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Now on BBC News, here's Gavin with The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are the journalist and broadcaster Alice Arnold


and the author and foreign correspondent Matthew Green.


The Observer leads with more details of the 18-year-old who shot dead


It describes him as a loner - who had 'an obsession


The Sunday Telegraph says the Munich gunman used social media to lure


the victims to a restaurant where he carried out the shootings.


The Sunday Times front page has pictures


of the gunman and some of the victims, many


The Mail on Sunday says Bangladeshi workers


are reportedly paid 30 pence an hour to make T shirts for Jeremy Corbyn's


leadership campaign, which then sell for ?10 each.


The Express reports that the Foreign Secretary,


Boris Johnson is confident that the Brexit negotiations will


Non Voyage - The Sunday Mirror reports


on the holiday makers stuck in 12-hour long


Lets on Sunday Telegraph. What many people will be struck by is the


front-page picture of what looks like the schoolboy next door, just a


kid. Yes, he does and the majority of the people that he killed were


also just kids. This does seem to be quite targeted by him. They are now


revealing the fact that he did send out messages on Facebook, come to


McDonald's, I will get you free stuff. He set up a Facebook account


and lured victims to their deaths. It seems most tragically they were


very young, teenagers, as he was, a boy with severe problems. He went on


a rampage. It is not linked as we now know to any terrorist


organisation or any right wing faction or any of that, just a boy


who was deeply disturbed, had been bullied at school, he lured victims


and then shot them. That goes to the heart of how we can all processes.


We saw what happened in Nice, Orlando, apparently he was


fascinated by Anders Brodick, the right wing person in Norway who


killed so people. -- Breivik. It strikes terror, but it does not seem


to be motivated. If relief is the right word, that is what it was. You


think it will be organised by Islamic State and then there is the


ripple effect, the polarisation in society, the backlash and so on.


Hopefully that will not happen in this case. It does seem very much


like this teenager had all the warning signs that something was


deeply wrong. He was reading a book called white kids kill? It was by an


American psychologist Doctor Peter Langman, he had studied mass killers


in the US to try to unravel what was going on. Columbine for example. He


had managed to get hold of a Glock nine pistol, 300 rounds of


ammunition. All of this happening quietly in his bedroom while living


in his parents house. I do wonder because at the moment we seem to be


living in such an unstable world and these events have multiplied


recently, the one that you listed. -- ones. People in his


psychologically disturbed state, on the edge of doing something like


that or not, perhaps hearing about these other attacks that may be


politically motivated could spark off their ability to do it. We are


living in a really angry world and people like that are affected by


those events. For better or for worse. Maybe hearing about Nice and


Orlando, maybe that actually gave slightly more motivation to carry


out the attack. I don't know, I am just wondering if there is a link.


It could suggest a copycat killing. The timing was significant, it was


the fifth anniversary of Breivik's killings in Norway. The Daily Mail


has got how low can he go on the front page? Workers paid a pitiful


30p an hour to make T-shirts that fund the Corbin campaign -- Jeremy


Corbyn campaign. I thought actually more interestingly, it has a former


MP, a former adviser to Gordon Brown saying if Jeremy Corbyn stays,


making win a snap election if he has the bottle for it. Gordon Brown


bottled out of a snap election apparently. What you make of this?


It is Jeremy Corbyn bashing and he is very easy to bash. This is


momentum that organise the T-shirts. If you are going to organise a


political campaign, you need to be very careful about the source of the


T-shirts. It appears they have not been careful and they were made in


sweatshops. People were paid a ridiculously low amount of money to


make them and if you are a socialist campaigner, then that is a very


wrong thing to do. You might be more careful about that. I cannot believe


that. There are so many targets to go for here. Is it an MI5


conspiracy? Is it the establishment ganging up against T-shirt buyers?


Just, as I say, he is such an easy target. I do not think you need to


be as organised as having an MI5 conspiracy, anybody is able to do


it. What you make of this? My American friend was quoting a Will


Rogers joke, are you a member of an organised political party? No sir, I


am a Democrat. But this is the official opposition. A degree of


disorganisation is putting it rather diplomatically, the Labour Party is


imploding and it is unclear what will happen next. There is this


column here by Michael Duca who says it's Theresa May goes ahead and


causes nap election assuming the Jeremy Corbyn stays as Labour


leader, then we are looking at a Tory 1-party state add-in from item.


That is the risk. I am not a member of the Labour Party, I have friends


who are in despair who are long-term members and a think they are not


creating a credible opposition. A slap election, Theresa May could go


first collection, presumably it would be a landslide with the lack


of opposition that we have, but actually Labour are doing it for


themselves. They are destroying themselves already, it does not need


a snap election. Apart from would lose a lot of seats at Parliament.


We could wait a few years. I don't know if your friends in the Labour


Party say that some of the people behind this do not care about


Parliament. They think there is... I do not know how that works, the


grassroots movement will do something for the country without


going through Parliament. One has to ask what that will be. It is painful


to have to say it, because in some ways when Jeremy Corbyn appeared on


the scene back in September, I was among those who was prepared to give


him the benefit of the doubt. I like a lot of what he said over many


years. It is just impossible to really countenance the situation we


have at the moment where he has completely lost the confidence of


the Parliamentary party, he seems to be bunkered down, surrounded by a


group of hard-core left-wing advisers. They are presiding over


this increasingly poisonous climate of intimidation, misogyny,


anti-Semitism. We had a brick thrown through a MPs window last week, this


is a real crisis. It seems to be at an impasse, there does not seem to


be an obvious way out for those MPs who want an electable Labour Party


that does represent the millions of people who have suffered under


austerities and through other Conservative policies. You wonder


where rape threats against female Labour MPs fit into this picture of


attacking austerities. It is interesting about the lack of power


think that you were saying. Some of these momentum supporters do not


really care about getting power. They see themselves as a pressure


group. The interesting thing about that is the group have never had any


power, but yet they brought about... It was because of Ukip that we had a


referendum. -- interesting thing is that Ukip never had any paragraph.


They say you can have a lot of power without being the majority party.


The problem is Jeremy Corbyn is wonderful at preaching to the


converted, going to meetings and been fated as a hero and so on. Yes,


nobody really questions his integrity and his foresight on Iraq


and also is of other issues, but that is not enough to get Labour


into power. -- lots of other issues. You could see a situation where


Theresa May at party conference in October, you have a slim majority of


12, Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as leader of the Labour Party and you


think if I had a majority of 100 and I have to negotiate with the French


and Germans in particular in the EU, I need a new mandate, it could


potentially be tempting to think of a way to go to the country. The


mandate, she might require that, because she was put in posts and she


would not feel like an elected Prime Minister. For that reason as well it


may be tempting to go for a snap election which undoubtedly she would


win if it was done. But the news changes so fast, you never know. We


cannot underestimate Theresa May. No. Those who did are now Foreign


Secretary. LAUGHTER Let's have a look at the Observer.


This is fascinating, the EU considers migration emergency break


the Britain despite resistance from the French. It is the Germans


pushing this, pushing something which had it been available to David


Cameron a few months ago might have changed the Brexit vote potentially.


The source of this story is quite interesting, you have to read it


quite carefully to decide who is saying the EU is considering this.


It seems the British ministers are saying that which may be wishful


thinking. This is all just conjecture. Like all of it was


before the referendum. We have not delivered Ali that yet. -- delivered


our U at. This is just so what we would like, we would all like that,


but if we do get that we will so have to pay large amounts of money


into the EU. -- delivered our letter. I think this is Boris's


Little Dreamland. Our kites being flown? Yes, the EU leaders are so


concerned about Brexit that they may be able to make concessions that we


can limit immigration while still retaining access to the single


market, that was the holy grail that was promised during the Brexit


campaign by the leave side. Is it really going to happen? If that had


been on the table three months earlier we may not have had a Brexit


in the first place. The French will be extremely reluctant to make that


sort of concession. Francois Hollande will face an election


challenge from Marine Le Pen in the not too distant future. He needs to


demonstrate that there is a price that Britain must pay for the way


that we voted. Like you say, the piece has a very speculative


flavour. The fear from all the other countries is if they give the


concession to Britain is that everyone will go. There is a huge


vested interest in not doing that. You cannot do that. It feels a


phoney war face, we have had the result, but we have not pressed the


button yet. The resort this toing and froing about what it may mean.


We have the right wing papers who have cheered Brexit, all giving us


these uplifting stories about how there will not be any economic


damage and Boris will deliver everything he has promised. Comes


six months' time, things could be looking weak. Once they sit around a


table and say this is just conjecture. Let's cheer everyone up


by moving onto American politics! LAUGHTER


This is the Sunday Times, he sneers, styles and he is giving Hillary a


real fight. His wife's CV begins to look a bit ragged. Clinton puts


faith in... Where'd you want to begin with this? His speech there is


a lot of resemblance to a lot of the stuff that was said in the Brexit


campaign about making America great again and getting control back and


all of that. All of that smacks of an juicy nobody thought that we


would go the Brexit and we did. -- all of that smacks of, nobody


thought that we would go for Brexit and we did. I am very fearful, a


friend of mine in America said you guys are quite intelligent in


Britain, what will happen in America? E could win. They friend of


mine who is a pollster pointed out that many of the people who wanted


to vote for Brexit were undercounted. -- he could win. The


possibility is many trump voters are simply also being undercounted. He


has been underestimated. How many normal people would admit that they


support him? That is a large section of people. He could poll a lot


better than the opinion polls suggest. Even now he is only 2.7%


behind Clinton. That is too close for comfort. The Washington Post


editorial board wrote a scathing editorial they few days ago talking


about Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy and I do not


think we can underestimate quite how calamitous it could be, not just the


US, but the West if Donald Trump wins the presidency. He is described


by people who know him very well as a sociopath. There is no doubt about


that. The idea that he will walk into the White House come November,


I find it absolutely to find. Maybe it is another establishment plot.


The serious point here is that some people think any negative publicity,


the stuff about plagiarising his speech or Melania, his supermodel


wife and her CV, who cares it is the establishment ganging up on our


guide. This is the antiestablishment thing again, with Brexit it was like


a kick in the teeth. It may be a protest thing and it will backfire


hard. In fairness in both the US and the UK there is a problem with the


status quo. There are swathes of America who have been left behind by


neoliberal globalisation and the same thing applies in Britain. The


one positive out of Brexit was that it did give us all a big kick and


say hang on a minute, there are a hell of a lot of people who are


feeling left behind and they do not feel that it is fair that London has


become a prosperous metropolis while greats raves of the country have


effectively been abandoned. -- great swathes of the country. The Sunday


Mirror, the Dover story. The anything about this story is we know


when the school holidays are, we know when British people head to the


coast. -- the only thing. It is this weekend. It is unfortunately


predictable. Something that on a government levels should have been


done. It is predictable, but because security has been ramped up because


of events in Paris,... Nice, I think we will find it harder to travel


everywhere for a while while we are living in these dangerous times.


That is part of it, the security checks are taking longer and the


other part is there is a massive amount of understaffing. There was


one person checking coaches, it took them 40 minutes to check each coach.


Would I be flying into the arms of conspiracy theory if I say that the


French are not just allowing us to deliberately... Revenge for Brexit?


Now you want to come on holiday? That may be a conspiracy theory, but


most viewers may be thinking there may be something in that. It is an


establishment plot, we finally discovered it!


Just a reminder we take a look at tomorrows front pages every


evening at 1030 and 1130 here on BBC News.


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