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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the FT's Energy Correspondent, Kiran Stacey,


and the head of news at The Times, Fay Schlesinger.


What have you been up to lately? BOTH: Not much!


The FT leads with EU leaders putting a dampener on Britain's hopes


to enter the single market on its own terms.


The i has what it calls, "Labour's fight to the death"


as Jeremy Corbyn continues to come under pressure to quit


The Metro is running a picture of what it says is one


of the suicide bombers responsible for yesterday's attack


at Istanbul's Ataturk airport, apparently walking next to a pilot


The Guardian's main headline is the race to become


the new Conservative leader with both Boris Johnson


and Theresa May expected to announce their campaigns tomorrow.


The Times has more that story, too, concentrating on May's bid,


The Daily Express focuses on Johnson's bid, who they say


is the clear favourite to enter Number 10.


The Telegraph leads with a leaked email by Sarah Vine,


Michael Gove's wife, that warns her husband not to back


Boris Johnson without "specific" guarantees on immigration controls.


Did you absorb all of that? Let us start with The Express. With whom is


Boris a clear favourite? I don't know. It's interesting that the


headline is, I want to be your PM. If he is PM. There is remarkably


little about him on what -- what he might want to do as PM. We haven't


seen a lot of him have we? He's been dominating. It's less than a week


since we voted to leave the yet what is dominating is domestic politics.


He has been in our faces four weeks ended will be interesting to see


whether it has helped him or not. We've got polling out today which


shows it's perhaps the opposite and that his exposure has not helped.


But he's not been very visible in the last couple of days? There's a


hash tag, where's Boris? Gordon Brown and Osborne used to stay


hidden and then pop up at the last minute. Not everyone is convinced


about him. In the Daily Telegraph we have concerns from Sarah Vine. She


accidentally sent an e-mail to someone it wasn't meant to go to. A


member of the public? She didn't want it to go to that person. She


said, out you go campaigning but make sure you get everything you can


from Boris. Some are casting that that we need to get assurances on


be about external politics. We don't be about external politics. We don't


know exactly what she means but everyone loves to get insight into


spices. If you look at the e-mail... There's nothing particularly bad but


it's a glimpse into the machinations behind-the-scenes. They do not see a


two eye on everything about Brexit. So if we aren't presented with the


ticket like Gove and Boris there will be clear water between the two


of them. May flowers to heal division in the Tory litter ship


bid. She is given a 17 point lead over Boris. She has been far left


visible during this, hasn't she -- leadership. I bet most people don't


realise she was in support of Remain. She almost did nothing will


stop this poll that The Times Has shows her head by a large gap and


it's quite extraordinary. The irony is that what Boris Johnson might


have done is, in winning the referendum, he's created a situation


which is uncertain and in that scenario voters want stability and


milk -- middle-of-the-road reliability. He's not the man to


give them that. Also promising a Brexit czar, isn't she? I think


what's interesting about her pitch is that she's very much pushing a


one nation conservatism in the way Cameron did at his last conference


speech. She talks about how white working-class boys are not achieving


educationally and black people are targeted and a crime and MPs don't


understand the working class and that's aside with sticker Boris as


she casts him out elitist. She says she can be the working -- unifying


factor. The problem he will have is that he's faced into many directions


during the course of his career. In the second term as mayor he said...


Journalist said the great thing is that he's liberal, believes in free


trade and free borders but believes in game Madden -- marriage and is


modern and forward-thinking. Now, he's trying to wrote back because he


sees the tide going the other way -- trying to row back. You can see this


with the candidates and voters don't believe them. Theresa may has been


in a heavyweight role, hasn't she? Yes, the last -- longest serving


Home Secretary of this century. We have seen Corbyn talking tonight in


central London and it didn't sound like he was preparing to quit. No,


what we are seeing is that his language is that he is standing firm


and he has a mandate from the grassroots of Labour members who


overwhelmingly backed him. You couldn't get more voices though


calling for him to leave. A newly appointed member of the Shadow


Cabinet resigns 51 hours later. We understand he is ready to go but


people around him like McDonald are staying -- saying stand firm. A lot


of the unions have come at tonight saying they don't want the contest


at all but it may be necessary although Corbyn would be their


candidate. It will be interesting to know what his endgame is. What do


they want to get out of this? It looks like they're giving up for the


party to split. What they are lobbying for is to have a continuity


parties so they get the funding, databases and the name Labour and


they let the party go off. Is hard to see how Corbyn can bring the


party back together. If I was a Labour MP I do worry about the poll


of Tory members who seem in June with where the Tory as -- is at.


They want to reason may and voters more generally also one that but


Labour members are way away from what voters in the country want and


that is the tension which is difficult to figure out for the


party. A quick look at The Daily Mirror. There's an interesting


picture of a sideways look by Tom Watson to Jeremy Corbyn earlier in


the day at the Polish centre they visited. Tom Watson said he tried to


negotiate with Jeremy Corbyn but he's having none of it. Meanwhile,"


Watson clears the way for Eco-challenge". Angela Eagle is


being named as a potential challenger. There's a lot of touring


and found today whether she would go for it. The word was that maybe


Margaret Hodge would go for it. I think there's a lot of moving parts


and labour and nobody knows who will. Angela Eagle is someone who is


pretty much unknown to almost every voter so in a way this would be a


candidate whose first job would be to reunite the party, not to go out


there and pitched to the country. Just figure out if there is a viable


party to lead. Does she stand a good chance? The issue is not whether she


can get the support of her fellow MPs because we think she can get 51


MPs to name her, is whether Corbyn goes back on the ballot paper after.


If he does, indications are that the country and Labour members would


back him. Anyone who opposes him is to keep him off the ballot paper.


This could end up in the law courts. Whether he is allowed back on the


ballot or not and it's extraordinary. The Financial Times


now. If there is no freedom of movement concessions and Nicola


Sturgeon met Jean-Claude Juncker. He says or EU says Scotland as part of


UK and that's who we have to deal with. If a slight misconception to


say we'd expected anything other than this. There are requirements if


you want to remain part of the single market. You have to have


freedom of movement. Some say the French finance minister is saying


everything is on the table and it possible Britain should have curbs


on migration and have some access to the single market. Angela Merkel is


saying you had to choose between the two. Make your choice. And now The


Daily Mail. There's a little bit more flexibility shown by Finland's


Deputy Prime Minister. I don't doubt that. But as long as Germany remain


opposed, that's what matters. Two things matter. What does Germany say


what does it need to protect the institutions of the new. It is in


their interest to give Britain a bad to deter other countries. Wasn't


that always the way? Moving on to a different story. We talked about


this all day. This is one of the three suicide bombers that carried


out the attack at the Ataturk airport any stumble. They are trying


to work out who the people are. What strikes you most is the modus


operandi with the Brussels airport attack. Three men arrived by taxi as


they did in Brussels and they came fully equipped. They took advantage


of the fact they didn't need to go through high-level security and we


know a week area in airports is before you get to the security


barriers. In the area you could do this at a shopping centre, but there


is something about airports we associate with terror and ISIS know


it is a powerful place to hit. You don't even have to go very far in to


find security. We don't know if they ran past security or not. Something


people asked after Russells is whether we should have security at


the doors. Some airports demand to see tickets before you can enter the


airport but the danger is you create a crowd just outside the door and


not inside the door which becomes a target on its own. That's one of the


reasons why airports are such targets because there's not a lot


you can do to control such a huge area. It shows what a shopping


turkey is on, doesn't it? Is called on the international community to


tackle terrorism as it has it right tackle terrorism as it has it right


on its door. This attack seems to be with a Western focus. It's your


wrist -- Europe's third biggest airport. We've seen other attacks on


to list targets but not this kind of attack in Turkey. The Daily Star. It


could have serious ramifications if you get your way. Yes. There were so


many roles at for grabs. Chuck your CV in, David, and see! Beckham would


be popular in many roles, wouldn't he? We got kicked out by Iceland


which is pretty much the worst thing to happen for our football team.


This suggests Beckham could take the lead. He is enormously popular. My


suggestion is he could go for Tory or Labour leadership really unite


the country. Jean-Claude Juncker has been kissing everyone at the moment


so maybe his role as well. He is popular and has support from


middle-class and working-class people. The unity candidate. I think


he's your -- more likely to be laid a leader than England manager.


Anything could happen at the moment. There's no certainty the moment.


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