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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are James Rampton - feature writer for the Independent,


and Caroline Wheeler - political editor for


The Observer leads with details of the 18-year-old who shot nine


people dead at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night saying,


he was a loner who had an obsession with mass murder.


Echoed on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph,


their headline - Facebook trap of the McDonald's murderer -


referencing how the gunman used social media to coax the victims,


Low-paid Bangladeshi workers have been reportedly paid 30p an hour


to make t-shirts for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign which then


Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson's apparent confidence that the Brexit


negotiations will result in the best deal for Britain.


We begin with the Observer. The headline here was the Munich killer


was bullied loner who had an obsession with mass murder. He had


links to Anders Breivik. Five years ago yesterday, to the day, since


those shootings were carried out. Absolutely. Symbolism was clearly


important this young man. At first, people he must be linked to


terrorism because it was such a clear example of the so-called IS


and other terrorists like to use but it now emerges he was just a very,


very sad psychologically disturbed boy. He was only 18, and he had


books called, white kids kill, he even changed his Whatsapp photo of a


picture of Anders Breivik, that is how obsessed with mass murder he


was. Unfortunately, these people always exist but the terrible thing


is he somehow managed to get hold of a gun and I feel so sorry for all


these families. Seven of the people killed were teenagers. Such an


incredible waste of those young lives. We'll talk more about the


victims in a moment. It was a confused picture last night, it


created terror for people in Munich but it is interesting that people --


the language used. We suspect an act of terror, we are treating it as an


act of terror but they stopped short of treating it emphatically as what


it was because they then started to talk about this right wing


connection. It's very much started to fall into our time, we were


looking at this, was this going to be one of those terrible stories


will be start seeing IS claiming responsibility. It looked like that


was where we were heading. As I was going to bed tonight, I was


thinking, it has happened again. But by this morning, the tone and change


to little bit. It began to look more like a disturbed teenager. There was


discussion here about whether he had a mental illness. Obviously, that is


very sad for him but that has led to this devastating tragedy. And there


was this link to Anders Breivik, it was on the fifth anniversary, that


was being downplayed yesterday, and it is only today that we find he


changed his app to this guy's face. He clearly did have a link to this


individual. And we wonder whether his family were aware of this, given


what was found in his bedroom. That does rather the world me. He lived


with his parents and their younger brother and they apparently had no


idea of this obsession. It is quite devious and cunning, what he did. He


put a face Facebook appeal out there, apparently disguised as a


girl, saying, come and meet me in McDonald's this evening, and I will


give you something for free, and that was him luring people to their


slaughter. Shocking. Yes, the manipulation of it. It is on the


front of the Telegraph. He was bullied at school and said messages


to teenagers. Living at home with his parents that -- but there is the


suggestion he was targeting youngsters of Turkish and Arabic


origin because he saw them as the same race as those who had been


bullying him at school. As a parent, I hope I would pick up signs of


child being distressed or being bullied. But ruthlessly targeting a


particular race because healing that with his own experience is too


horrible. We have a picture of some people. For friends who died


together. And the suggestion was he picked them out because of their


ethnic background. Two were Turkish, two were Kosovan. He said when he


shouted at that brave man, I've been bullied for seven years. Why didn't


his parents take any notice? White didn't they know? And, also, if they


had a gun in the house... This sort of obsessive behaviour and fixating


on Anders Breivik, you think somebody would have picked it up.


And he is dead, too, along with the nine others he killed. And ten


people are still in hospital, still being treated. Many of them


youngsters. Back to the observable stop senior Corbyn eight accused of


illegal entry in two offices. This is about the story of abuse and


intimidation within the Labour Party. Someone is saying someone


went into her office and their word authorised to do it. The allegation


is that someone from John McDonnell's team had gone into her


office without her permission. She was one of those who resigned from


the Shadow Cabinet and the defence that has been given here is they


still didn't realise she was occupying the office because she


should have moved out. She is saying that members of the staff in the


offices actually felt there really intimidated and were scared to be in


this office alone, not knowing who had access to it. I have to say,


when you put all the pieces together, it does look fairly nasty.


I have had contact with the Labour MP friend of mine this evening whose


comment to me was a gentler kind of type of burglary? But also the


question is where is this going to end? It seems to be getting nasty


and nasty. There doesn't seem to be every investigation carried out yet.


There is a breach of parliamentary privilege and breach of


confidentiality. These are yet to be investigated and anybody who might


end up being implicated in this hasn't had the right to reply. No,


that is right and nobody has been named in this piece either. But


since 2008 since Damian Green's office has been visited by the


police, it has been the convention that you need a search warrant to


enter a Parliamentary office without the wishes of that MP. But that


plays into the impression that we are getting other scary atmosphere


of intimate Asian in the coterie -- intimidation in the coterie


surrounding Jeremy Corbyn. Some female MPs have written to him to


say that he has not cracked down on that. Angela Eagle had a brick


through cloud -- throw through a window. We've got the police now


involved in several constituency Labour parties, really serious


allegations going God, we have a story in our paper this weekend


which shows some of those aids that quit were forced to sign these


gagging clauses to stop them reporting bullying. Is this the


behaviour we expect from the Labour Party? How low can he go? It says.


Corbyn in new slave labour T-shirts, these T-shirts are said to be made


in Bangladesh by people who get paid 30p an hour for these T-shirts that


cost a tenner. The strength of this story lies in the back that


previously, Corbyn has attacked the pay and working conditions faced by


clothing workers in Bangladesh and urged consumers to think about


buying products made in that country. I know it comes with the


caveat that The Mall is pretty naturally disposed to not like


Corbyn. I am reminded of a similar story about T-shirts being made in


Nicaraguan last year and their wet after her wife -- his wife who was


selling fair trade coffee but that had come from poor areas in Mexico


and the money was going not to the people. You need to do checks and


balances when you are buying these things. Boris says EU will give us


what we want. He is confident he is getting the best deal for Britain.


What is making soap confident? It has gone on a whistle-stop tour of


the world, Brussels, New York, the UN, he was interviewed yesterday


about how it was all going, his first ten days on the job, no one


was more surprised than him, I suspect, that he became Foreign


Secretary. And the answer came, can you get the deal that Britain wants?


They cake and eat it, the cake and eat access to the single market and


no free movement of people. He thinks the mood has changed and we


are all on course for a good deal for Britain. He is the man who said


he was pro-cake and pro-eating it. I am suspicious of some of the things


Boris Johnson said and I was intrigued that an American


journalist this week absolutely now that many of the inconsistencies


Boris Johnson has said and I never saw Boris so lost for words until he


resorted to lacking, as he always does. A fantastic story, who wrote


it? Oh, you did! Tory appealing to the working class. Patrick


McLoughlin arguing, the new party chairman, arguing they are not the


nasty party, that is not a favourite presentation, but they do need to


sort of redefined their image if they are going to reach out to new


voters. I am not a Tory voter and I never have been but I am


impressed... I'm obviously Ukip! Something that has impressed me


about to reason me is she made this very, very bold statement that she


was making a break with the so-called Notting Hill set, a lot of


the so-called toffs and the former members of the Bullingdon Club were


ousted in this very, vicious purge, the day of the Long knives, and she


has made the point she was to appeal to people who perhaps in the past


might have feared more towards Labour. Patrick McLoughlin, he used


to be a minor, I believe. A good person to have other party chairman.


Making an appeal to people who would not have necessarily been associated


with tourism the past. She is very clever. It's a great interview.


Basically, she is going to make a big difference here. What some in


her team have been saying that they have only been paying lip service to


the working classes and trying to occupy that ground, she is actually


going to say now, actually, it is the many, not the privileged few


that my policies are going to target. Will it work? The proof will


be in the pudding. We will see at confidence -- conference what


policies they will have. But she says there is going to be radical


social reform part. There's look at some sporting pages. In the Sunday


express again, Froome Coast home. It is a good thing he looks good in


yellow. He looks fantastic in yellow and he is warned the yellow jersey


far more than anyone else this year. I would make the case that he is our


greatest athlete at the moment. Only one Britain has ever won the Tour de


France before and that was Bradley Wiggins. Why isn't he so Chris


Froome? Too well -- he probably will be. Against the most astonishing


odds last year, he had year in thrown in his face, he was attacked,


yesterday,... I think it was Eno in the 80s he last won it. Impressive


knowledge. I don't really get out. What happened yesterday really,


really blew me away. About the teamwork of the Froome sky team. He


went too fast, went over a painted white lie, slit, had a horrible


crash, cut his body and elbow and knee, and stood up, and immediately,


one of his team mates turned up and said, here, have my bike. A parable


about doing good for your fellow man and Froome went on and increased his


lead. I know nothing about it. I am in awe of what it takes to be this


fit. I was just saying to you, I am in withdrawal from the withdrawal --


the drama we have had in Westminster. It's only been one day?


You can get it and catch up. That is it for the papers but we will be


back at -- again at 7:30am. Coming up next, it is Reporters.


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