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This is BBC News. I'm Martine Croxall.


We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment -


Theresa May is calling for a proper contest and not a coronation


for the top job as leader of the Conservatives.


But the Home Secretary also says the next Prime Minister doesn't have


to have been a Brexit campaigner - something her rival


and Leave supporter Andrea Leadsom disagrees with.


Somebody who says I have been told to leave so I will leave with no


enthusiasm is different to somebody who absolutely sees the Sun lit up


plans of leaving the EU. The prospects for our children,


grandchildren, businesses, have been opened up to the world. -- sunlit


uplands. The head of the Unite union,


Len McCluskey, is offering to broker peace talks within the Labour Party


after what he calls a failed coup. Writing in today's Sunday Mirror,


Mr Corbyn said he was "ready to reach out" to MPs


who oppose his leadership. There's to be three days of national


mourning in Iraq after two bomb attacks left more than 120


people dead in Baghdad. Many others were injured


when a lorry packed with explosives The so-called Islamic State


have claimed responsibility. A man and woman in their twenties


will appear in court tomorrow after a one-year-old boy was shot


in the head Harry Studley is still


critically ill in hospital. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the former Conservative


minister Esther McVey, and the Independent columnist James


Rampton. Welcome and thank you for hanging


around. I would hate to be on my own.


The Times claims that supporters of Home Secretary Theresa May


are furious that one of Ukip's biggest donors is backing her rival,


Andrea Leadsom, in the race to be the new leader


The FT says Chancellor George Osborne


is planning to cut corportation tax in a bid to stop businesses leaving


The Metro puts Boris Johnson on the front page,


saying he's sorry he ever trusted once loyal supporter Michael Gove.


The Telegraph also has Boris in its headlines.


the former London mayor criticises the government's campaign for not


emphasising the bright side of Brexit


And Labour's tensions make the headline


for the Guardian - the paper says leader Jeremy Corbyn


is seeking to avoid a split in the party.


The Mail leads with what it calls here from the British Army at the


possibility troops may face prosecution after the Chilcott


report is published later this week. We will start with the Metro. Boris


is sorry he trusted Michael Gove, saying he was a naive. But people


have ambition, though they? Both Boris and Michael. And many other


people. It seems there was a whole host of things that went wrong. You


could say it was a perfect storm, what led someone to do what they


did. Some of the Leave campaigners were concerned with Boris's article


in the Telegraph on Monday. Then there was a tweet or a letter to


Andrea Leadsom saying she had a position in the group. That happened


by eight o'clock Wednesday evening. These things must have caused a


certain amount of unease within the parties. Then all of the stories


unfolded. We don't know the truth, I just reading it and getting bits of


gossip along the way. But it has been an unsatisfactory outcome.


What's the bet there will be a lot of books trying to pick this? We


appears to live in interesting times. Michael Gove is a big fan of


Game Of Thrones, about is like a teddy bear's picnic compare to what


is happening in the Tory party this week. It reminds me of when Michael


Heseltine or down Margaret Thatcher. They say he who wields the knife


will never inherit the Crown, and that has happened. Boris knifed


Cameron in a nightmare, and then Michael Gove knifed Boris, and it


seems like they have both destroyed themselves in the process. Weeks ago


when Boris was supposed to be be dead surge going in, it never


usually happens in the Tory party but the fun -- that the front runner


gets it. The underdog often comes through. Boris demands post- budget


plan in the Telegraph in his column. He condemns the government for


failing to make a positive case for Brexit and allowing his terrier to


take hold. Who does he think should have a plan? -- his terrier. I think


it is presumptuous to be making these claims. It is almost like the


last week has not happened and he is making pontifications about


something where he has no authority. He has paid handsomely. He said the


hiatus has allowed to take hold, so there is an irrational fear of life


outside the EU gives people, if they didn't want to get the EU exit as a


result, have filled in and said this upset and unease throughout the


country. I see what he is saying. You can have a bright life outside.


There are 28 countries in the EU and 104 outside. We will make trade


deals and be in charge of our laws. That is positive, but that message


is not being heard in the media. He is right and we do need to hear more


positive news. The Telegraph article shows the FTSE 250 is not faring as


well as the FTSE 100, going down 13.6% since the vote. Those are


smaller more domestic focused firms. There was only a five percentage


point difference on Saturday, at the FTSE 100 had gone up by 3.7 points.


Everybody knew there would be a little bit of movement, but the


gloom and doom portrayed for the FTSE 100, we need to do more to help


those 250 countries. Let's look at the Sun. Michael Gove attacks with


an axe. This is something that I think we'll have traction this week.


He has gone ahead and published his tax returns, and Andrea Leadsom


appeared to hesitate today when she was asked if she would do the same.


Just on your point about the hysteria that the remaining voters


have shown, this claim that the leaving of the EU will lead to sunny


uplands, I think this could prove an Achilles heel for her. Three years


ago, she made a speech glaring that leaving the EU would be a disaster


and she says we can change minds, but that is a strong word to use for


someone who is now apparently going to the main Brexit candidate. --


declarant. And Ukip are accused of plotting to install Andrea Leadsom.


I think it is purely the fact that one of the backers was one of the


backers of Ukip, and saying he would put the money forward. I think this


is just people putting their sort of twist on it. I don't think that is


the case at all. But people have been on a move from remaining in the


EU to coming out of the EU. It was only ten use it very the very first


MP camera and said it was time to leave -- tenet years ago. It was the


start of the better off at campaign. With that came the movement from


there. So many people have changed over the last few years, and she


said from 2013 that was key. The EU have not been flexible and they have


not been able to negotiate. We need to focus on the inflexibility of the


EU to even save itself but the rest of Europe. There is a nationalistic


feeling in other countries as well. They are saying we can't carry on


like this. There is a need for reform. That is a change in tone.


This is what she was saying three years ago. For a long time, I felt


myself, and in the end decided to be a move photo. What it was because of


the lack of thugs ability of the EU -- leave photo. If you look at what


is happening in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, it needs to


look at itself and say we are to blame. There is a lot of


institutions recognising that need for reform. What happened in this


country will concentrate minds. And now there is an extreme right-wing


Dutch politician saying there should be a Netherlands exit. This will


focus the minds of the EU. Had they need to be more flexible in the way


to do with the countries, some of whom feel hemmed in by the EU. Let's


go to the Guardian. Labour prepares leadership deal. Jeremy Corbyn


allies seek to avoid historic split. It has been quite a week for the


Labour Party. All of those resignations. You thought the Tory


party was in Game Of Thrones, but they are not even on the nursery


slopes and head to the Labour Party. There seems to be such an


unbridgeable off between the two sides. The Jeremy Corbyn supporters,


and those not letting MPs even speak to him. There are people hiding his


door -- -- guarding. Len McCluskey has unhelpfully waded in and called


Jeremy Corbyn men of steel. He has suggested that Angela Eagle, Erwin


Smith, who are proposing to stand against him should step down, and I


don't think that intervention is healthful. It just cements this idea


of this huge division -- helpful. And this compromise of possibly


making Jeremy Corbyn chairman of the Labour Party but than what they call


the supreme leader. I think it is chaos. Compared with the


ruthlessness in the Conservative party as they move towards trying to


find a new leader, it has looked very different. It is very


different, and the situation is very different as well. What you saw when


Jeremy Corbyn came in very much led by Unite and the trade unions, you


have the members of the Labour Party very different and very much the


Jeremy Corbyn supporters, the High Court Trotsky socialists brought in.


They are in charge of who the members. -- members are. Labour


could become to parties. If you want to save whatever you've got, the


main part of the Labour Party. It is totally different to the Tories, who


have an EU split. We will all come together. I know we will come


together because we are pragmatic and believe in conservative values.


It is very damaging, because that is what is driving the two sides of the


party apart. We will finish was something different. Off with their


headrests. Please explain -- This is an interesting story. My head is


spinning. This is a brilliant story. The Sun has found out that this


gentleman, Andy Walker, the head of PR at the FA, put on his social


media page a picture of his headrest, customised headrest, and


the Jets to a chiefly... -- on the jet he flies on. He boasted about


staying in nine hotels. When England are being beaten by Iceland, a


country of 330,000 with no professional clubs and he is posting


like that, it is a shocker. And he is your PR person. Head of


communications! I imagine not from a club. When the PR man becomes


historic, he must go. He has eight days left. He had better keep hold


of that headrest. It could be his payoff from his dog. Put that on


eBay. -- job. I need to apologise. We got there.


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