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York and the New York police Commissioner. That is the main


story. Now let's take a look at the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Political Correspondent for the Evening


He is about to become political editor which is proof that we are


The Guardian meets with the shooting of pi -- of five police officers in


Dallas and the country is reeling from what it calls a massacre.


The Mail leads with news that some financial firms are exploiting


the falling value of the pound to rip off British holiday-makers.


The Mirror carries a full-page image of the Dallas shooting suspect.


The Weekend FT focuses on attempts to save the Port Talbot steel works.


Conservative leadership contender Theresa May has given an interview


She says the future will be brighter after Brexit although she backed the


campaign to remain in the European Union.


While her rival Andrea Leadsom has given her interview to the Times,


saying that the fact she has children gives her the edge


The Sun devotes its front page to the Dallas shooting suspect.


Micah Johnson, the dead man believed to have been the suspect in the


police killings. Inevitably, the front of the


Guardian, the US reels from the Dallas massacre and a moving picture


that has been in a lot of the papers. Yes, so much imagery from


this incident is that you could have picked anything but the Guardian has


done well to capture a lot of the shop and helplessness I think a lot


of Americans will be feeling. -- the shock. This is was a monstrous


incident and the story has taken a thoughtful look at tying in the


horror of mass order -- smoulder, along with the themes of American


society and the gun culture and race relations that have collided to


bring about this tragedy. It is quite extraordinary what has


happened. Every day, you think that is the worst use we can get the day


and then you get something worse. Lorretta Lynch is the Attorney


General in America and she is black and she says that America has now


got feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and fear. It certainly


has because this sounds like a lone gunman. You could have that in any


city now and that is the big fear. The other is cup cat killers. What


is going to happen next? -- copycat. This is terrible and you can only


think, and they were all on a march, like lives matter. The march passed


by peacefully. A black man kills white police officers and you think


this is going to get worse before it gets better. It is the final insult


of the horrific affair that the people who were there peacefully


demonstrating and expressing their views in a way a democracy allows,


that has been sabotaged and undermined by this awful incident.


And it has the added difficulty for Americans that this was a man who


two weeks ago may have been considered a war hero. Yes, we will


get to the mirror with that. Extraordinary that, the impact these


scenes have because so much is caught on camera because everybody


has a camera phone and that quality is so good to be broadcast. There


were two death that week and one of which, the guy was dying and it was


shot by a policeman and his girlfriend was putting it out live


on Facebook. What surprises me is how few of the papers have carried


this on their front page. This is a serious and terrible thing that has


happened, it has knocked Tony Blair from the front pages for which


should be grateful. It is not on half the newspapers. Two top boys is


carrying it, the mirror and the Sun. -- tabloids. The Mirror pointing out


to Mako weeks ago, Micah Johnson had been thought of as a hero, he was an


army reservist -- two weeks ago. Served in Afghanistan and who knows


if that played into his behaviour last night. And this photo I find


more extraordinary. We have a man in camouflage turning to look at the


camera, perhaps not aware what is going on over his shoulder. As the


gunman apparently walks behind a concrete pillar and shoot somebody


in the back. I would not put that picture on the front page. Before a


man dies, yes. There was a story not so long ago of a person he used to


work in a TV station and who shot a reporter and filmed it and put it on


the internet and there were editorial decisions to put the


moment before that happened on the papers and maybe that was what the


shed and we will see more of that. The happy pictures on social media


of the many you referred to, Philando Castile, bleeding to death


in a car after being shot and his girlfriend put that on Facebook. And


we had this evening an example of that which we played off -- played a


little of, the serving black police officer who posted something on her


Facebook page denouncing racist police who served in the uniform.


And the emotions of delivering that on Facebook have much more power


than an interview. If that is what I was thinking of, that was so


dignified, it was not a rant. She became more emotional as it went on.


It was not over the top, it was a cry from the heart. Police in


America must wonder what could happen next. Yes. Anybody can get a


gun in America. Extremely difficult job they do. And you tend to focus


on these mass shootings and they reach across the Atlantic to our


News pages. But the gun problem in America is a steady flow of


shootings that happen underneath these mass shootings. Something like


30,000 people a year die from gun related injuries. If you include


just the injuries that survive, it is 100,000. And something like, even


though only 50% of the population is African-American, around 50% of the


gun murders affect black people. So it is intricately tied to the race


relations in America and this has brought this out. When I was waiting


earlier, there was a woman reporter in Washington on the News Channel


saying part of the problem is the old police officers would be


differently trained and less softly, softly and more go in and grab them.


Now officers get trained differently and some of the problems get caused


by the lack of training of the older officers. Now the domestic matters


which feature on some of the front pages, beginning with the Telegraph.


This is an interview with Theresa May. You must be in seventh heaven


as a political correspondence and shortly to be editor? Yes, and


completely exhausted, I have not slept for a month since EU


referendum and unexpected things keep happening. Everything gets


turned upside down and that is why this Tory leadership contest is so


exciting because Theresa May. Two women going into the membership vote


and she showed theoretically be the big favourite but nobody is taking


anything for granted. Remember Ken Clarke and Iain Duncan Smith going


into a leadership ballot and everybody said it would go for Ken


Clarke. He is the experienced man, and they went for Iain Duncan Smith.


And David Cameron against David Davis and tell that big speech at


the Tory conference. As Theresa May puts it on the front page of the


Daily Telegraph, politics could do with some bloody difficult women!


That is a Ken Clarke quote. She is quite right. Yes, she seems to be


making a point that the UK can look forward to this bigger and brighter


future which is interesting. That was the main theme of the first


speech of Andrea Leadsom so she perhaps has seen this would be an


advantageous beam and she wants a piece of that action, so in this


article, she is perhaps presenting a brighter face to the public after


being seen as this stern taskmaster who will take the EU and batter them


into shape. When you meet her, and I have met her a couple of times and


never interviewed her, she comes across as quite shy. She is very,


very friendly. Which was a surprise to me because she has a very stern


us -- stern exterior. Ever since she has come out as wanting to be the


next Prime Minister, she has completely transformed into this


smiley clever woman. And showing it. Before, she just did the job and she


hid away. She also has said she does not want parallels drawn between


these two women but I am afraid Andrea Leadsom is not up for not


drawing parallels. And that takes us drawing parallels. And that takes us


neatly to the Times. She has done something which is drawing a


parallel different personal experiences, if not political. It is


better I do not talk about this. We have tried to work out the


calculation that went into her making the comments in this


interview. Steam coming out of your ears at the moment, we will speak to


you in a minute! She has suggested she would be a better Prime Minister


because she has children and she is a mother. Taken on its own out of


context, that could be Bury North tweet know in the she could not have


children -- that in the last week. And that it was a difficult thing to


accept. She said they were affected by it, she never played it up. Yes,


she was very dignified. And so this is a very low blow. And Andrea


Leadsom alludes to the fact that maybe Theresa May could be hurt by


it. And she talks about it. She says she feels, the quote is genuine, I


feel being a mother means you have a real stake in the future of our


country, a tangible stake. Is that unreasonable? She says, I am sure


Theresa May will be really sad she does not have children so I do not


want to be the, Andrea has children and the razor does not, I think that


would be really horrible. That is exactly what you are doing, Madame!


And she says, motherhood means more empathy. This is not empathetic,


this is saying, I have children, you have not. I think it is horrible. We


have seen in this contest how playing the person instead of the


ball has backfired. Yes. It is interesting because the last time we


saw that, it was down to MPs to pick the winning candidate and now it is


down to the Tory membership so Andrea Leadsom may have made a


calculation that this line of attack will play well with a lot of small


seated Conservatives. In the last couple of minutes, Andrea Leadsom


has tweeted, re-tweeted the cover of the times and added the words, truly


appalling and the exact opposite of what I have said, I am disgusted. I


am sorry, we journalists and we do not make things up, we really do


not. That happened 30 years ago and it does not happen now. This is in


quotes. Everybody was Mac mobile phone... We do not know what was not


included. It does not matter. The stuff in quotes is leaving me


flabbergasted that somebody of judgment... Even if you do give her


the benefit of the doubt. Which I will not, I am struggling. Even so,


she has said things in quotes which have been easily put into this kind


of story and that suggests a judgment. One last story. Greedy


currency firms exploiting holiday-makers because of the fall


in the money macro. 1 euro for ?1 if you are lucky! I am amazed at the


Mail which I used to work for a long time ago, they consider that the


best story at the moment with such awful things happening on the world


stage, shame on them for that. And if you go on holiday, do not buy


your money at the airport. Watchdog would give that advice. There are


plenty of places, most people have got a phone to find the best way to


change money. I wish I had listened to you back then!


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