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have died. People are being treated also for injuries that were


sustained in that attack. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Martha Gill,


Westminister Correspondent at Huffington Post and Renee Kaplan,


Head of audience and engagement, All of the front pages feature


tonight's shootings in Munich. We will begin with the Daily


Telegraph. It has picked jerk chicken from the mobile phone


footage we have in showing of this man dressed in black who attracted


the attention of the person with a mobile phone from the other side of


the street. Then we heard 20 shots ring out, very discreet shots,


rather than the sound of automatic gunfire. At least six shot dead and


the city is locked down. Since this front page was printed we know that


more people that have died. Yes. It is terrifying, obviously, but mostly


because it is visual, it has been captured on video that has probably


gone viral. We think that security forces may have been pursuing the


attackers down the street. The city has shut down. It is the third


terror attack in Europe in about a week. We don't yet know who the


attackers are. There is some speculation. It is pure terror in


the sense of an unknown, violence incidents in the heart of a country


that has not known at terror attack in 30 years. People could recognise


straightaway that it was gunfire. Those people were so close to the


man that they knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that they are


still at large is the reason that the city is inferior tonight. It is


certainly the most explicit video I have ever seen of this kind of


attack. There have been many of these attack. It is terrifying. The


fact that the shooters are still at large is adding to the atmosphere of


insecurity that has been building across Europe since the attacks in


Brussels in 2014. Since then we have seen this huge cycle of violence and


gone right across Western Europe. Terror at them all it says in the I.


Please ask saying about 20 people are being treated in hospital at the


moment -- police. Many people are saying to us tonight that Munich is


quiet, pretty cosmopolitan, not much happens there in some respects


considering the size of the city. They are incredulous that this could


happen there. We have no idea of the motive for this attack at the


moment, even though it has been identified as a terrorist attack.


There was some speculation in other papers that it was a right-wing


attack. It is the anniversary of the Anders Brevik attack and there has


been an increase in right-wing violence across Europe, and across


Germany, following a big wave of immigration so there is some


speculation about that but at the moment we don't know very much. The


police are saying they suspect to the terror attack and then they


toughen the line and said they were treating it as a terror attack. They


were very clear that they didn't know what the links were. Because of


the heightened tensions in many parts of Europe, it is very


dangerous to speculate on who might be responsible and wide. Deeply


dangerous. To say they are treating it as a terrorist attack is probably


the most cautious they can be. Whether it is an extremist right


wing or a jihadist and Isis related attack remains to be seen. The


reality is, Germany is still reeling from what was at terror attack a few


days ago, the 17-year-old Afghan migrant who attacked passengers on


the train in Bavaria with an axe, he alleged to be higher jihadist, the


witch and that he did not have any official Isis links. There is


clearly going to be speculation about who he is safe. We are seeing


these highly... This has been the running theme of the summer. In


America, just a few weeks ago we saw terror in Dallas, terror in Baton


Rouge, this was the theme of Donald Trump at his convention make America


safe again. And in Orlando. In Britain, terrorism was at the


forefront of the idea that we should leave Europe. It was a way to kind


of stir up worries. Many people would say that if we are in control


of a wrong borders -- control of our own borders... This would seem to


underline that we should be in charge of a room immigration. We


don't know any of that. This person, the man on the roof, saying I am


German. We will come to more of that in the second. Here it is in the


Daily Mail, another day, yet another terror attack. There is an


expectation that we will be kept safe by the security services, but


we don't get to hear about so many of the attacks that they managed to


foil. I think the sense of being kept safe, and the social and


political pressure around that is going to grow. No matter if he ends


up being responsible for that, the knock-on effect will be political


and social. There is a sense, whether it is related to migrant


flow or economic and security or a general loss of control, a loss of


trust in general, this will reinforce that sense. We will


rapidly be speculating that it will be linked to migrant flow. Germany


has had a million migrants in the last year. Discussions are going on


now with Theresa May about migrant flow and the access to markets. This


will come out in the days to come. In the Times, terror in Munich is


the headline. Germany prospect is large terror attack in 30 years. One


of the things that this man under which supposedly said his bloody


foreigners, please excuse the language that is how it translates.


It all has be confirmed. We don't know what we are dealing with in


terms of motivation. Germany has apparently got some very, very good


security services. They share information well with the


neighbours. Yes, perhaps that is part of the reason why we haven't


seen anything for 30 years. Perhaps worrying moments that something has


actually happened is there are now on this scale. Yes, as you were


saying, there has been a lot of concern to ride immigration in


Germany since last summer. There have been some arson attacks on


refugee camps from the right. That might be added to the mix. Again, we


don't know. This will make the whole question of borders, of migrants and


just in general, let's say the said nothing to do with migrants, alleges


safe security, security and borders, that will turn again to the heart of


the arguments. Donald Trump is running on the tag line make America


safe again. How do you put enough security in to keep every shopping


centre across Europe safe? Exactly. Even though Britain is about to go


out of Europe, there is a lot of concerns among security staff that


this will decrease our intelligence because we will be sharing so freely


with the rest of Europe and it will decrease our border security. That


is said tonight for the papers. Thank you for talking as through


that one story. Thank you very much. All of the front pages or online on


the BBC News website. It is therefore you seven days a week.


Each night's addition of the papers is posted on that page shortly after


we have gone up there. Thank you both. Coming up next we will have


much more coverage here on BBC News of the events unfolding in Munich


tonight. It is quiet on the weather front


this evening and as far as the weekend is concerned we should all


have some


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