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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are broadcaster Henry Bonsu and Matt McAllester,


The Metro leads with doctors' overtime pay in the NHS.


It says one doctor in Lancashire made ?375,000 in a year


from overtime payments, on top of their ?89,000 salary.


The Financial Times writes the Federal Reserve


is considering a second rise in interest rates following


The i has a full page dedicated to the cash raised


from the charity stunt - the Ice Bucket Challenge -


which has led to a breakthrough in understanding motor neurone disease.


The Telegraph cites a new study which says office workers need


to exercise for an hour a day to combat the stresses


The Guardian headlines that the UK economy has started to feel


the effects of Brexit, according to new figures.


But the Express says Britain is booming following the vote,


citing new GDP figures and says the UK leaving the EU


The Times says scientists have created the first drug that can


halt Alzheimer's Disease by taking a pill twice daily.


And the Daily Mail headlines that only one terror suspect in Britain


under curfew order by the security services despite, it says,


there being over 2,000 extremists within the UK.


Henry we will start with the Guardian UK economy begins to feel


Brexit tremors we are only a month on from the vote, the smart people


out there, the experts say it is too early to work out what impact Brexit


has had on the economy, that hasn't stopped the newspapers cherry


picking information, so the Guardian was Remain so it is looking for


evidence that the economy has been hammered and they found it in the


figures from the office for national statistics which says it has


expanded by 0. 0..6%. That should be a great story for the Brexiteers.


The Guardian said this is a bad story. It has looked at other


figures saying that growth is being overshadowed, Philip Hammond did


say, our new Chancellor, there will be no repeat of this growth in the


next quarter, so they are clinging on to that. They lock at figures


from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders which


looked positive on the surface but they say that retail, so it is sales


of cars may not g by as good going forward and the figures are as a


result of long term investment, so they are looking for evidence that


the economy is suffering, ever though in headline terms, Brexit


does not seem to have dampened investment between April and June.


So the GDP figures out today, it depends what you take from them.


What do you make of these Matt? In the Express, it is all good news


apart from one thing, which is that they are suggesting there will be a


surge of new EU migrants desperate to get in before the doors close,


and so this is all the more reason with booming Britain, and powering


ahead, Britain becomes more and more attractive for migrants and so close


the doors now, and they cite a few new investments Glaxo Smith Klein


investing another 275 million in Britain, after the vote, and City


Airport is adding 1600 new job, McDonalds adding new job, so you


couldn't find two more different interpretations of stuff that really


we are five weeks into this, and everyone is looking to read the tea


leaves and it is too early yet. One of things I am alarmed about is this


notion that people are going to rush only do into Britain because they


think the shutters, the drawbridge is going to be pulled up. I suspect


a lot the brightest and best will look at the increasing levels of


hate crime, all the negative stuff, all the stuff that is bubbling along


the surface but unleashed by Brexit and will think do I want to take a


risk, do I want to invest my future many this country if I am not


wanted? They might look for guarantees that haven't been given


by the new Prime Minister. And they may think to themselves I am going


to go elsewhere. I am just not sure that we are going to see this huge


surge of new migrants coming into work for example in our hell Serb


vest -- service. All the elms are about uncertainty, whether the


economy or mights who are here and those who might want only do, no-one


knows at this stage what is going to happen, because we just don't. The


Express still has its crusade. Get us out of the EU. Britain voted to


get out, but clearly, this is unfinished bids. We will see this


red badge. They are worried about backsliding. They think people like


Boris Johnson and Theresa May want to stay part of the customs union


and will look for a half way house, maybe a seven year pause, you know,


an emergency break on migration but in the end pleemt in after seven


years. There is a very important story on the front-page of the Daily


Telegraph, working in an office is as bad as smoking they are saying. I


knew working was bad for me! Me! Working if you are sitting. This is


bad news for anyone who spends hours like many of us do sitting at a desk


looking a a computer. It is bad as smoke, it is as dangerous as obesity


and it affects millions of people. So the cress VIPPion, the study --


prescription, the authors say is to get up and do an how twice as much


as previous current standards are, recommendation an hour of rigorous


exercise every day, the good news is that welcome back walking at


threemph, whether and you aggregate it, so if you walk to the coffee me


a stheen counts. The thing I love about this is they have radical


changes, suggestions are, to put bus stops further apart. Close streets


to cars at weekends... When you see that headline you think, you are


right, I should give up. Stop working, but they want you do stand


up. Work in a more active way. Yes, I think of those treadmills that


some people have, when you are walking all the time. That would be


a solution, rather an expensive one. It is funny, we look at the


headlines you think they will tell you something about poor air quality


in the office or something bad about sitting at a desk but it isn't. It


is the associated thing, they assume go with 12 hours or eight hours in


an office. Probably eating at your desk. Not eating good food. Lots of


coffee, sugar harks is what I assume they are going to break down. For


me, I don't work in an office, I wok from home and travel. You should be


all right. I should be OK. I am closer to 50 than to 40. I know you


find that hard to imagine. I do. Wow. Most people I know, would not


be satisfied by 60 minutes of brisk walking a day, you know, we are


looking at the calory, we are on the cross trainer and we bust 600


calories in half an hour. Let us move on a bit. Stay with the


Telegraph. They are focussing on a story tomorrow which many people are


of course, the e-mail, what has happened to the day in the States.


This extraordinary. This is the first time a Presidential candidate


appears to have, he is backtracking on it and we will talk about Donald


Trump encouraged a foreign state that it does not have good relations


with the US right now, to hack into a former Secretary of State's e-mail


can't in order to find 30,000 e-mails that have gone missing. --


account. Hillary Clinton has this lingering controversy over e-mails


deleted from her private server when she was Secretary of State. The


extraordinary thing is, this is a real sign of how the American


electorate has reacted to this, immediately after the phrase Donald


Trump treason, surged in internet searches. It is hard to, you start


to think when Trump will edge towards criminality. This is a guy


who said he could shoot somebody live on TV and he wouldn't get


arrested. He has encouraged people to punch protestor, it seems he can


do nothing, even encouraging Putin or Putin's cronies to break in to


Hillary's server. Some would say that is unAmerican, you know,


Americans normally hate Communism but maybe because Trump sees himself


as a successful strong leader and he sees Putin as a strong leader, this


talk of bromance is real. He pushes it further and you every day you


think this guy can't get more extreme, or more, you know surprise


us any more, I think he surprises his owned a vicars because today


they have tried to dial this back a bit on Twitter and we have seen this


pattern over and over again and Trump himself says I didn't real


slay that, but it is there in black-and-white. You think this will


come back to haunt him when they get to the debates and his lack of


knowledge and integrity on Foreign Affairs is cruelly exposed. The


thyme, a lovely picture of Theresa May and her Italian counterpart


looking jolly. But the main story they are focussing on is a cure, the


first drug to halt Alzheimer's. This is big news, potentially for


hundreds of millions of people round the world. Alz is a huge problem and


it is getting worse and for year, researchers have struggled to find a


drug that will stop the decline mental decline, this drug, which is


in its final stage, it is still not approved, appears to have stopped


mental decline for 18 month, in some patients. Current drugs don't do


that, they just lesson the symptoms of have Alzheimer's. It is very


excite, normally very very cautious about medical breakthroughs because


they make the front-pages. They are still being cautious but it's a


certain 15% that it is, they have shown amazing results. Yes,


particularly in terms of the brain capacity, so key air areas of the


brains of the patients in the trial shrank a third less than others in


the trial. When you get results that dramatic, they stop the trial and


say it is too powerful, ethically we have to tell people what has


happened here. I think that is what happened. The i then. Another happy


story. The ice bucket challenge, remember that? Yes. You did it. I


don't think sitting round this table did. I would like to say I have done


other charitable things since, but three points for guessing who the


five people are there on the top. We have a sneak preview. The most


obvious one is Benedict Cumberbatch, then through great research Clare


Balding and I have had to scribble some of them I confess. Christian


Horner from Red Bull, NFL coach and a rugby player Ben Foden. I thought


I was going to win the prize. I had a producer who told me. But but you


have done it yourselves. The good news they have been able to carry


out amazing research. We were talking about huge amounts of money,


?88 million through a kind of, the summer of 2014. Everyone got


involved. Bill Gates and Oprah. Even in Iran. You can directly link money


generated over a particular period of time with a specific


breakthrough, it is normally very difficult do that, so we are talking


about 8 o 0 researchers and something called NEK 1. They have


identified this gene and found something to treat it. We must leave


it there. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review


of the papers. It is all there for you accept days


at week on the website. And you can see us there too with


the edition of The Papers being posted shortly on the page just


after we finish. Thanks to Henry and Matt. See you again. We will be back


after the weather.


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