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Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are Jenny Anderson - author and reporter on Quartz.com,


and the Political Commentator James Millar.


Welcome to you both, thank you for being with us. Let's take you


through what we have. The Observer leads with


the Conservative leadership race, saying the final choice will be


between Home Secretary Theresa May The Sunday Express front page


is devoted to the Queen's call for calm reflection in the wake


of the vote to leave The Sunday Telegraph has


with an interview with Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom,


in which she claims she can be The Mail on Sunday headline accuses


Andrea Leadsom of hypocrisy The Sunday Post claims that medics


are planning to emigrate as a result The Sunday Mirror front page has


a tribute to Caroline Aherne, the comedy actress and writer


who passed away earlier today. And it's back to the race to be


the new Prime Minister on the front of The Sunday Times -


the paper says senior Tories are uniting to stop Theresa May


being installed in the top job So let's kick off then. With of


course the Conservative Party leadership, James, this bid to stop


any kind of coronation of Theresa May. Yes, this one... It's an


interesting day because everything has been happening so fast. It's


great for the Sunday papers, you take stock and try to move the story


on. It feels slightly like The Sunday


Times have got so many good lines, they don't know which one to go with


them that come with this idea that Theresa May wants a coronation, so


she would have the face the competition. I'm not aware that


Theresa May has said she wants a coronation or that there's a lot of


evidence of it. But clearly she is the hot favourite at the moment and


the other candidates are manoeuvring this weekend to try and stop her, so


we have got Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, both doing interviews and


putting things out to their supporters to try and undermined


Theresa May. They are claiming that she is trying to stitch things up,


yet she hasn't said that. And the rather nasty mention of her health,


this is already getting dirty and could get dirtier. To what you make


of it all as an American living in the United Kingdom? It was not that


long ago that the US was that kind of political basket case, the


sclerotic Congress and this primary race that would never end, but we


have two candidates another UK is kind of the political basket case of


the world. There is a sense that maybe we did it to ourselves here,


this didn't have to... Have to happen as much. We brought this on.


I think there is a sense of disbelief for sure. It's interesting


that we could end up with a race in the Tory Party are tween two women


for the leadership. We've got" Merkel in Germany, we could have


Hillary Clinton in the US, and then here. If are looking for silver


linings, feminism might be one. James, how do you see the vocally?


We have got important developments coming up this week. Its heart, the


Golden rule of Tory leadership is the favourite never winds. Well, the


favour was Boris Johnson and he's uneven in the race anymore. Theresa


May is now the favourite. Andrea Leadsom is certainly making the


running this weekend. In other papers, to the extent that some


papers are feeling the need to gun her down already. Some papers are


building her up. Certainly the moment, it looks like it will be


Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom going forward on Thursday, they do it


quickly in the Tory Party, they don't hang around. The electorate of


the Conservative Party membership is in some ways a little bit


unpredictable. You can know what MPs then but it's much harder to assess


what the 150,000 members out there thing. Absolutely, and in over


marketable moment as we had so many in the past week, a banker is now


the top... How far have become, in 2008 or 2010, it wouldn't seem that


perhaps now we have to reach out side the realm of politics for some


expertise. But it think you are right, at this point if there is


something that we've all learned him and it is true in the US and the UK,


anything can happen. We will see that out takes us. Wizardly suspect


that the Tory membership is Eurosceptic and that is part of this


trying to stop Theresa May is to get people, a secular candidate, the


membership may have well flopped. As another heavyweight front page


focusing on Andrea Leadsom and an Theresa May, they are set to fight


the Tory poll 4pm. They say Michael Gove's bid fades. Is it too early to


say that? I don't think it is to sin. He doesn't have the votes,


that's one thing, and it sort of his active political Treasury, that will


hang over him, it will not go away to four days. I don't think he has a


very good shot. But we are in a strange position where we have


Theresa May who voted to remain but it is being accused of wanting to


leave against Andrea Leadsom who voted to leave and is quoted today


as saying... You know, everything is moving, everything is shifting, no


position is set in stone. Andrea Leadsom is the unknown candidate at


the moment to the large extent, which helped David Cameron last


time. He came in off the rails. We believe that Andrea Leadsom tomorrow


will set out her stall. She is riding high because you don't know


anything about her at the moment. A little bit more about her in the


Sunday telegraph, in that paper she is quoted as saying I can be the new


Margaret Thatcher, which will presumably go down quite well with


the Tory Party membership out there. Tory catnip, to say he would be the


new Thatcher. But what is it really mean? She is obviously invoking


Thatcher because she knows it will go down with the Tory membership.


She also talks about her strong Christian faith and elsewhere talks


about family comes first. She is very much ticking the boxes for the


Tory faithful. At cooking the Sunday roast, she added that as well. How


far have we come with feminism? I'm not sure. And her person personal


warmth, sheep combines toughness with personal warmth. I have dealt


with her when I was in Westminster and she does have personal warmth,


that does count for something. It is fair to say she is not widely known


around the country, not exactly a household name, is she? Second be


both... In asset and a negative. If she does go forward with Theresa


May, we'll get to know her a lot better over the next few weeks.


Somebody who definitely is a household name, Boris Johnson, of


course, let's go on to talk about the drama revolving around Boris


Johnson and Michael Gove. So the Mail on Sunday, they have a piece by


Boris Johnston's sister Rachel Johnston, saying that Boris was


blown up by a political psychopath. Quite strong! Quite strong, and it


honestly tells you where radar in terms of leadership right now


because this is not what we need. We don't need more psychodrama, we


don't need a tax, we don't need people call each other psychopaths.


The country is in crisis, Bigfoot just have to get me move forward.


This I don't think it's us anywhere. Clearly things have been said and


done but I think it is a reliever Merkel statement that at this point


you can still go down this route of petty name-calling and fighting in


the papers when what is confronting Britain is quite serious. And this


piece come actually, is focusing on Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine and


that leaked e-mail saying... Boris blown up by a political psychopath


but it was Mrs. Michael Gove who detonated the bomb. Nothing they


love more than a woman being horrible by another woman. It is the


most odd piece, it just... The Johnstons are such a bizarre family,


they have all their arguments in public and the wind each other up in


public and eight regarded as their playground, the rest of us just


happened to be sharing it. The language that Rachel Johnson uses,


it's all about Michael Gove as an ideological ninja, borderline


bunkers. It's just from a different fun it. What it really illustrates


that is her description of Michael Gove as a sort of Westminster


suicide bomber. There's a lot of talk in the papers today of wars and


suicide bombers and all that sort of stuff and frankly it's quite


distasteful. It's the bubble kind of forgetting... It's just politics at


the end of the day, but they regarded as a war. The other big


story in the bubble, the Westminster bubble, is that Labour leadership.


The Observer, they are covering that as well. They're talking about


Jeremy Corbyn... What are they saying. It felt... We were talking


at this, it felt like a nothing story. He's going to offer a peace


deal. I don't think... They tried to oust him, so trying to offer AP


still is a little bit too little too late. He didn't feel like there was


a lot of substance. Do you think it is too late for him to survive? It


feels that way, absolutely. There was a clear vote of no-confidence


there for him. The fact that he cannot be in the same room as one of


his top lieutenants because he's afraid of being bullied. Are we in


year four, are we in professional politics? That does not look good.


This is a huge opportunity for the Labour Party. They should be


stepping forward, lining up, filling the gap. The Conservatives are


hardly covering themselves in glory. And yet... This is the other side.


There could conceivably be a general election within months. Absolutely.


I think it's an amazing story. Jeremy Corbyn wants to be Prime


Minister, apparently. Yet he cannot be in the same room as his deputy.


This is a man who presumably wants to be able to walk into a room with


flatter or Putin or Obama or Clinton or whoever, but he cannot be with


his own number two because he might be bullied. Someone who might jog


his finger at him, his aides are saying we've got a duty of care,


he's a 70-year-old man. He's not actually a 70-year-old man, Dave got


that wrong. There's a culture of bullying. Just when you think things


can't get more bizarre... You can't make it up! And the Sunday mirror


also have Jeremy Corbyn piece off to MPs. Do you think there could be any


sort of deal, agreement? It's an interesting one, the Sunday mirror,


like a phrasing that he threw down the olive branch. A nice turn of


phrase. They are representing it that he has reached out to his rebel


MPs, if you like, and said you can have more say over policy. Others


would present that same offer as the MPs saying to him there will still


be a mechanism whereby MPs, the leader doesn't have too much power.


Either way, it suggests they are inching towards some sort of... Page


seven of the mirror says, let's do a deal. Do you think that's possible?


It suggests we are getting close to it. To be quite honest, I don't


know, nobody knows. Nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow in


politics at the moment. Even Angela Eagle and Owen Smith are deciding


who's good to be the candidate, they can't even decide on a candidate to


challenge him. It's anybody's guess what's going to happen. Because last


much longer. Amidst all the turmoil, the express have reported a message


from Her Majesty saying... Hit commentary on? Emblazoned on every


mug carried back to America from all around the world, but the plea for


calm could be applied to everything at this point. It could be applied


to politics, finance, the markets are unraveling, to Wimbledon, we've


lost Novak Djokovic, it could be applied to football. A sad state of


affairs that we need the Queen to weigh in, but she did in a very


mild... Is a controversial message or noncontroversial message? It's


always the case to keep calm, but he said it at the official opening of


the Scottish Parliament after the election in May and the Scottish


people regard this as a comment on the possibility of a second


referendum, which in the 70s and during the last referendum she


hinted that you would rather Scotland stays part of the UK. The


English newsrooms are seeing as a common on Brexit more widely. Which


one she is referring to, I don't know. It is both cases, keeping, is


probably best. Apart from Brexit and all the political shenanigans in the


leadership of the two parties, we have also got memories of Caroline


Aherne, whose death was announced yesterday. A fantastic comedian. She


was. His line was so powerful, mother told me only special people


get cancer, I must be very special. Alcoholism, depression, cancer, yet


but we watch these clips of her, her humour was brilliant. A real


tribute, she had a tough life, a lot of nice tributes to her today. A


very nice spread in the Sunday mirror. A lovely picture. Now the


tributes will concentrate on her comedy, I hope, because it was


interesting, there was a certain distaste about the royal Queen, they


documented all her personal problems and gory details throughout. She was


very interesting as a comedian, which got lost amongst all the


personal drama sometimes. She did the Mrs. Merton stuff, that was some


of the first critique of the sort of celebrity culture, celebrities


would, knowing that they would get torn to bits, but they would keep


coming. And then of course she dumped that because it actually


wasn't... You got to be the cover they did the royal family, which I


think was completely different. And The Sunday Times having on their


page five, demons lurking behind. It's actually surprisingly often


comedians have quite dark personal lives. Robin Williams was a great


example in the state. There are so many examples, I think. There is a


sense that humour as armour, right? You rely on that humour to protect


yourself and to get out there, but she clearly had that. And the other


element of it, it continues the year of death. The number of celebrity


deaths, and the idea that it's the baby boomers, she was only 52, she's


not part of the baby boom or generation, neither was Prints. So


many this year. Were just getting old. That's part of it as well. Or


is it just coincidence? I know what you mean. I suppose there are


celebrity deaths every year, but huge names. So many! I can assume


it's just perfectly normal but we're noticing and more. But it's having a


strange effect. Good to hear from you both, to get your views on the


papers. Many thanks to both of you. And just a reminder that we will be


taking a look at world's front pages every evening at 10:30pm and 11:30pm


here on BBC News. Good morning. This will probably be


the better


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