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Wimbledon, she claims her 22nd grand slam title.


Hello, welcome to our look at what is ahead in the papers. With me in


the studio, political commentator Joe Phillips, and Nigel Nelson,


political editor of the Sunday Mirror. Welcome to you both. What we


have so far, the Observer, Labour plunged into their greatest crisis


for generation, is a leadership bid is launched against Jeremy Corbyn.


The Telegraph, senior allies of Teresa May have gone to war on


Andrea Leadsom. The Sunday Times, same story, saying 20 MPs would quit


the party if Andrea Leadsom wins the leadership race. The Sunday express


covers the same comment saying that mothers have rounded on her and


accused her of weapon arising parenthood in a fight to become


Prime Minister. Mail on Sunday, Cliff Richard launches a ?1 million


legal action against the BBC after the broadcast of a police raid on


his home. The Sunday Mirror, the splash on the news that the former


Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott believes Tony Blair illegally took


the country into the Iraq war. We will come to that in a moment but we


kick off with the Telegraph. It has got the story about Andrea Leadsom


and the whole row about what she said or did not say to the Times


newspaper. What do you make of it all? That she is rather stupid. Tell


us what you really think! Incredibly naive. Most people have now seen the


transcript of her interview with a respect political journalist. Andrea


Leadsom, saying in the interview, I don't want to make this sound nasty


or unkind, which is the classic mistake, you say, with every


respect, but... But if she did not want to be so, she did not need to


say it. She made the classic mistake of them giving the story legs by


making this rather ridiculous blaming of the messenger. If this


woman seriously wants to become Prime Minister she needs to get a


grip and some common sense about dealing with the press. Will it


affect her chances? It will. I actually like her and think she is


rather good for a Brexit supporter, a worthy challenger to Teresa May,


but I agree with every word, that she has been absolutely stupid. Does


it show inexperience? It does. Any experienced politician would have


been on their guard for questions like that and dealt with it. And as


a result she makes the mistake of not simply saying, I'm sorry if I


caused any offence, instead she claimed not to say it, we all know


that she did. Now the Sunday Telegraph have produced a litany of


Tory woman saying there are against her. And Alan Duncan and Philip


Hammond. Who broke off a conference today to actually have a go at her.


We go now to your story in the Sunday Mirror. Extraordinary, John


Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister, now saying the Iraq war


was illegal, in the week of the Chilcott report. The reason he is


doing so is because of the Chilcott report. He does a regular column for


the Sunday Mirror and has chosen to go down memory lane, he was Deputy


Prime Minister at the time. He says that he now thinks the war was


illegal. At the time, and the column is fascinating, it goes into what


was happening in Cabinet. His main complaint was that he was not


getting the paperwork, nor were the Cabinet ministers. So the infamous


legal judgment from the to any general at the time, John Prescott


says that no paperwork came with it. He just walked in, gave a verbal


presentation, that was it. Did he say what he did not ask at the time?


He said he does. He said he asked the Cabinet Secretary, ask Tony


Blair, even sent in to America to try to allay his fears, and of


course, he apologises for having voted for it. Speaking of the Labour


Party, of course there is a Tory leadership contest, and it looks


like there will be a Labour Party contest, Angela Eagle will announce


on Monday, what do you make of it? You could not make it up. The last


couple of weeks have been astonishing for anybody following


British politics. Labour is absolutely in the midst of the most


unpleasant civil war. What seems to have happened is that Angela Eagle,


who has been threatening, walking around with a wet dishcloth,


threatening to stand against Jeremy Corbyn, and now apparently going to


do so on Monday. But what is a slightly more interesting twist is


the unions, the main unions, who fund Labour, Len McCluskey, of Unite


union, turning bitterly and the deputy leader, Tom Watson. And you


saw the clips and the news, Jeremy saying, I am not under threat,


everything is fine. But it does look chaotic to me. Most of us are old


enough to remember the SDP. Could we be looking at a new party? Or the


Labour Party collapsing into Mac? We are certainly looking at a


realignment. Because I cannot see how the Labour Party, in Parliament,


when the majority of its MPs do not support the leader, how they are


actually serving their constitutional duties as Her Majesty


is opposition. Can you see a split? I can, if they cannot sort this out.


The party is totally dysfunctional, nowhere near any kind of opposition.


The observer describes this is the greatest crisis for generations. It


might at blessed be coming to an end. If Tom Watson had not said,


there is no point carrying on with discussions with the unions, then we


might have had a leadership challenge, at least it is out in the


open instead of tracking on to conference time. What happens if


Corbyn gets re-elected? That is when the party splits. Cliff Richard,


suing the BBC for ?1 million over the filming at his house. His


lawyers have dispatched letters to the BBC and South Yorkshire Police.


The intention is to Sue for misuse of private information. Basically he


says that detectives and reporters unlawfully colluded to invade his


privacy. They quote him as saying, I want my day in court. There has been


an apology, the BBC said it was sorry that he suffered distress. It


is one of those difficult things about the relationship between the


police and broadcasters or reporters, which all of us are aware


of. And often is very good. To have a relationship can be very useful


for both sides. It can be in the public interest. You often don't


blunder into a situation where you should not because you ask the


police first. That this was a certain mistake. Andy Murray, Centre


Court. I shall be watching tomorrow. This is so exciting. If there is any


fairness in the world he should win. Because Novak Djokovic is out...


Why, because he is British? Because both of his main opponents are out.


His Canadian opponent could do it but he is not that well known to


people like me, I am sure. But he certainly caused an upset by


knocking out Roger Federer. Everybody is looking for a bit of


sunshine. And a huge television audience, the papers are saying. I'm


afraid Wimbledon has rather passed me by because of all the political


Makkah -- machinations have kept me busy going on. Predictions? I think


you will. He will. We will be back 11:30pm for another look at stories


making the news tomorrow. Time now


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