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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the deputy editor of the Daily Express,


Michael Booker, and the financial commentator Louise Cooper.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


Michael, which one will it be? It will be interesting. On the 9th of


September, it will be the ballot. There are also claims this could be


brought forward. The people who are backing Andrea Leadsom are saying if


they can get out there and get nine weeks, imagine if it will go on nine


weeks, but if there is nine weeks, they can get her message out, they


can get home on to more members, they can get people's faces. A lot


of these members will be Leave supporters as well from the


referendum, so if they have got the time, nine weeks of this message


constantly being hammered, she's the Brexit PM, she has got a far better


chance. If it is a lot sooner, which is what the Tory party are trying to


do, then it reflects better on Theresa May. It will be interesting


because this is down to the 150,000 members of the Conservative Party.


We don't know what they are thinking. We had a polling list


earlier who said 50% are over 60, mostly men, and mostly middle-class.


That does not surprise me at all. It is on the front page of every single


paper. Would it not be extraordinary if we had two female candidates and


the fact there were women is not commented upon? We have still got


quite a long way to go, only one female Prime Minister. It would be


really dull. And we have never had a female Chancellor. Given my area of


expertise and the state of the economy and financial pressures on


this country, I would like to know as soon as possible to the


Chancellor is and what they will do with the fiscal plans and economic


plans. But we are not finding that out yet. I quite like the guy


because there is handy cutout guide for which the two lady stand for.


Andrea Leadsom, marriage should be kept between a man and a woman,


wants to overturn the fox hunting ban, it seems like she's going back,


winding the clock back years. She is aiming at the traditionalist. Hence


your headline in the express, baton of the iron ladies. Did you write


that one? I had something to do with that! One of them will be the next


Prime Minister. Looking at the two main parties, the Conservative


Party, I keep on making this point, they are the ones we have had


before, another woman Prime Minister, why are Labour not so


progressive as we are? It is something for the Labour Party to


look at as well. The Tories are very proud of this. It is fascinating to


see what will happen over the next, hopefully not nine weeks! I think we


got that message. Andrea Leadsom is not very experienced. I don't think


this should be a Brexit issue because we've with that, or I think


we have, and we are heading out of the EU. It should be who is best for


the country, not just best the Brexit. This will be hard for a lot


of people to get their heads around, particularly those members who for


them it is all about Brexit. It says here, Theresa May says, I want to


unite the country, which given how much animosity there has been on


both sides of the referendum debate, she was a remain but a reluctant


remainder. So hopefully, that will be a better position for the country


rather than somebody who fought locally and physically to leave. If


you turned the times, they say Andrea Leadsom steps from the


shadows to take on May. It has been meteoric rise, huge achievement to


get to where she was from relative obscurity. And it was the Leave


campaign where she stood out and did a very good job. They must be very


happy with her. Having said that, economic lien financially, the UK is


in a typical place, and what we need is leadership and I do not think we


should be waiting nine weeks. I think we should get on with make the


decision now. We want the Chancellor in place that we know will be there


for a long time. I do not think we have the time because an eight or


nine weeks' time, the UK economy could be looking worse than it is


now. When we saw Tony Blair yesterday, like him or loathe him,


the decision he made to go to war, huge decisions like that, left in


the hands of someone like Andrea Leadsom, who has virtually no


experience whatsoever, I had not heard of the month ago particularly,


it shames me a little for my knowledge, but most people had not.


There was one debate where she did very well and then carried on


campaigning for Leave but I am sure she is a very good MP and good


energy minister but is that Prime Minister? She worked in the City of


London. You could not say, I have got skills for politics, can I be


the CEO please? Theresa May is ideal. She has got more experience.


Interesting Daily Telegraph. I love that! If you want something said,


ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman, Margaret


Thatcher. They have also got cartoon pair of two old blokes playing golf,


probably poor Tory members, saying, only men can be members, a woman's


places running the country. We have female boss of the federal reserve,


a female boss of the International monetary fund, Angela Merkel, we


have got... Nicola Sturgeon. Women running the country! Research has


been done on this. It is not glass ceiling, it's another term, but when


companies are failing in doing badly, a woman is more likely to get


the job because all the blokes stand back and do not want it, so the only


time a woman can become CEO was when companies doing badly. And I


sometimes wonder if that is the reason why we have got so many women


in positions of political power! It is such an awful mess to clear up.


When in times of trouble, we run the money. I just want to and finally...


Theresa May has a beautiful pair of shoes. You are giving us a sense of


your inner stylish woman. How would you know about women's shoes? To


complete the gender stereotypes, I would talk to you about... Back page


of the express, grease lightning, because Anton Grisman has sent


France into the final. After what Francis had, it's fantastic for them


to finish in the final against Portugal. I am sure will be very


emotional. I am sad. I had a sweepstake on Germany in the office!


That and Michael Gove, it will be a Michael good Christmas T-shirt I


bought! On that note, thank you both. That is it for tonight. These


front pages of coming while we have been on air. The sun is backing the


Home Secretary. Their headline, a play on her name. The Guardian has


decided to only put a smiling Andrea Leadsom. And the Star sticks the


shots of both candidates. Here come the girls, it says. And in the


mirror, warning, likening Andrea Leadsom to Mrs Thatcher, its


headline, Maggie two. Be afraid, be very afraid. Don't forget, the front


pages on the BBC News website. Michael, Louise, pleasure to talk to


you. Thank you very much.


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