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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the political correspondent for The Daily


Telegraph, Ben Riley-Smith, and the Deputy News Editor


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with this.


Andrew has been in touch asking for different stories from 1030 and more


umph. We will do our best. LAUGHING.


The Financial Times leads with the parliamentary report


into the sale of BHS, which blames Goldman Sachs


for helping the former owner Sir Philip Green to pull


The Metro also focuses on that same report into the collapse


of the High Street retailer/ The report highlights Sir Philip's


role in the sale, saying that his reputation "as the king


The i goes for a sport-heavy front page, with the IOC's decision not


to impose a blanket ban on Russian athletes at the Rio Olympics.


It also pictures cyclist Chris Froome winning his


On the BHS report, The Daily Telegraph highlights


the MPs' calls for Sir Philip Green to be stripped of his knighthood,


unless he pays the company's pension deficit.


The Times also has a similar front page leading with the damning report


into BHS, as well as with the severe delays at Dover, affecting


holidaymakers who want to reach the cross-Channel ferries.


Meanwhile, the Guardian also discusses Labour's Leader


of the House of Lords withdrawing her support


for Jeremy Corbyn, in the forthcoming leadership election.


We will begin with a new story we did not have at 1030. We have


managed on that score. Umph, chaps. Anger at the EU deal. What is this?


If you want more umph, start with the daily press. It has taken the


story about the EU negotiations yesterday. It is and EU deal to hold


our exit. What is one of many ideas on the table is a seven year


emergency brake for migrants. This was discussed before the referendum.


It was one of the ideas floated by David Cameron that was never


delivered. It was one of the items for discussion. We do not have a


deal and it is not halting how exit either. But obviously there is


concern it might be seen as a phage. -- fudge. Many said this is not what


we voted for. Theresa May says Brexit means Brexit, but no one


knows what Brexit is. This will be a problem for Theresa May for a long


time. It will be fury from the leavers. No one really knows what is


leaving means. But if we don't stop free movement and get total control


of our borders we will seem to have sold out on that. That would mean we


will definitely leave the single market as it cannot stay in it


without free movement. You have a tussle with businesses wanting total


access to the free market and those who voted to leave not wanting it.


If we get full access to will have to take freedom of movement. If we


want to less access we will get more control over migration. That will


play out for a few years. Doesn't that show that there is a room for a


manoeuvre. That those talks that both sides would be in transient --


-- intransigent, well, they cannot be. It was always the case that some


sort of deal would emerge eventually. It is horse-trading as


to what kind of deal we will get in the end. It is one of those ideas on


the table. Anger at EU deal will be repeated on the front page of the


Daily Express many times. Were we get there? The Guardian. The NHS


torn apart by MPs. Sir Philip Green accused of extracting huge sums of


dividends as the Stawell grew weaker and we can. Hundreds of millions of


pounds he was taking from the company. -- store. I cannot remember


a committee reports this damning on a set of individuals. The


unacceptable face of capitalism. They say Dominic Chappell sold it


for a quid. He had his hands in the till. He systematically extracted


hundreds of millions of pounds from the NHS to the point it would


collapse. Philip Green is primarily held responsible. The MPs are


putting forward the argument that Philip Green has a long duty to fill


the black hole of this pension deficit, ?571 million. The comment


from Frank Field said what kind of man is that they can count his


fortune in billions but doesn't know what's decent behaviour is. Very


cutting. His character has been called into question. The framing of


Sir Phillip Greed. Pay up your money or lose your knighthood. Quite an


image. That is a lot of cash. A big price. This is where it gets to the


middle of it. Those 11,000 people whose jobs are at risk and the tens


of thousands that passed through him and worked at the firm will be


financially hit by this decision. Their pensions are up in the air.


Then you have Sir Philip Green on his second off third yacht in some


way tropical topless having a great time. Topless?


LAUGHING. He is saying some of this cash will be reinvested. It is a


tricky thing. A delivery of his third yacht quite recently. A cool


100 million. So... Part of the deficit, that. Let us look at the


Times. The those are delays could last weeks. -- the Dover. Another


paper is saying the whole summer. It has been rough for the last few days


for those tried to get to the Channel. Those thinking of having a


straightforward Ma Ying-jeou crossing, well, they were wrong. --


Channel crossing. People cooking and sleeping in their cars. Playing


sport on the motorway. Aid organisations chipping in water for


the people stuck out there. You know how hot it was yesterday. And that


was brought out by not a lack of preparation, but far too few staff


in France. Is it revengeful Brexit like someone claiming? There is road


speculation. -- rogue. A centre-right leader of the Calais


region quite often pops up with entertaining quotes when these rows


hit the headlines. He says it shows are consequences to Brexit. That is


not quite deliberately sabotaging British holidays... It is like


trains being cancelled. Exactly. If you don't put the staff on that will


happen. The Financial Times. Died in match its record 173 million loss


after job cuts. Why is it in such dire straits? Every newspaper can


understand the problems. Readers are dropping off. The business model is


struggling to adapt to the on line area. Especially after this huge


loss, part of their business, a stake in Ascantiel, a magazine


company, they have written down that price. They are holding off from


doing that. But all the papers are going through tough times


financially. It is tough to watch. Many will be in pain reading this. I


will say there is a bit of time to solve their finances after selling


the auto Trader a few years ago. They have ?750 million in cash. They


are not the worst off by any stretch of the imagination but they cannot


sustain these losses for a long time. How much of it is down to


trying to work out what the new digital model is when it comes to


advertising? That is an issue. Advertising has been hit across the


board at the moment. So, you know, I am not sure the Guardian has quite


got that model right because their on line is free and the guardian


newspaper is quite expensive. -- Guardian. It is something everyone


is having to deal would. The drop in advertising is hurting many people.


This piece cites an ambitious project of opening up offices in


Australia and America to create a website free to users. Many question


whether that is contributing. Everyone, that's all by newspapers


tomorrow. It doesn't matter which, but by a bar. -- let's. -- paper. Or


pick one up at the station. That is right. You don't necessarily have to


buy one. The Times. Olympic backlash. The backlash after the


Olympic chiefs reject a ban on Russia. This person says I can't


understand why they haven't been completely banned. They should be


out, no exception. That is tough, though, on people who are clean.


That is tough. It is partly because the International Olympic Committee,


the IOC, the head of them was tasked with this decision. He has been


called a copout. He said he will not make a decision on the total state.


He will give it to each of the 20 sporting bodies to make a decision.


It is another thing to choose to do. 12 days before the Olympic Games


open and all of these are bodies have to get their act together.


Doping scandals, back history, who was where and when, I think they


will have a busy few days to try get busy for the Russians in. Who knows


how many will turn up. To get them there. Once they are they would will


not be trusting of the results we are seeing. Imagine the 800 metre


race with... Well, not an 800 metre race, but a particular sport, a


Russian person comes first above a British competitor on the podium.


With the track and field, they will be able to go. And what message that


this send out to sports men and women? What does this send out to


people who are caught doping, considering doping, apparently the


message is they will not have a statewide punishment. There must be


something going on behind the scenes. They must be under immense


pressure from Russia. We are going through a tense time with the


Eastern European border between Russia and the West. If you totally


ban a country from competing in the greatest spectacle in the world,


what does that mean? And sport organisations have not exactly been


free from corruption themselves. Cycling, they had to get their acts


together. They were riddled with doping allegations for many years,


but, here we have a cleaner sport is now. A man who has just defied the


odds for the third time. Vava Froome is the headlines. All sorts of


accusations from the French, how can you be this brilliant? They have


treated him better. Here is clinking glasses, a glass of champagne. I am


starting to fall in love with this British Cycling hero. Steady on.


Less hate, more love. LAUGHING. It is a terrific


achievement. For years, it was seen as a competition where British


cyclists did not stand a chance. We have now dominated for the last five


years. Those young cyclists following him are doing very well.


It confirms how brilliantly we have done. You don't have to be called


Andrew to get a tweet read out in the papers. It helps. Andrew says,


why didn't you get a three seater bike from the prop department of the


BBC to celebrate the tour win? We could have cycled around the studio


together. I love that idea. I am probably the only person who


understands what that means. I have the physical attributes to bike a


3-person bike. I could have helped our. I could have joined in. May be.


LAUGHING. Let's not. Not just Chris Froome, we have to mention Mark


Cavendish as well. And Yates. A team effort. The first person... Sorry,


the first British person to win three. And phenomenal thing to cheer


about. Indeed. Already, and we haven't even got to the Olympic


Games yet. Ben and Joel, thank you for your umph this hour. Lovely to


see you. I hope that met with approval. And coming up next is the


film review.


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