of the queue? They are selling more to us.


We are on a 62 billion deficit each year with them. That's why they


would make it easier. They argue in more from us. Back to the story from


the Sun, briefly, it is interesting because of the impact it will have


on Labour Party support and support for members because don't forget


John McDonald has said we should be campaigning for reform of movement


of labour and so on. It never happened. Arguably, these remarks


from Jeremy Corbyn, they are damaging to Labour and the Remain


cause because it highlights what is a fact. We are trying to hide behind


this and he has told the truth. There is nothing we can do if we


remain. What the others say is we have tried to negotiate but we


can't. It never happened. The Daily Express, EU tax rate on Britain. The


soaring cost of staying in is revealed as PM is heckled on TV. By


some. I mean, they did laugh, I mean, at the Prime Minister. This is


because Brussels stone like Britain charging zero cut rate VAT on some


items -- Brussels don't like. All the papers have their position on


Remain or Leave and quite rightly they have a story that suit their


cause. The Daily Mail is very much to Leave. The Express is to leave.


This is a story which is quite true, it is quite possible that the EU


would scrap... We currently have a zero rate of VAT on certain items.


They could change it. No one is saying it. No one is saying we would


do this. It is theoretically possible. No one is quoted as saying


it would happen. They are saying the VAT is an EU tax and it is what they


control, so whereas George Osborne and David Cameron said we have


negotiated so sanitary towels for women can be zero rate of tax rather


than 5%, they haven't got it, but if they should in future want more


money from the UK, the way they would go about it is no doubt


through VAT. Just like last year... (CROSSTALK). Last year it was


November, 2014, they decided the UK had too much of a black economy, so


they took ?1 billion from us. This is how to do it. They could do it


but there is no plan to do it currently. They took 1 billion from


us the other year like that. We will see. That is all I can say. We could


carry on but I think we've got to go. The taxi is here. Thank you very


much, Esther and John. Lovely to see you both.


Coming up next, it's The Film Review.


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