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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the former Conservative minister Esther McVey


and the Independent columnist James Rampton.


Welcomer Apple TV. The front pages. Starting with the times. It claims


that supporters of the Theresa May are furious that one of the biggest


Ukip donors is backing Andrea Leadsom in the race to be the new


leader of the Conservative Party. The FT says George Osborne is


planning to cut corporation tax to stop businesses leaving Britain


after the Brexit. The Metro at Boris on the front page sing he is sorry


he once trusted Michael Gove. The Telegraph also as Boris. In his


column for the paper, the former Mayor of London says the government


has not emphasised the bright side of Brexit. Tensions in Labour make


the headline for the Guardian. Jeremy Corbyn is seeking to avoid a


split in the party. There was a word missing. The i, boys, boys, it says.


Tories edge toward a two woman contest. There we have them both.


Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. There are men in this competition


but they aren't getting as much of a but they aren't getting as much of a


look in. Yes, they are, in a different way. You have Michael


Gove, Stephen Crabb, the Fox. A great set of individuals, all of


them could be administered by The i is focusing on what would be a very


interesting way forward, especially if you look at the other women


leaders around the world whether it is Angela Merkel one Nicola Sturgeon


or Hillary Clinton. Are we moving to an era of women at the top of


politics? I am not the spokesperson for all women. It is interesting


that the Tory MP Anna Zoo Bridge said she was tired of the boys


mucking things up. Boys have behaved appallingly. Someone said it was


like student union antics between Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. They


were both in the Oxford union that had that are of a childhood


playground fight that they were going through. I do think that the


women who have emerged here have come across as far more grown up and


statesman and sensible and all the things you will need when you


entered these crucial negotiations. There is a difference between them


as well. It is quite clear, one was on the inside, one was on the site


and they have different approaches. One thing is that Andrea Leadsom has


said it should be a Brexit supporter who does the negotiation. Others


have said we need to heal the country and the party as well. To be


fair, Theresa May did not play a high-profile role in either of the


two sides, although she was a premium campaigner. You have five


very different candidates but I think it is the women who have


compared and been more low-key than the men.


Whoever is the frontrunner never seems to ever get the job and with


the Tory party it is frequently the underdog who comes out. It does


complete our members who will choose whether they think the antics with


the boys was wrong or whether Michael Gove who saw himself as a


real purist did it out of principle because he believed in it for the


country. Andrea Leadsom defends the U-turn she made about three years


ago. She thought it would be a bad idea for Britain to leave the EU.


Three years is a long time. She says she has been on a journey and that


is very enough. I do think that might be a problem for her but I


agree that Theresa May, even though she was for the name she only give


one speech and was seen as the main light. That will make more


acceptable. Lots of Tories will have been on the lenient side as well so


she might heal the party but it is interesting, this bottom line, Boris


supporters: it drove a Machiavellian psychopath. Insults are still flying


even though they are killing each other's chances but they can stop.


Boris says he is sorry he trusted Grove. I suppose, a leadership


contest is in the offing so people will look out for themselves. I was


reminded of this quote from the forest that you should never trust


your country as much as your friends. That is something that has


become clear. Gove has just seen -- seemed quite duplicitous. Johnson


has used that word because they were so close and Gove has said it is out


of Judy. There are many people who seem as untrustworthy because of the


way they treated Johnson. There are several things that lead up to this


so that was supposed to have been a letter or a tweet that without the


Andrea Leadsom that she would be given a position but that didn't


happen. There was an article in the Telegraph which Boris had written


with a different if you are on where the red lines would be drawn and,


therefore, this came at the end of that. The leaked e-mail. People are


saying what was going on? I guess we will never know. I have read


different stories. Andrea Leadsom, going on a journey, only ten years


ago there was only one MP in Parliament he wanted to come out, so


we have all been on a journey. I have only ever known her as a


tracksuit supporter. It is like they say about Michael Heseltine, he


wields the knife will never wear the crown. They are now left in a pool


of blood fighting each other. Let's look at Andrea Leadsom getting some


support. The Huffington Post is saying she is refusing to root out


Nigel Farage being on her Brexit talks team. She is just saying... I


am convinced there is enough talent on the Tory benches to find whoever


she needs. One of the allies of Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks, who left


one of the leaf campaigns, he is a successful currency trader and


commodity trader, he says his money is on Andrea Leadsom. I think they


have massively spun this headline saying she refuses to rule out Nigel


Farage, but that is true because Andrew Marr asked about including


Nigel Farage and she said I don't want to get into good would do what.


She had the opportunity to said she would not use ranch. Wouldn't that


be clever to use. Get him into the tent to shape what the departure


would look like. He has said he would like to be involved with any


talks because he seems he can tell you where the Achilles heels for the


witnesses are in Europe, how we could forward. If you are looking at


him as a person with a lot of information and insight information,


he could beat somebody you might call upon. I guess if he was the


only man for 17 years he has been sent this and the country has turned


around. Would the EU taken seriously? He was a good last week


in the European Parliament. The way he crowed was highly offensive and I


think he has lost a lot of credibility in the EU, if he had


any. I don't think you can be part of the team. Let's get the Daily


Express. A bid to lock you exit. This is a plea in lodged by a law


firm. Is this to stop the exit? Isn't that just to say that an act


of Parliament that Augustine requires an act of Parliament to


take us out? What they are saying is they are launching a bid to stop the


government pulling out of the EU. That is what it says on the front


page. At the end of the day, you have had the biggest ever in


Britain. People came out in huge numbers to say we want to come out


of the EU and, therefore, everybody was bright enough to decide


themselves to come out. A out of leave voters said it is about


sovereignty, bringing powers back to our own Parliament and the


constitutional arrangements that article 50 refers to would be, in


this case, to repeat an act of Parliament, which requires an act of


Parliament, which requires the houses of parliament to look at it.


Just as a process. All of the bad losers are looking at ways to


overturn democracy. If it is following due process, that would be


done anyway because it has to be. Parliament and the British


Parliament is good at following due process. We have servants -- civil


servants to do that. It is the voice of the people and it is what we have


today. Osborne puts corporation tax cut at heart of Brexit recovery


plan. This might cause problems on the continent again. The EU is


accusing him of sparking a race to the bottom because that rate would


be almost as though as Ireland which has attracted a lack of investment


in their system, famously Google operate out of there. I think that


is a danger that, in this crucial moment when we are trying to make


these vital negotiations with Brussels, if we do something that


annoys them, is that going to put us on the wrong foot? Is inevitably


going to need to a more await style arrangement of free market and free


movement of people which is more or less what we have already and is


perplexing to me. If we are trying to say it will still be OK to run


the business in Britain, that is the kind of thing you would want the


government to be doing? People have always wondered corporation tax


down. That is part of a five point plan for getting investment from


China, increasing bank lending, investing in the northern


powerhouse. People will look to how can you get low corporation tax. You


have to balance the books. Many people have looked at this. I don't


think this would be inappropriate. It would just be the sort of thing


that we can do to ensure that we have a buoyant economy and,


remember, the FTSE 100 is 3.7 points higher than it was before the


referendum. I would like to look at a story, a depressing one, coming


from Iraq today with attacks. Isis exploits Ramadan. Two big bomb


attacks took place in Baghdad when people are breaking their fast and


out on the streets. There is a shocking quote from a spokesman of


the Islamic State sync jihadists should make it with God 's


permission a month of pain for infidels everywhere. The fact that


he invokes the name of God- shocking. Infidels, these are


Muslims... They are. Many Muslims were killed in Orlando and Istanbul


and now, sadly, Baghdad this morning. How can they be infidels? I


know there are different sects within Islam that it is


extraordinary that it should be religion or some perverted form of


religion powering it. I find it distressing. It is murder on a mass


scale in a cowardly way at a religious period in time. Thank you


very much. We will look at those stories and some other once again


with James and Esther at half past 11. I hope you will join us. If you


have any comments send them to us on twitter.


Good evening. It has been a largely fine day across much of the country


and we are in for a love of dry weather for much of the week ahead.




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