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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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They say motorists are currently experiencing delays


A coach carrying schoolchildren from Cheltenham has


Two teenagers are in a serious condition and thirteen others


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are James Rampton, feature writer for the Independent


and Caroline Wheeler, political editor for the Sunday


The Observer leads with details of the 18-year-old who shot nine


people dead at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night.


The Sunday Telegraph says the Munich gunman used social media


to coax the victims to a restaurant where he carried out the shootings.


Massacre in Munich is the headline accompanying a large photo


of the gunman on The Sunday Times front page, above pictures of some


of the victims of last night's shooting in the Bavarian capital,


The Mail on Sunday says Bangladeshi workers are reportedly paid 30 pence


an hour to make T shirts for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership


campaign, which then sell for ?10 each.


The Express reports that the Foreign Secretary,


Boris Johnson, is confident that the Brexit negotiations


will result in the deal Britain wants.


'Non Voyage', that's the headline in the Sunday Mirror,


which is reporting on holiday makers stuck in traffic jams at Dover


for hours today, as they try to make their way across the English


The Observer, one of the papers looking at the aftermath of the


shootings in Munich. He was a loner with an obsession with mass murder.


Five years to the day since Anders Breivik carried out the killings in


Oslo. We discovered that this young man had an unhealthy fixation with


mass killings? We did. The story was developing yesterday and through the


course of the day today. There was a suggestion that it was potentially


related to Islamic State terrorism, but by this morning the whole tone


of the story had changed. One of the shocking things that came out, there


had already been some speculation about the date of this attack, was


that this killer had links to Anders Breivik. A classmate said he had


used Anders Breivik's face as a profile picture on social media. He


also used the exact same way then as Anders Breivik used five years ago.


The question is how someone in Germany could have gotten hold of


that weapon? That is shocking. A security expert earlier said that


many weapons from former Soviet states are awash in the country,


they were trafficked through Germany and were used in both the Brussels


and Paris attacks. If you have the will and desire, you may be able to


find one, as this young man clearly did. It also baffles me that his


parents never spotted anything. He was said to have been bullied for


seven years, his room was full of books with titles like, Why Kids


Kill. He apparently used the most devious means, setting up a Facebook


account as a young woman in inviting young man to come to McDonald's for


some free food, at which point he would murder them. Massacring


Munich, the teenage murderer who killed nine people. Here are just


some of the pictures of the young people who died in the attack last


night. Many more are still being treated in hospital. Yes, it is


tough for everyone, but if you were a parent, just to put yourself into


the issues... I have three teenage girls, seven of the nine who were


killed at teenagers. It was shocking that he targeted them. He also


appeared to have a bias against certain nationalities. He picked out


two children of Turkish origin and two from Kosovo. It seems shocking


that he had such a vitriolic hatred that he would pick out those people.


Yes, and he was bullied at school. The other thing we learned is that


apparently he struck early on Friday, after breaking the news to


his family that he failed his end of school examinations. There seems to


be some turmoil going on in the family. It does make you wonder why


his parents didn't see any early warning signs. Moving on to talk


about some politics in the Observer. A senior Jeremy Corbyn aid accused


of illegal entry into a Westminster offers? Serious claims that she and


her staff were perhaps intimidated by some people surrounding the


leader and his staff. It poses the question that, as Jeremy Corbyn lost


control of some people? It happened on a day where more than 40 female


MPs wrote to Jeremy Corbyn saying that he needs to crack down on


abuse. Angela Eagle had a shocking moment when a brick was thrown


through her office window. It seems like there is a really nasty,


vitriolic atmosphere prevailing at the moment. Bed does. This is an


astonishing story. She was one of the shadow cabinet members that


resigned a few weeks ago for -- few weeks ago. The suggestion is that


somebody close to John McDonald has entered her office without


permission. There was a precedent set going back to 2008. They have


said there should be no access to these officers apart from the


particular member. We don't have the response yet, not from the Labour


Party or from the leader's team, but there has been an astonishing period


where lots of claims of bullying and harassment have emerged. We had one


about how the Shadow Cabinet aides were essentially saying they could


not make complaints about bullying. Is this really what we expect from


the Labour Party? The Mail on Sunday, how low can he go? Jeremy


Corbyn using slave Labour for T-shirts, the T-shirts cost ?10 but


the machine is making the T-shirts in Bangladesh only earn 30p an hour.


You would think somebody would check that. Especially as it has happened


before. It does seem like a great story. I know that the Mail on


Sunday are definitely against Corbyn. It is a strong story because


the Labour leader himself has previously attacked the pain


conditions in Bangladesh and urged consumers to think twice about


buying products from that country. If this is the case, it does seem


someone has been rather hypocritical -- paying. In September last year,


they reported this. Clearly somebody has not been as careful as they


should have been. For it to happen wants is one thing, but twice is


quite extraordinary. Careless. The express, EU will give us what we


want. Where has he got this from? -- Express. Boris Johnson, as we all


know, I am sure he is reeling from the shock. He has gone out and tried


to gather support for Britain and their role in the world. He attended


a meeting with some American journalist who wanted to ask about


Brexit and where it was going. His response was that he thought Britain


could have her cake and eat it, we could get a deal from Europe which


meant we could have access to the single market balanced with a


restriction of free movement. He says he is detecting a mood change


within Europe and they would be happy to give him what he wants. I


am treating some of Boris Johnson's words with caution. I don't think


everything he said during the Brexit campaign was strictly accurate. An


American journalist read a very long list of perceived inaccuracies to Mr


Johnson during his press conference. I have never seen him lost for


words, until he broke into Latin. It doesn't actually get things done.


Carrying out a good game and talking about a good game are two different


things. The Sunday Mirror, this is people trying to head to Dover on


holiday. Security checks have increased, people are bit miffed.


But the people we have spoken to are coping remarkably well. They get the


football south of the car, they have clearly been camping. They don't...


To neither thought of spending several hours trapped in a hot car


with my children makes me horrified. We heard reports of ten hours, 12


hours... I can't imagine that. Look at the picture, it is a great


picture unless you are stuck in it. Highway to hell? I like this story


because it combines many things that Sunday papers love. The word misery


is essential in any headline, it also gives us an excuse to kick the


French, which we love. Apparently they was only one friend border


guard on duty. It is a wonderful picture, whoever took that, take a


bow. I like the quote from one of the poor people who was trapped who


said, there was a bit of camping spirit going on. Very much like


Glastonbury, but with the benefit of having a real bathroom at the end of


it. Stuck in that terrible jam, I hope you all have a lovely holiday


when you get there. Somebody rescue me here. Taylor Swift given the


right to censor her online abuse? She is one of the most powerful pop


people in history. In an unprecedented move, Instagram handed


her a unique tool that enables her to remove any negative comments


regarding images that she posts. Basically she can press a button and


delete swathes of negative comments, something of lesser mortals cannot


do. It does speak of this rather celebrity obsessed atmosphere on


social media, some people need to take a break every now and then? One


of the stars of Ghostbusters said she was getting such horrendous


harassment on Twitter because she was a woman. I have three teenage


daughters, so I understand these things. The idea that Taylor Swift


is a master manipulator of the media, on the fourth of July she had


for supermodels surrounding her, Taylor Swift in the middle,


replicating the Statue of Liberty, all with perfect hair and make-up...


Even had her poor unfortunate boyfriend to wear a I Love Taylor


Swift T-shirt... It is also staged -- an. Finally, Chris Froome


coasting home. The third title in the back, he is an extraordinary


athlete? I think he doesn't get enough credit in this country. I


love this headline, he doesn't get enough credit in this country. He


cycles 200 kilometres a day and has to do it again the next day. It is


an astonishing physical feat. Only one Britain has ever won the Tour de


France before. Yesterday he slipped on a painted white wine, crashed


horribly, which the whole of his back and his arm, and said to his


teammate, could I please have your bike? In a wonderful spirit of


kindness, he said yes, he went on cycling and increased his lead. He


is an incredible athlete, and if he doesn't win of the year, it would be


a travesty. It is starting already! I am not saying he will, but I


really think he should. What he has done surpasses most things that any


Britons have ever done. We have revealed that one of our producers


tonight is quite keen on Tour de France. She told us about Adam


Yates... The under 25-year-old what fourth-place, which is phenomenal


for a man of that age -- got. He has 30 stage wins, and only one


legendary cyclist has more. If he's surpasses that, that is an amazing


achievement. They are livid, their opponents. Compared to this, a bit


of abuse on Twitter is not so bad. Thank you James and Caroline,


you'll both be back at half 11 for another look at the stories


making the news tomorrow.


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