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of Black Lives Matter. Is the Legend of Cars and king of swingers? We


have that and other top releases in the Film Review -- Tarzan. Welcome


to a look at what the papers will bring us tomorrow morning.


With me are the journalist Eva Simpson and the economics editor


Andy Murray image is on the front of the Guardian -


The Guardian lead story is what it says is a "dramatic rise"


in the number of people being referred to gender


It also reports Angela's Eagles bid to challenge Jeremy Corbyn.


The Mirror has an exclusive interview with Angela Eagle.


She tells the paper how she want to repair the divisions


she believes are ripping the Labour Party apart.


The Telegraph also reports on Ms Eagles leadership bid.


It leads on an reported personal apology from Andrea Leadsom


to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, after Mrs Leadsom appeared


to suggest being a mother made her a better candidate to be


The Times leads with the news that Theresa May is promising to "curb


executive pay and install employees on company boards" in a bid to crack


The Daily Express reports that too, saying that Theresa May's


is pledging to - in its words - "create a Britain for everyone


The Daily Mail claims foreign patients are being prioritised


for NHS operations while it says that British patients are to wait up


The Metro leads: Tories and Labour's leadership war -


as well as focusing on new statistics which,


it says shows criminals being allowed to break the law


And the Sun shows Andy Murray clutching his Wimbeldon trophy


after beating Canadian Milos Raonic in Wimbeldon final.


Let's get cracking with the Times. Theresa May say in what we might


have expected. You remember the general election in 2015... That was


a long time ago. They have a platform of making reform to


capitalism, challenging big business. It was rubbish from the


Tories but now it has been adopted wholesale from Theresa May. She says


she will put what Mary workers on company boards. With got to reduce


the gap between rich and poor. We have got to make capitalism work for


everyone, it could have been spoken by Ed Miliband -- We've got. Very


interesting. She thinks that is the way to pitch herself to the country.


She is trying to distance Andrea Leadsom and herself but between


David Cameron and George Osborne, repudiating the way things have been


going for the last six years. Is it a tentative approach given the


Labour Party? It feels like a general election pitch. It is only a


members of the Conservative Party who will vote on who the next Prime


Minister will be. It is really quite strange. It feels like her pitch to


the nation. She is setting out how she will approach things. This is


her pitch on business. She says she is going to curb executive pay.


There are lots of promises. No beef, as they say. No beef on how it will


pan out. It remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see if she is


challenged on these points when she talks later. It is all about the


parties. The Daily Mirror has a photo of Angela Eagle. It also has


what it says is an exclusive interview with Angela Eagle. A very


serious looking picture, which is presumably to match their headline.


My fight to save Labour. Indeed. Given that tomorrow she will launch


her bit for the leadership, we know Jeremy Corbyn won't stand down.


There is an epic battle that is about to be unleashed. It could


split the Labour Party. Even though she says she wants to save it and


bring it together, her actions could split the party. I spoke with


someone today from the Labour Party and she was furious by what she was


doing and thought it was counter-productive. She doesn't have


a huge amount of ambition and around her up until now. There is a sense


that we need someone to bring this to a head. She did some good


performances in PMQs. She was effective, funny. She has that on


her CV already. She feels she needs to be there for the good of the


party. Saving the Labour Party is the key theme. It is not about me,


it is about the Labour Party. One of the other papers saying she has


problems in their own backyard with Corbyn supporters. The Times, on the


Labour story, we've got this interesting story on the right. I


will see you in court, Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour MPs. It isn't clear if


he will be on the ballot. He says he should automatically be on the


ballot. And he has been challenged. Angela Eagle says he needs 51 MPs


supporting him. He would have 40 in a vote of no-confidence. It look


likely. Jeremy Corbyn will take his own party to court if he is not on


the ballot. These are brutal times. Talking about trying to save the


whole thing. See you in court. If they get it so he is not on the


ballot and he is excluded, this very popular figure, how will members


react? Will they leave the Labour Party or fight on? Will they say


they were betrayed by the party? If it ends up in court, it is just the


beginning. We are too young, of course. It is starting to feel,


including the rhetoric, like the early 80s, when it was on the battle


of the rulebook, and saying, no, you can't do this. There were court


cases and ultimately a split. Our people serious about that now? They


are certainly talking about it -- Are. A centrist party with Tory


Remainers even. It is all up in the air with all parties. Who knows what


it will look like when it settles. Meanwhile, the Telegraph. They say


sorry is the hardest word but apparently Andrea Leadsom said sorry


to chorizo may. -- said sorry to Theresa May. She has given another


interview to the Telegraph and she said she had spoken to Theresa May


and told her how sorry she is for any hurt she has caused and this was


the suggestion in her interview to the Times, that she would make a


better Prime Minister because she is a mother and Theresa May isn't. That


has dominated all the headlines this weekend. Looks like she is drawing a


line underneath it. She wants us to move on. I don't think Theresa May


wants to move on. Was she naive, being too clever, stitched up? She


was very naive. Not so much in the comments which she believed in. It


was the fact that she denied she had said it even though it was on tape.


She said she didn't mean to say it. Well, you did say it. She didn't


mean for it to be reported. I didn't think they would publish it. It was


very unprofessional, the whole way it was handled and it underlines her


inexperience. Will members mark her down or will they think who cares?


There are many seizing on that. So Eric Pickles, a bruiser in political


terms, elegantly said she clearly doesn't have the experience -- Sir.


She isn't the first politician to use her children to gain brownie


points amongst the electorate. There was a move which was effective in


building Tony Blair as an ordinary family man who was in touch with


voting concerns. The insinuation was she wasn't in touch. Theresa May


wasn't in Dutch, whereas she was. -- touch. It was all about exit, with


good news in the Telegraph. Do you drive? Yes. Are you fed up with how


expensive your insurance is? Yes. According to the Telegraph, a Brexit


worst for women drivers, it says we could get a better deal on car


insurance because they are going to scrap EU rules on gender neutral


pricing. That sounds like a fantastic idea. It goes onto say


that AA has said it has doubts whether this will be overturned


because the has been adapted and it would be too costly to arm do. The


insurance companies might lose money. LAUGHTER.


It sounds good. Yes. I have never been a member of Sheila's Wheels but


I am sure there are plenty of other good insurance companies. Good news


stories of the Brexit. Let's get something on the front of the Daily


Telegraph, which is a huge Brexit progressive. We can't avoid talking


about, nor should we, the photo on the top of the Telegraph of Andy


Murray beaming. I love this on the Daily Mail. What a great photo.


After he won I thought he was just clutching this trophy like a baby.


It was just, like, anyone come near him and he would sort of be really


cross. It was a fantastic match. Something to really lift the whole


nation. Milos Raonic wasn't... He is no pushover. He earned it. 140 miles


an hour is serving straight to the body -- hour serving. That


expression on his face, he does look like a dad holding his debut. And we


even had tears at one point as well. One final one has come in from the


Sun, slightly more typical Andy Murray expression... They caught him


in mid- air pumping expression, still clutching the trophy. He won't


let that go. A lot of the time post- Wimbledon photos are quite warring.


He has done us proud -- boring. We don't normally associate Andy Murray


with a lot of character. The first time he won he said he didn't really


enjoy it. He didn't remember much about what happened. He felt the


pressure more than he felt it this time. Afterwards he can really enjoy


and relish it. The great headline, new bawls... He was crying a lot. I


think that was just hayfever. Maybe. It is that time of year. It is


always a pleasure, thank you for being with us on BBC News. That is


it for the papers. Thank you for your company. Coming up now, the




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