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we have seen Jeremy not do that job. He has been hiding behind a door,


not talking to his members of Parliament.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Political Correspondent for the Guardian,


Rowena Mason, and the Westminster Correspondent for the South West


There's really only one show in town: The anointing


Theresa May's 'fast track' to Number 10.


The Mail describes the imminent 'coronation' of Theresa


and features a smiling picture of the soon-to-be PM and her husband


The Mirror calls for an early general election to give Mrs May


The Times looks ahead to who could be


is the Prime Minister who can reunite the Tory party.


The Express carries a warning to Theresa May


The FT leads with Mrs May promising to make


Brexit a successAnd the Metro describes a day of


We are going to start with the Daily Mail, who backed Theresa May. As you


say, they backed her, it was only last week... It feels like a long


time ago. She was a supporter of Remain and she is also a hard line


on immigration which appeals to the Daily Mail and I am sure they will


continue to get behind as long as she does what she said today and


that is deliver on Brexit. He caught on the eyeball, there, but an


affectionate kiss in the photograph. There will be some people


disappointed? Absolutely. It could come back to haunt her because she


has been given this job because her opponent dropped out and nobody has


voted for her apart from 100 99 MPs. This is a different set of policies


from what we voted on a year ago? I think it will be if she follows on


from the speech today. She made a fascinating speech this morning. If


you closed your eyes and imagined a lower tone it could have been Ed


Miliband... Of really? It was a fascinating, powerful speech calling


to reform, irresponsible big business, talking about putting


workers on boards, intervening in the energy markets. It was a real


eye-opener because the issue is whether she will get to do all of


these things because they seem to be dominated one subject. In The


Guardian, you are picking up that it Guardian, you are picking up that it


has cut short what should have been a nine week contest. People have not


heard what she is about. We know she is the Home Secretary and we know


what she stands on on Brexit but do we know about what she stands for on


the economy? She seems to have parked on Labour 's lawn and taken a


more centric position. But we do not know the specifics in terms of


policy and she has given hints here and there, she wants to ditch the


target of getting a surplus by George Osborne, it seems, but we do


not know how much planning has been going on behind the scenes. She does


not have to abide by the rules. Should not set it. But she would


have to have an Autumn statement which would reset the country's


fiscal position. It will look different... A lot worse than


earlier this year. She was not able to achieve the surplus at whatever


the figures are, they agreed, and she may be able to make a position


to make some difficult decisions. -- grim. Is Brexit overshadowing


everything else? I think she's heading for what possibly a tough


time. She will have the poison pill of having to push the button on


Brexit, Article 50, which triggers that the UK leaving the EU and there


is a possibility of market jitters. You believe the Remain side, then


job losses, companies pulling out so that will be a tricky moment for her


and how she prepares for that moment and how she tries to calm fears and


make people feel better... We heard from the deputy chair there was a


compassionate conservative with a small sea, she would hope to be


something akin to that - can she do that with all the shackles she is


facing? All politicians, all prime ministers are going to call


themselves compassionate politicians. They promise to be a


one nation Prime Minister but the reality can be very different


because many economists tell us we could very well be in recession next


year. It depends on what deal we can achieve when dealing with the


European Union. We could be a significantly poorer country. It is


not matter what intentions you set out with but they may be swept away


by the economic situation. The front page of The Sun, quite a punchy


front page. All those that would be leaders. I wonder how many of those


will feature in her cabinet? We do not know and she will be spending a


lot of time in the next couple of days - she probably has the week to


come up with the Cabinet she thinks will be able to deliver Brexit.


People who she trusts and people on the Brexit side so that she shows


that the party and the country that she will be delivering on what they


have asked her to do and some of the key Brexit people, Liam Fox, Chris


Grayling, to people who have been introducing campaign speeches for


her. You would expect them to feature. She can reunite the Tories,


but there are some angry about the way Angela was treated... Just to go


back on what The Sun has predicted their readers identify with, not the


fact that she has been Home Secretary and policies on


immigration are the shoes that she wears. The same is kitten heel,


leopardprint shoes. They were quick to label her the new Maggie


Thatcher. Can she reunite the party? We are going to move on and took


about how quickly she may press ahead to triggering Article 50 and I


think that will be crucial in terms of uniting the party. Many of her


MPs and party members will want her to press ahead very fast on the


decision the country took in the referendum. Theresa May's stated


position is to move slowly and to start negotiations next year. In The


Express underlying that. Make sure you get us out of the EU. This is a


warning from the Daily Express. The Daily Express crusade - they are


going to try and make sure she delivers what she has promised and


that Brexit means Brexit. There are different ideas even within the


Brexit have our how to do it. There will be hurdles along the way and


she will have to negotiate between all these different points of view.


From the soft Brexit to the hardline who want to see Article 50 triggered


straightaway so that there is no lag or retreating from what they see as


the key things and number one on that list is ending freedom of


movement. And then you go into issues as to whether you can and


freedom of movement and still be part of the single market. She was


agreeing that if we were to retain access to the single market, there


freedom of movement and you can bet freedom of movement and you can bet


your life that those sorts of comments will be studied very


closely. All of that may fall into the camp on the new Brexit


portfolio. We all this talk about the top three jobs - treasury and


foreign and I wonder if Brexit is the one they all want. I do not know


what that new role is going to be called- negotiator? A couple of


people I mentioned earlier are people I mentioned earlier are


possible contenders for that... Of the Times go into who they think


might be that person. Two of the key people muted, Chris railing and


David Davis and potentially Liam Fox. What the Times on to say is


they have interesting intelligence about Boris Johnson was said by


friends to expect little from Theresa May so he's not waiting by


the phone but it is still possible she could for him something... I


think Michael Gove is to expect even less. Very frosty between him and


Theresa May. Philip had been is tipped to take over as the


Chancellor. -- Philip Hammond. He is someone who is spoken about the


dangers of leaving the single market. Chris Grayling went


straightaway to Theresa May and some people were surprised. Maybe he will


cash in on that result? There will be some people expecting rewards and


although Theresa May said clearly she was not promising jobs to


anybody, some people were very quick to see which way the wind was


blowing. Some people threw their weight behind Theresa May other than


people like Doris Johnson. Let's look at the shoe-ins, the foot


in the doors and the lost souls. Can we talk about the lost souls, Nicky


Morgan who didn't run for the leadership, and John Whittingdale,


the Culture Secretary. Patrick McLoughlan is interesting as well.


Talking about key decisions away from Brexit, transport department is


one of those, with the long-awaited decision on airport expansion. I


don't know where she sets on Heathrow and HS2. That is very


important with Southern conservative MPs. Although the legislation has


gone through and the work has started, it will be a significantly


poorer country in future if that is the case, then HS2... Down the


bottom there is a basket of goodies waiting for her when she gets into


Number Ten, Trident Mac, Heathrow runway, Scottish independence, the


G20 meeting, snap election -- Trident. Trident is interesting


because one of the first things all incoming Prime ministers have to do


is sign a letter of last resort which is the instruction to the


commanders of the Trident subs, hiding under the Atlantic, about


what to do if there is a nuclear war. Britain has been devastated,


perhaps, in these circumstances, they have to find nuclear weapons to


carry on fighting the enemy, or head to Australia. When Tony Blair was


shown this letter and was instructed to sign it, he went white. Would she


go white? She has been in COBRA and some of the big security meeting.


All candidates she has the experience. She will have seen some


hair raising things as Home Secretary when it comes to terrorist


attacks. It is still quite a moment. Nuclear devastation on another


country. Trident is the easy one. She knows how the party will vote.


She will use that in her first week of prime ministership as a method of


showing that the Conservative Party are united on this issue, whereas


Labour are divided. Looking at the shoe ins, Philip Hammond for


Chancellor they say, Liam Fox could be on his way to Brexit secretary


role, and David Davis as you say back in government. Chris Grayling


and David Davis have perhaps been frustrated they didn't get the roles


they might have wanted with David Cameron and now they might be on the


rise. David Davis is suing Theresa May's department currently over the


snoopers charter, the temporary charter, surveillance, so if he gets


the top job despite suing the Home Office... Nothing is impossible. The


timetable, Friday for the big jobs? They are being tightlipped about


when Theresa May will announce her Cabinet. She is meant to be working


in her office tomorrow. And having a think. Yes, because she is already


doing their job at the moment. This doing their job at the moment. This


is a formality. If she has it in place at the end of the week she is


doing all right. The Daily Mirror, holding her to the words in 2007


when Gordon Brown took power, the only election, bring it on. She said


he needed a mandate and now they say so do you. It is interesting. Well,


they might call it hypocrisy. This is what she called for. These are


the standards that she held Gordon Brown to. She is planning to go on


and be the Prime Minister for four years, until 2020, and she won't be


voted in by the country. On the other hand, she would find it


difficult to get the support from Tory MPs to hold a snap election.


They only fought one about a year ago. A lot of people have just one


marginal seats who wouldn't be used about having to fight another one.


-- won. We have had mayhem galore and the market just wants stability.


Do we want snap elections? I am sure the markets won't want it. We


suggested it seems surprising that a Labour supporting paper in the Daily


Mirror is saving bring it the early election. That would point to the


last thing the party needs and could do well in. Obviously, later this


week, events might determine that. She says she will not have an early


election. That seems definite. If you do, you need to rule it out


first. The thing that cost Gordon Brown in 2007 wasn't that he didn't


hold the early election after becoming Prime Minister and getting


a mandate, he tantalised us that he was going to and then he pulled out


for some ridiculous reason and then he looked like a chicken. Theresa


May has made a sensible position of ruling it out at the moment. I am


sure she is keeping her options open. A quick look inside the Mail.


Car crash campaign destroys Andrea, accidental candidate. They point to


the Times' story on the weekend, saying she was hard done by. It was


all a bit of a card -- car crash. She did quite a good concessional


speech. The reasons she gave a not the ones she had given in these less


than satisfactory interviews over the last few days. She said she


withdrew because the country needed stability. Is it the real story? No.


If you believe that, you believe anything. I read the Telegraph


interview this morning and it was almost like hands in front of my


eyes. She talked about how it was a shattering experience over the last


few days and she felt under attack. The interviewer asked when she had


last cried and she said 20 minutes ago. I read all of that and wondered


how on earth she could carry on. One Tory MP was brutal today and said


that whatever happened over the weekend, if she felt under attack,


that is nothing compared to talking to President Putin. Yes. There is


the echo of the campaign from Boris Johnson. The telephone calls, the


e-mails, not doing what she was supposed to do, what campaigners


were supposed to have done, it shows how difficult it can be to run a


campaign. I think so, and she hadn't really run anything like this


before. And don't forget, when she actually threw her hat in the ring


to be leader, Boris Johnson was in the race. When she put the


nomination papers in Boris Johnson was running and Michael Gove hadn't


declared. She would have thought that she was going to come third or


fourth and then get a nice Cabinet job in Boris Johnson's premiership.


It didn't quite work out as she had expected. I saw at hoik today which


had confirmed to her followers that it was all over and two... I assumed


there won't be a -- tweet. Well, you never know. What about David Cameron


harming his way into Number Ten this evening? -- humming. Is said he


would like to do what John Major did, take a seat in the Lords and


stay in politics somehow. I think we know very little about what he wants


to do next. He has been pressed about it once and he is saying he


will definitely stay until 2020, he will be a backbench MP and then


after that it is sort of up for grabs. He definitely doesn't want to


do what Tony Blair did, just to flee immediately. Make loads of money but


see your reputation trashed. He doesn't want to do that, he wants to


carry on until the next election. After that, who knows? Apparently,


he might move his children. It says she can now be educated privately


without creating a fuss. I am scooting on because I want to get to


Labour in a while. Weekly, before we do that, the markets get to an 11


month high, the 250 is up, the FTSE 100 is up, so, where is the


Market looked relieved after the Market looked relieved after the


Prime Minister has been put in place but don't forget the FTSE 100 is in


dollars and not pounds. -- markets look relieved. Billions of pounds


have still been wiped off the stock markets in the referendum result.


Still, billions have been written off. Maybe there is a rally. There


might be joy for those who haven't bought euros yet, in that the pound


rose slightly. 1.46, wasn't it? OK, let's turn to Labour. It is


extraordinary, we have gone through the papers and Labour isn't on the


front pages of anywhere, really, and yet they have real problems. It has


little reference to Angela Eagle, former Shadow Business Secretary,


who has launched a formal challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. She failed to


make waves today. Unfortunately, she was announcing a leadership bid and


giving the speech at the time Andrea giving the speech at the time Andrea


Leadsom pulled out all the Tory race. She has been squeezed in terms


of the space. There was a moment on Twitter which did the rounds, it


went viral when she went, where is the BBC, Robert Peston, she has been


overshadowed somewhat? Jeremy Corbyn will be happy about that. The real


thing is tomorrow when the executive committee will determine whether


Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot without the support of... How does


it work? How many are on the committee who will decide? I think


it is 33. Is it a secret ballot? That we don't know. There are fears


among Corbyn supporters that it could be a secret ballot. We don't


quite know at the moment. It looks like there are more Corbyn


supporters on the NEC than non- Corbyn supporters but there are


rumours people are on holiday at the moment. Some people want to delay


it. It really is up for grabs, potentially. Whatever the decision,


it mightn't be the end of it, because if Jeremy Corbyn is excluded


or isn't automatically on the ballot, he said he would go to court


to challenge it. Take a step back, let's remind people that the


question is whether MPs would have to renominate him or whether as the


incumbent he would automatically be on the ballot. It seems like a


really technical point. It hasn't been done before. There is a


president, when Neil can -- Kinnock gathered votes. The income it


wouldn't necessarily have to. There are differing legal opinions about


it. -- incumbent. Supporters say he shouldn't have together these


nominations. His opponents say that he should. Even some opponents, some


rebels, they have said that he should automatically be allowed onto


the ballot because if it doesn't happen it could look like a stitch


up, and very unfair. A lot of Labour members would be very unhappy if he


wasn't given a fair fight. Is Angela Eagle the stalking horse? Has she


been put up to bring him to the ballot, or is she serious? And how


convincing is what she said today? She is not a stalking horse, she is


certainly serious, and she will be in the contest. Whether she is the


only person in the contest depends on what happens to... If she isn't


on the ballot, there are other candidates. I imagine others would


enter the race and it wouldn't be a coronation for her if Jeremy Corbyn


goes. If he is in the race there is a strong argument, just having one


candidate... If he isn't, others could come in, is that Cooper


perhaps. -- Yvette. And others as well, I am sure. We will watch it


closely. Plenty more to come, no doubt. That is it for The Papers.


The weather is coming up next.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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