20/07/2016 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Colleen Graffy, a former US State Department


official and now law professor, and Jason Beattie,


Let's have a look at tomorrow's front pages.


TheFinancial Times leads with an HSBC trader charged


The Guardian saying that the investigation into payment of


workers at Sports Direct is being expanded.


The Financial Times leads with an HSBC trader charged


The Metro reports that scientists have found a way


The Express says the Bank of England is claiming the British


economy is "booming", after the vote to leave


The Telegraph leads with the same story, along with German Chancellor


Angela Merkel's warning that the UK should not hurry the Brexit process.


The Times reports that Theresa May will delay the talks for leaving


The male leads on the banker charged with fraud in New York reporting the


amount involved is over two and a half billion pounds. That's begin.


Let's kick off at the Financial Times. It has Angela Merkel and


Theresa May at the first meeting between the two leaders, the two


women. They made reference to that in the news conference. Some nice


pictures of the both of them unsurprising they hadn't met for,


they have a lot in common, they are both long married, both daughters of


clergyman, I think Theresa May speaks some Germans which is


wonderful and Theresa May gave Angela Merkel some guides for


Snowdonia and the Lake District and they are both avid hikers. That is


important that they have this compatibility and personal regard


for one another. And that spills over into some of the negotiations


which is that Angela Merkel has clearly said, take it slow, no rush,


no need to rush which I think she probably is welcoming. This was


characteristically like Angela Merkel, I've seen her do this


before, she can be extraordinarily equivocal in everything she says,


take your time, but... Don't leave that to long. From tomorrow, Theresa


May goes to France to Francois Hollande, he will be slightly more


direct and say we want you to get on with that, Angela Merkel does this,


she played Cameron, trying to get the negotiations, showing him a


little bit of space and just as he thought he got to the door she


slammed it shut, she is a difficult customer, I don't think I should be


to harden. But it was an important meeting because this was Theresa


May's first trip abroad. For all new leaders, when we get the new


President in November, the first foreign trip, it speaks volumes


about their priorities on the international stage... It was a key


meeting and also her first visit with an international... Do you


think she looks statesman-like? Absolutely, great picture, thought


she looked great, they are also very much down-to-earth, result


orientated women and I think they will get along famously. The Times


saying post Brexit, the Bank of England reporting no Brexit slump.


Dismiss as usual, says the Times. It has a picture of the leaders in


Berlin. It is notable that all the pro-Brexit papers have gone bigger


than us, they will want to prove themselves right and prove the doom


mongers wrong. Some people would say this is... Didn't the Times come out


for a main, in the end? We were looking at the express and the


Telegraph... This is partly how people thought it would layout, the


pain does not start until we start looking at the negotiations in


detail. We trigger article 50 and then we see what sort of trade deals


we can get. If those trade deals are not satisfactory, anyway punitive to


Britain or we end up being under World Trade Organisation rules venue


was taught to see the damage to the economy, possibly. We were told the


damage would be done immediately... The pound has rallied, the housing


market more resilient than they feared, there is notice about


unemployment fallen to 4.9%, the lowest in a decade. This is pretty


impressive and for Hammond to go in with this in his back pocket is


pretty good. What we need is for Liam Fox to come up with the trade


deal and if they can get trade deals in the works as soon as possible,


that would be very good but... The figure from the Treasury said we


would be worse off by ?4300 every household by 2030, that's the


important thing to remember. We have to wait to 2030! Quite a long way


off but let's talk about the independent online. They have taken


Theresa May... Cruel picture, come on! A lot of commentators said she


sounded like Maggie Thatcher. Why would you go with a picture like


that? A grotesque image of the ghost of Thatcher... Spitting blood. I


think Theresa May did a good performance today, helped by quite a


weak performance... Her first PMQs... There was this one moment


when we watched it on screen and she leaned forward and her voice lowered


and she said... Remind you of anybody? And the whole of us went...


Thatcher! It was chilling, she is back. She has not been like Thatcher


so far... Absolutely. I can see why the cartoonist would exaggerate it.


Quite a clever front page, isn't it? Remind you of anybody and has


something looking like... But that is just grotesque... They could have


done it a little nicer, you know where they stand. Cartoonists aren't


usually very nice. While we are on politics let's talk about the


Guardian... The whole Labour Party fight for the leadership. Owen Smith


and Jeremy Corbyn and the Guardian says nobody quite knows what


activists all their actually think about Jeremy Corbyn, all of these


reports that perhaps they have gone off on a little and the reports that


they are cooling on him. Then they say party officers report he remains


ahead and is likely to win which is stunning with the view that most


people take of him, but I don't want to intrude on your private grief...


But... If Corbyn wins again, this will be disaster for the Labour


Party. But it doesn't look like people really understand or no Owen


Smith, they haven't gotten enough about him... He has a bit of time to


make his pitch, Jason? You could come through, could he conceivably


be to Jeremy Corbyn? I think there's an outside chance but I wouldn't put


it stronger than that. We talked a lot to Labour MPs about this and


they said long-standing members, a lot of them who voted for Corbyn


last year, they started to come back and they are turning their back on


him, the problem they have is these new registered supporters... And


there's been a surge in the last 48 hours. 180,000, staggering, they


think the majority of those for Corbyn, there was a parallel


campaign called saving labour, trying get the moderates to get them


to sign up as well. But the power Corbyn house to motivate and


mobilise his activists and has better use of social media suggests


the majority are supporters. And then the problem is they then seem


to be like sleepers, they sign up, they don't do much activism, much of


doorknocking except they wake themselves up when they need to save


Corbyn in the leadership contest. You have this appalling, very


depressing division between the Parliamentary party and its elected


base. Also, he did superbly with remaining Europe, even if some


people tended to like Jeremy Corbyn, the fact that he really did not


think to try and promote the remain and I think a lot of people hold him


is possible for that. Do the party activists hold him the sponsor book?


-- hold him responsible? Jason, do you think you'll win? At the moment,


given the avalanche of numbers coming in I think he is the firm


favourite. I think Owen Smith is charismatic, a very genial guy, on


the left of the party, but I think his supporters say it will be tough.


I will put you on the spot and dusky by Donald Trump, will he win the


White House? The New York Times has a picture of his children as the


Republican nomination. I would like to adopt the comment of Kissinger


that he made about the Iran Iraq war both can't lose. That is the way I


would look at it. Donald Trump... It is like Corbyn, he has captured the


Republican channel but many Republicans don't feel he is a


Republican or Conservative. But, the people have spoken and it looks like


he will be the nominee. Has he got a chance of beating Hillary Clinton?


He has a chance of winning but the international New York Times


coverage talks about the support from black Republicans and blacks


where we look at last time, President Obama had 95% of the black


vote, Mitt Romney had 5%, Donald Trump is pulling at 0%, similarly


with Hispanics and women, the demographics don't allow someone to


be elected President with just one demographic group so how he's going


to win with those polling numbers, things could change, he has been is


a prize candidate but... It is going to be tough. OK, Jason, the same


paper has a story about Turkey and of course that extraordinary


aftermath to the failed coup attempt in Turkey which is this huge


crackdown, this purge by President Erdogan. In the last couple of hours


he declared a state of emergency and he has come purge his state of


emergency to the one Francois Hollande implemented in France after


the Bataclan attacks, I think it will be different, this will be more


trick only on. And it is because of the strategic importance of Turkey.


-- it will be more trick only on. The West is the ball work in the


edge of the Middle East, it's so important. And suddenly, the New


York Times story he once the... Extradited. At what point does


Turkey become not a democracy any more, when you have this huge purge


and people being kicked out of their jobs? Tens of thousands? It's been


frustrating for the United States because we want a strong, robust


accreditation in Turkey, they are an important ally in an important place


but Turkey keeps asking for the extradition of this cleric but they


have not handed over evidence and there is concern, initially, he was


a good body of Erdogan and they were both very pro-democratic, interfaith


dialogue on these important things but what has happened is that there


is a view that there has been some... When Cameron said during the


EU referendum campaign that turkey's members above the EU wouldn't happen


I think he's been proved right. Just if you seconds to talk about the


Sun, really important news, Sam Allardyce... A terrible pun on the


front page. They think it's all over... I don't want to knock a


rival to much but the Sun is usually pretty good at these headlines, it


may have let itself down, whether England has let itself down by


appointing big Sam, I am it. Is he the man? Never won a major trophy,


the highlight he got Notts County promoted, he has done quite well,


saving Sunderland last season. But it's a big step up. Is he the man to


win England World Cup? Well... He's not as cute as Jose Mourinho, I just


want to make that point. At least he is from this country so that's a


start. A step in the right direction, not that it matters, but


that is a change. Not as cute as Jose Mourinho row! OK... LAUGHTER


thank you both very much. The weather is coming up and then the


headlines. Good evening. Thankfully things


quieting down for the second part of the evening, frequent thunderstorms


across Scotland and then England earlier, some


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