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at this particular facility. I am reading the last wire copy I saw a


moment ago, that the attacker would appear to have turned himself in.


That's according to police. But reports on that are still coming in


and we will bring you more on it at 11 o'clock.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the The Papers will be


With me are Bronwyn Curtis from the Society of Business Economists


and the Evening Standard columnist, Rosamund Urwin.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


The Guardian, which carries a warning from the Natwest Bank,


that low global interest rates mean they may have to introduce


The main story on the Times is an investigation by the paper,


which has found millions of customers are being over charged


for train fares because firms have been using techniques to hide


The Telegraph leads with a story about a parliamentary report into BT


saying millions of people will be left with slow internet speeds


because the regulator will not force the firm to be broken up.


It also carries a picture from the opening night


The Mail focuses on the collapse of BHS - saying some of Britain's


top City firms are being urged to return millions of pounds


they made from dealings with the troubled retailer.


The Mirror has the same story - saying Sir Philip Green has been


complaining that he has been unfairly blamed


The fatal shooting at a party in Surrey features


The Express carries the results of a phone survey carried out


for the paper which claims 98% of those asked would like the UK


to leave the EU immediately rather than become embroiled


And the Financial Times examines US telecoms group Verizon's


Let's start with the front of the times. This is the NatWest negative


interest rate warning? Yes, because interest rates are really, really


low and they are probably going to go lower at the next Bank of England


meeting of the monetary policy committee, down 20.5% from half


percent. The problem is, what they usually do is they take in your


deposit, give you some money for it, but invest it in longer term bonds


and that sort of thing, which gives a higher interest rate. But we're


not getting higher interest rates from those longer term bonds any


more. It is flat, not making any money. It is costing the banks money


to keep these deposits and that is what the NatWest is saying. We are


encouraged to save and be sensible with our money, this doesn't seem to


be encouraging us to do that? There hasn't been that much encouragement


to save for a while. We have had interest rates at a low level when


they drop 20.25%, if they do in August as the many predictions say


they will do that, there will be less incentive and if this happens,


we have non-whatsoever. People will stick it under the bed. It is good


for burglars and people who sell safes. But not much good for you as


a customer, if you want to save money. There aren't that many assets


that look more attractive in terms of places to put your money either.


It is a tricky situation. The other thing here is, there isn't an


expectation if interest rates to fall, that will be passed on in full


or anywhere near in foal to people who have mortgages. It isn't even


that good for us. It's not a great situation. You are right about


savers, National savings actually, they will probably pay a little bit


more. But it does encourage people to spend. So it instead of keeping


cash in the bank, and we need people to spend, we don't want them to be


frightened, we want them to be confident to spend, because that is


what keeps the economy going. Except we have a lot of debt already and I


am not sure we want to be adding to it. This is just one bank, but will


others follow suit? Others will be looking to make a name for


themselves and some of the newer banks, some of the Challenger banks


may not follow. You mention spending, takers to this story on


the front of the times. If people want to spend money, they might want


to rail fares, but they might be spending more than they need to?


This workshop customers on the railways, who have long been


complaining. But this investigation is looking at the way you are


overcharged for a specific journey. One of the naughty ways it happens


is if you go a long way and get your ticket broken down into three, you


get the LI macro pay less money. There are almost 50 different fares


for a single journey between two cities in the UK. And the cherry on


the top of this, is bosses pay has almost tripled in five years, they


point out. Not a happy situation for commuters. 50 different fares for a


single journey in Britain is not a surprise, but it does seem bizarre.


Apparently it is two thirds of cross-country routes where we are


paying more than we should. Up to ?85 more. We're not talking about


small numbers here. I don't know about you, but I do go by rail


cross-country quite a lot for various reasons. There is Pete,


off-peak, and then there is super, super off-peak. And you don't know


what you are getting. It is very hard to work it out. They really do


need to sort this out. Since last year, rail operators have been


obliged to label ticket machines you can use, so passengers sell only a


limited range of tickets and cheaper fares might be at Mand offices,


where there might be a very long queue? Exactly, extraordinarily long


queue. The Daily Mail, a photograph of Sir Philip Green on the front,


but this is a wider look at some of the big city firms? I believe he is


partying in St Tropez. I believe he is. What I believe, on his ?100


million yacht. But the story is about Payback dirty money and that


is the city firms, the lawyers and advisers like Grant Thornton, who


have made a lot of money out of this transaction, where he sold British


home stores for a pound. We have got to be a bit careful here. They made


up to ?10 million. I agree it is a lot of money, but it depends what


they were asked to do. What were they asked to do in terms of the way


they were asked to advise? It might have been very limited. Legally, I


don't think there is anything that you can do. It may make a great


headline in the Daily Mail, but I don't think there is anything you


can do to get that money back. It is probably not illegal, but it does


say something about the government's structures. These firms make huge


amounts of money out of the private equity deals, where companies by a


company, private equity company buys a company, fill it with debt and


sell it on and take huge fees out of them. It is just the tip of the


iceberg. It is in the context of what Theresa May has been saying how


she wants to make capitalism produced different things. It hasn't


worked for employees or the public good. It has worked for finances and


directors. One of the things I was wondering, if the Daily Mail is


putting pressure on parties to say it is putting reputational damage


done to you and saying, you cannot do this and get away with it. We are


putting it on the front page to tell you we don't think it is acceptable.


It might be perfectly legal, but it isn't simply about legality. The


same would go with business leaders, as well as the advisers. Let's go to


the Telegraph. A number of stories we have just picked out. A reference


to what Amber Rudd is saying as to what parents and teachers have a


duty to do? The new Home Secretary is saying they should be reporting


racist and homophobic bullying if it goes on and they get to know about


it. One of the issues here is, we have seen a massive increase in


racist abuse in the wake of the Brexit vote, which the Telegraph has


picked out. And hate crimes. She is getting a survey done into the


levels of bullying in schools. Giving instructions to teachers as


to what they can do to convey to children of thing is not acceptable.


To report it, you have got to know it is happening. Sometimes you don't


know when you are an authority figure? They are asking parents to


do it. Children don't always get these things right. It is a


difficult thing to do. It is difficult because one in ten


religious crimes are against young children. I want to squeeze two more


in. A quick word about Harry Potter. The photograph on the front of the


Guardian features Jenny Parker as the adult Harry Potter. Great bit of


casting. It is now on stage, and has been for a few weeks in terms of


getting to the stage where people are talking about it and now it has


had the press night and people are confused. It is described as a


thrilling spectacle and has four stars. I am a Harry Potter fan, I


will find some young child to go with! The reviewer took his


11-year-old son. It was his grandson. Oh yes, it was his


grandson. It is interesting, it is the child of Harry who is not very


popular at school and under shadow his father's greatness and his best


friend is the son of Harry's arch enemy. So the makings of a wonderful


stage spectacular. It does say it is better if you enjoyed the books. It


is quite predict the ball. It does look fantastic. One minute to


discuss height, with a reference on the front of the FT, two Dutch men


and Latvian women? Used to be the Scandinavians for the tallest people


but that has changed. Now it is Dutch men and Latvian women. One of


the things it has touched on is height is influenced by nutrition.


They are saying the American diet, perhaps relative to others, but in


general may be getting worse, and that might be having a depressing


effect on people's height. The other statistic is raining men are 16


centimetres taller than they were 100 years ago and South Korean


women, 20 centimetres tall, that is a big difference. The diet is a big


difference, but also their genes is a big difference. South Korea has


leapt massively economically in years. That is all we have time for.


All the papers are on our website. Thank you very much to my guests.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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