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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are political commentator Jo Phillips and Nigel Nelson,


political editor of the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.


The Observer says that Labour has been plunged into its "greatest


crisis for generations" as a leadership bid was launched


The Telegraph claims that Theresa May's most senior


allies have gone to war against Andrea Leadsom


in retaliation for her comments on motherhood.


The Sunday Times also goes for the same story and says that 20


Tory MPs 'would quit party' if Mrs Leadsom were to win


The Sunday Express also covers her controversial comments,


saying that mothers have rounded on Andrea Leadsom


and accused her of "weaponising" parenthood in her fight to become


The Mail on Sunday reports that Sir Cliff Richard has launched a ?1


million law suit over the BBC's broadcast of the police


The Sunday Mirror splashes on news that the former


Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott now believes that


Tony Blair illegally led the country into the Iraq war.


So, we begin with Andrea lets them. The Sunday Times, the enemies stick


the knife in? -- Leadsom. That's before we even get to the Labour


Party. It seems that her ill-advised comments that were recorded by the


Times and broadcast quite widely, she is now being criticised, saying


she is in a better position than Theresa May because she has children


and Theresa May hasn't. Apparently 21 MPs have said they would quit the


party if she won, including Nick Bowles. Philip Hammond broke off


from some quite serious talks to defend Theresa May and criticise


Andrea Leadsom. I thought he said he had never heard of her? I think a


lot of us hadn't heard of her until she appeared. Does that necessarily


matter? I think he was talking about other European leaders, but no, it


doesn't matter. The Sunday Times, of all the reports in the Sunday


papers, this is the most brutal. They are quoting Iain Duncan Smith


as saying the party went from Project Fear to protect smear. She


brought it on herself. She did something very stupid, that is


absolutely right. This is a woman who wants to be Prime Minister, who


has demonstrated astonishing naivete and foolhardiness in making this


statement with a degree of arrogance. I think this is all true,


but the Tory party is now doing the nasty stuff to try and knock her out


of the campaign. I would rather hope that the person who is at the centre


of this, Theresa May, would come out and be cool and dignified, get on


with business as usual. Will the party be damaged or will it does


come together and say, we are all friends now? It depends on the


result. The answer last year for Labour was that they were not. From


Andrea Leadsom's point of view, we will campaign and get to know the


party membership. The party members are now the ones who will decide who


becomes Prime Minister. Theresa May it -- Theresa May's supporters would


only like three weeks. Nine weeks, there could be a lot of wild on the


floor. We could all be in the shadow cabinet -- blood. The Telegraph have


taken the angle, the Tory women are turning against Andrea Leadsom. They


have quoted a number of prominent Conservatives who are allies of


Theresa May. Some of them were Leave in the referendum campaign, but they


are backing Theresa May. Including the leader of the Scottish


Conservatives, Priti Patel as well. They also have a quote from Alan


Duncan, a former minister and one of Theresa May's supporters. He said, I


am gay and in a civil partnership. I have ten nieces and nephews, do I


not have a stake in the future of the country? Yes, other MPs have


said similar things. This will focus on Andrea Leadsom's view on gay


marriage as well, which has also come up. She brought it on herself,


I have no sympathy. It is the beginning of the campaign, a serious


error, can she come back from it? You're the expert! It will be


something else next week. A story like this is bigger the moment but


will be forgotten quickly. Maybe it'll be a bout tax returns. Do you


think that the Tory party activists who will vote in this election, are


you 100% that they might support her? One of the things about


supporting her is that a lot of those Tory activists quite like the


idea of a Brexit Prime Minister. Theresa May, a safe pair of hands.


She seems quite popular when you see her at party conferences. You never


can be quite sure how an electorate goes. Moving away from that to your


story, Nigel, about John Prescott. This is interesting, we had the


Chilcot report this week and this is extraordinary, John Prescott, Tony


Blair's deputy Prime Minister now says he believes the Iraq war was


illegal? Yes, it was based on something that could and unfettered.


-- Kofi Annan said. What is interesting is how little the


Cabinet were given in terms of documentary evidence and the kind of


things you needed to make a decision. He complained to the


Cabinet Secretary at the time about this. One of the most important


things was the legality for going to war. It would seem, according to


John Prescott, the attorney general came in and told them verbally that


he thought the whole thing was legal but there was some paperwork. I find


it astonishing that the idea that you are not sitting around with a


few bits of paper, doing it, then being told that something of such


importance... Without being able to scrutinise whether there is proper


evidence for it... He says he was unhappy about it at the time and he


regrets voting for war. He has made an apology to the families of those


who were killed, both British soldiers and in Iraq. That is not


excusing it, they made a collective decision, it was a huge mistake and


it shouldn't have happened. If they made a collective decision but only


some of them... Line it is about what lessons you learn from that.


John Prescott argues that we should have learned a lesson. Let's get


away from this idea of presidential government. The Prime Minister comes


first, then Cabinet responsibility. Going to the Observer,. -- going to


the Observer... Angela Eagle says, she is pretty much saying she is


going to launch a leadership campaign on Monday. So it is a


battle between her and Jeremy Corbyn. Could this be the end of the


Labour Party? I think it is. I cannot see how the Labour Party can


go on as the official opposition when you've got more than 100 MPs


who do not support their leader. He is struggling to get enough people


to put together a shadow cabinet. He is refusing to stand down. You have


now got Unite the union, the biggest donor, there general secretary has


turned on Tom Watson, Jeremy Corbyn's deputy. Angela Eagle is


probably a stalking horse to try and push things through. I can see a


point... Posted Brexit, everything is up for grabs in a way and in


turmoil. The Lib Dems, who don't get very much coverage these days, are


in a position with a disgruntled Labour Party and perhaps with the


more European side of the Conservative party to begin to do


something sensible. There is a feeling that there is a group of


people who are not represented in these shenanigans. You are


absolutely right that there has been a lot of talk in Westminster about


how a merger could work with the Lib Dems. What would happen is that


Jeremy Corbyn, should a split happen, would retain the party name,


offices and money. The new Labour would be interesting. They would


have party organisation money, Administration. What would they be


called? One of the things I was saying in my: This week is that it


is rather like crossing a labrador with a poodle, so you would get the


Labour-doodle-Dems. I wonder how many people would vote for them? I


do hope it is a more sensible name. There are other dog breeds that come


to mind, but perhaps we shouldn't... The Sunday Times, one of their


reporters was tragically killed in Syria. The story here is that he --


the Assad government deliberately targeted the building in which she


was staying? Yes, apparently her family have filed a lawsuit. She was


killed in the house by a rocket attack, and the family are claiming


she was killed by a Syrian government forces. I am sure you


will remember, just after she had done a very moving and shocking


report, pretty much accusing the Syrian army of shelling cold,


starving children. It was one of many memorable reports that she did.


She did the live television interview from the building where


she was staying, and within hours she was killed. The suggestion is


that it was deliberate? The idea that your targeting journalists in


that way... Whether it has any legs to go on, who knows? Go into


something slightly lighter, the prospects for Andy Murray? You're a


big tennis fan, the match tomorrow? Nigel knows more about it. Which one


is Andy Murray in the pictures? I think it is very exciting. I think


he is really in with a chance. In with a chance? Will donate! I think


you can do it, I think it's brilliant. Of course he can do it.


He will be playing at Milos Raonic. -- playing at Milos Raonic. We think


18 million might watch? Yes, millions and millions. It would be


nice to have something cheerful. After everything we've been going


through. Express has a special about steamy nude TV shows, Train-spotting


live? It is live footage of trains. -- new. They probably should have


shown it... Equate here is, laughing at train-spotters has become a cheap


joke for too long. -- the quote here. That's it for now, up next,


the Film Review.


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