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it wasn't on a better note, goodbye from your 16. Coming up, The Papers.


-- goodbye from Euro 2016. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the broadcasters Julia


Hartley-Brewer and Henry Bonsu. The I says Boris Johnson could be


Prime Minister in nine weeks. The Guardian also


leads with the Tory leadership contest, saying


the Home Secretary Theresa May is emerging as a front runner


alongside Boris Johnson. The FT concentrates


on the ongoing volatility of the financial markets


following Brexit, while the Metro leads


on the political fallout in Westminster,


describing it a 'day of farce'. The Health


Secretary Jeremy Hunt writes in the Telegraph there should be


another referendum on the terms of the UK leaving the EU,


if it can secure a deal We will start with that story on the


front of the Daily Telegraph. Jeremy Hunt has called for a second


referendum on the EU deal. We work something out with bottles and then


we put that to the nation. I am all in favour of the nation getting the


final say on the deal they want actor-macro stalk second


referendums, it is frightening, we live in a democracy, hard fought


for, it will have died for this right, we've asked for a vote and


had it, there was a clear decision and people don't seem to accept it!


Isn't saying that. Is it not part of the problem that so much was said


before the campaign and during the campaign, and it's pretty clear that


a lot of stuff that was set has turned out not to be true. It's not


that it turned out not to be true... People who voted for Leave, if they


don't get the deal they voted on, they will be angry. This claim a


?350 million for the NHS, it was saying that if we did this deal we


could save that money which we could spend on the NHS. It wasn't a


promise. It seems to me that we don't need a second referendum


simply because there is a clear message from the electorate what


they want. They have been telling parties, every single election in


the last ten years that they want immigration to come down and they


have not been listened to. The politicians do not listen to them


they will be out of their seats. Henry, David Cameron made it clear


that he never said that immigration would come down. That's kind of what


he's saying now. This intervention from Jeremy Hunt about having some


sort of Norway plus option is intriguing. I suspect it will be


supported by David Cameron and those conservatives who don't want to go


the way that the Ukip side want us to break away. If it had been the


other way around you can be sure that Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and


so on would have said the vote was not decisive enough. No, I get that


Jeremy Hunt is talking about something different but there's a


difference between saying, if it was 51% Remain would that have settled


the issue? I think not. In the way that the Scottish independence issue


hasn't been settled forever, I think that is the way that happens. It


seems to me that there has been a clear decision, and the politicians,


whether it is Boris Johnson who becomes Prime Minister or not, if


they do not listen to what the electorate has clearly told them,


more full than. To the Financial Times. Henry, bank stocks hammered


as David Cameron six to calm the markets. The Chancellor stood up


today. Finally! He's back and he made a statement and it didn't seem


to help. It didn't seem to help. It's one of those situations where,


the more you say, calm down, dear, the more people will say, we don't


believe you. When the referendum happened I was in New York with work


and this is a massive story and every single US News network...


Where we'll again? New York. It's what I do! It was a massive story,


they were reporting on David Cameron re-signing and Donald Trump saying


this will be good for my golf course, everything. Americans were


telling me, I am so sorry, are you OK? Assuming that I voted Remain.


They basically thought you might have been bonkers for voting Leave!


They were reporting on the shellacking that the markets took.


Ten year guilt yields collapsing... This is nothing to do with the EU.


But it is all about the direction of travel. People talk about project


beer, some of this is coming to pass. It may not go on for months.


-- Project Fear. We're talking about ratings agencies downgrading. This


means something. This is about self fulfilling prophecy is, if the


Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England 's sake that if it


happens it will be terrible... You can't get away with that. Card I


finish my sentence? This is my show! George Osborne and Mark Carney came


out and talked about it. A little too late. No question at all,


markets do not like instability and we've had a vote, and the government


all, we don't know what to do, we haven't been planning for this. It


did not have to be this way. This has been brought about by David


Cameron and George Osborne and now they are saying, we didn't know...


Pontius Pilate has washed his hands of it and said, over to you, Boris,


of the deal, Michael Gove. This is the most and the prime ministerial


think that David Cameron Aston, I have been a big fan of his, I've


been very disappointed by him and George Osborne and what they have


done in recent months. This could have been a very different vote and


a different feeling in this country. It could also have been different if


there had been a plan on the part of the Leave campaign. They have talks


with the civil service, plans are made, what will they do. The idea


that the government wasn't making plans for the outcome of a


referendum that was on a knife edge is downright irresponsible. Davey


Mac I heard today that one reason why they weren't aching detailed


plans for vote against their campaign was that it might have been


leaked and it would have undermined their plans. Markets don't like


instability, we don't like it and we don't have to have it. A lot of big


institutions are saying, we don't like this. We must move on. Don't


think we need run around the needs of big banks. Someone might agree


with you on that, Jeremy Corbyn. He is refusing to step down in the face


of rage of his own MPs. Julia, almost 43 MPs have left the front


bench. 44 now! He isn't going anywhere. He never was. He's always


made it clear. It's been fascinating watching this drip feed,


orchestrated apparently by one of his own whips. It was extraordinary


today, they had a meeting in the evening when he was addressing the


party and then he went to Parliament Square and addressed effectively the


Socialist worker party. For the kind, gentler politics that he was


supposed to show in, words like "Vile" and "Vermin"... They


supported him. They may not have been members of the Labour Party


before the rules that Ed Miliband Bourton but isn't a parliamentary


operator. -- once Ed Miliband brought in. He is a street


politician who did not expect to be party leader, it was just to make


sure that certain views were aired during the campaign and now he


knows, if there is a leadership contest, he will in all likelihood


stand, they cannot force him not to, and he will win. This is the bit I


don't understand. They will keep doing this until he goes. One person


who has gone is Roy Hodgson, the England manager. The front page of


the Metro. Brexit day of farce, and on top of it, except, night of


farce! They say the wages of sin is death, the wages of Brexit is a


humiliating exit. Julia, all your fault! Everything is my fault! Very


depressing. We will all change our names to Icelandic names. That works


me. It's extraordinary that one eighth of the publishing of Iceland


has been there to watch. I'm going to move there, more volcanoes. And


they are all part-time players. Roy Hodgson gets the highest salary, in


cash, of any manager out of the tournament. In the end he did not


have it come he talked about the players as young and hungry and


extremely talented, supposedly the new golden generation, the last


golden generation were stillborn, in Germany. And the Telegraph, somebody


has unkindly suggested if we could show this, a collective cheer went


up around the whole of Europe after this. That's horrible. Is it really


horrible? They might say, karma because of the way that some England


fans have behaved. At the end of the day Iceland played better. Not just


scoring more goals. They were really exciting and fun to watch, our lot


are a bunch of overpaid...! This is terrible! I divorced myself from


your comment! They spend more time doing their hair. Joe Hart does


advertisements for Head and Shoulders. We will have to leave it


there, thank you both much for coming in. Now time for a look at


the with Louise. Foremost a quiet day with decent


sunshine, a scattering of showers, fairly persistent, and users across


North and west Scotland, they'll


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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