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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Welcome to a slightly earlier look at what will be in the newspapers


tomorrow morning. With beers and assistant editor from The Times and


the editor of the Politics Home website. We are little early but we


have enough newspapers. We can begin with the Sunday Telegraph. If we


thought last week was going to be busy and unpredictable, we could


have a new Prime Minister by the end of the week. The Queen says we


should try to be calm and collected, but that will be a problem as it is


extraordinary what is happening just now. The focus has moved to what


should be the sisterhood in the Conservative Party, but that does


not seem to be because coming up is Andrea led some who sees herself as


heir to Thatcher. She is steely in her determination and she is


determined that Theresa May will not be anointed the new leader. She has


given an interview to the Sunday Telegraph and says she is the


preferred candidate of the Eurosceptics. She is a woman that a


lot of people had not heard of a week ago. Not outside the


Westminster bubble. She is not a hassle name. There was a push in the


paper this morning and thought that given the level of support Theresa


May has in the parliamentary party, she is miles in front, the rest


should just drop out as she should be given the job. She could be Prime


Minister by Friday. I do not think that will happen. I think there has


to be a choice between someone who campaigned to remain against someone


who remained were Brexit. Brexit one. If they are the last to it will


be interesting what the Tory grassroots want. In a bad piece of


language in this Telegraph piece, he was described as the suicide bomber.


That is a tasteless remark. That was That is a tasteless remark. That was


for getting rid of Boris Johnson. Point-mac where is the, on the front


of The Mail with an unflattering observation. Rachel Johnson showing


thicker than water. She, unlike her thicker than water. She, unlike her


brother, wanted to remain. What is more interesting is what The Mail


have done below. It is a remarkable story. They have uncovered a quote


that Andrea made a few years ago. I know the political editor here and


here is very thorough. Only three years ago, Andrea said that she did


not think the UK should leave the EU. The Howard to be held up as the


arch leader Brexit who will carry the flame going forward is quite


something. I do not remember her making that quotes because she is


painting herself as a long-time Eurosceptic. No one was listening to


what she was saying. The Mail on Sunday have gone through everything


she has said about the EU. It is very embarrassing for her because


she's betraying herself as a die on the wall Eurosceptic. I remember


still a backbencher and she had a still a backbencher and she had a


very salty exchange with George Osborne when he tried to get her not


to join the rebels on a Europe issue and she told him in no uncertain


terms where he could get off. This kind of steely thing, it does fit


with her political performance. Someone said she is like Margaret


Thatcher but without the self-doubt, which encapsulate her. This is all


about the personalities on the front pages and none of that is about the


impact. Given the other things... There is another big story on the


longer term impact of all of this, longer term impact of all of this,


on and what will happen to the people who wanted to leave. That


makes the quote from three years ago interesting because that is what she


is pointing to. She says it would be a disaster for our economy and it


would lead to a decade of political uncertainty. I am surprised this


quote was not found by the remain campaign, especially if it had been


brought out because she was part of brought out because she was part of


the leave team on the TV debates. It is only really being seen now. That


would've been a good bit of ammunition to use. We can move on to


The Observer, who have the same story. Everyone thinks it is moving


at this or and quickly. I spoke to Tory MP at lunchtime who said that


when Angela Leadsom set her hat in the ring the best she hoped for is


Chancellor, but now they are thinking it is possible she could go


further. Do not count Mr Gove out yet. He does seem to have annoyed a


Johnson especially. The Conservative Johnson especially. The Conservative


Party is known for being ruthless, more ruthless than Labour. Even died


in the wool Conservatives have been shocked by Michael Gove's


ruthlessness this week and I think it might have backfired on him. The


papers are suggesting his campaign is fading. Maybe these two ladies


should agree that one of them will be Prime Minister and one for the


Chancellor. I know that sounds simplistic, but I think we need to


become more calm impacted. It is like watching a boxed set accepted


as real. White-mac other people are saying they cannot keep up with


this. What is happening to the economy? I'm trying to be sensible.


We have been distracted by the personality politics rather than the


nuts and bolts. You mentioned labour. An interesting story at the


bottom of The Observer. They are alleging the Jeremy Corbyn's aids


are refusing to let the Lido be alone with Tom Watson, his deputy.


-- to let the leader. They think that he will try to bully him into


resigning. This week has been claim and counterclaim and gossip behind


the scenes. Do you have quite bored with you right up who is the shadow


member for each job? One person said they would do it and then they


resign. Last time I checked she was still the Shadow Home Secretary.


There was a suggestion that Tom Watson had tried to get Jeremy


denying it and saying it is rubbish denying it and saying it is rubbish


and Germany did meet with Tom Watson twice this week. -- Jeremy Corbyn


did meet with. Others might dispute that. It is remarkable. We have a


leader it is alleged that cannot meet with his deputy.


So who's going to make the piece first? The Tories or Labour? Let's


pause from the politics and talk about the practical economics. You


said that if anyone said this award again you would scream, so I will


not say that again but the Sunday Post has come up with a different


word. There is even Texit, which is Texas leaving the rest of the USA!


This is about what it means to people and that people will start to


think my future does not lie here, particularly people in Scotland who


have seen themselves as profoundly European as well as probe Scots.


They say they are leaving and planning future elsewhere in a kind


of rain drain that they cannot afford, and in the kind of rain


drain that has so much heart places like Spain and Italy, what the


bosses of those businesses said, they have lost a generation of


talent. In all this uncertainty which people really think is


somewhat the way politicians acting adolescent way, probably even


younger than that! Like toddlers. What does it mean for them and for


their future. You were right, the Sunday Post is a Scottish newspaper


and the feeling in Scotland, speaking to friends and family, is


one of absolute shock. They had as a European outlook north of the border


for a host of reasons and people are very angry at the prospect of being


taken out of the EU. There is talk of another independence referendum


and the boost that may give to the independence campaign, but it is


worrying. If doctors, nurses and midwives, the people we rely on. And


they already have to boost the numbers going into training because


we don't get enough in. The question is, where will they go? Australia,


Canada... We have to worry about the impact of this, I am the mother of a


20-something son and they feel disenfranchised almost because they


think, older people have voted and made a decision about future which


is the decision we want. And I was speaking to a friend last night, his


mum and dad are Irish and his brothers both bolted to leave and


now the reality has dawned they are looking at getting Irish passports


just in case. A lot of people are picking up their family trees to


check if they have grandparents who might be enough to get them in. The


is anecdotal evidence of people voting Leave and thinking it would


end up Remain. Is there a buyers remorse type thing? As they are not


a danger that by taking a historical tone, which some could say


journalists have adopted over the last week, that actually we are


making the situation worse. In a sense the status quo at what we have


months or years. It is therefore months or years. It is


possible that business can continue possible that business can continue


as it has done. They've is no reason at this point it has to make such a


dramatic difference. I am already beginning to yield of companies


thinking about leasing premises. The thinking about leasing premises. The


errors in the New York Times today all the cities that would like to


take on the City of London's mantle as the premier financial centre of


the world, and the mayor of Paris the world, and the mayor of Paris


has already said that any sign businesses are leaving London, Paris


will have those businesses, it is extraordinarily good for them. The


photograph on the front of the Observer, Caroline Aherne who died


today at the age of 52. Let's face it, a lot of our time over the last


few years has been spent dealing with various health problems. It is


nice to remember the laughs she has given us as a performer and writer.


What an extraordinarily diverse comedian she was. An amazing actress


as well as being very funny, and everybody can quote one amazing


Caroline Aherne joke. How many people can you say that of? That is


the thing, and in the 90s she was huge, Royle Family will go down as


one of the greatest comedies ever created, and sadly dealing with


health problems in recent years but she will be remembered fondly and


there's a real sense of shock. Thank you both very much for that. Ending


only slightly sombre note but we will remember the jokes in the next


hour. Coming up next,


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