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Now it is time for The Papers With Gavin Esler.


Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are Melanie Eusebe who is the founder of


Black British Business Awards and Political Editor of the Sun


The Observer reports that a former pensions minister believes


the triple-lock protection for state pensions should be dropped


The Sunday Express leads on the same story, claiming millions of people


face a cut to their retirement income if the Government


The Sunday Telegraph says Theresa May will pledge to fight


modern slavery, which she'll call a 'barbaric evil'.


It also reports on the risks to holidaymakers in Florida


The Sunday Times says prominent campaigners to remain in the EU


and former cabinet ministers are in line for knighthoods


in David Cameron's resignation honours list.


The paper also reveals that at least four active terror plots


inside the UK are being investigated by the police.


The Mail on Sunday says women who have sex changes on the NHS


are being given free fertility treatment so they can have babies


after they become men. And the Sunday Mirror reports


that the BBC will still face legal action from Sir Cliff Richard,


despite a promise to play his new records.


Let's begin with the pension story. The Observer, too costly says


Baroness Altman. A secret plan to cut your pension. There is no more


sensitive issue for many people in this country than whether they can


retire into old age with a bit of cash. There are 30 million


pensioners in this country all of whom vote. Older people tend to


vote, as we saw in the referendum. It is an important political issue.


The question is whether the government keeps the triple lock.


For viewers who do not remember it, it rises in line with either


inflation, wages or 2.5%, whichever is the highest. At the moment we


have zero inflation, wages are stagnating and pensioners are


getting a 2.5% pay rise every year effectively. A pensioner now will be


?10 a week better off than they would have been in 2010. Do we


continue to keep this lucrative system in place or drop it to a


double lock, keeping it in line only with wages and inflation? Baroness


Altman is saying we cannot afford it, as a country, that is her view.


I agree with her. There is only so much money in the pot and we can


only give money in the pot. Having a triple lock pension feature, the


2.5% is what we are looking at, when we know there is zero inflation and


when we know what is happening with all the economies in the world and


comparatively across the planet, very few western democracies have a


triple lock feature in their pensions. I understand why they


would revisit it because it is costing the economy money where


there is none. I think they are prepping us. They say there are no


plans. David Cameron in the run to the 2015 elections said they would


not scrap the triple lock. That effectively ties in Theresa May to


stick to that. If she has another election then of course... You must


come across this in your business life, a lot of young people feel


that the odds are stacked against them, they do not have the


opportunities that the older generation has. But it is not as if


we can divide people up like that. If there is only so much money the


government can spend, they think they should spend it on people under


the age of five to give them a good start in life. Some people think


that, but I do not think we should go into that territory because of


the double lock or the triple lock. The 2.5% is this random figure


almost that we may be held accountable to. We are saying moved


down to the double lock, which is in line with some of the most


progressive democracies on our planet. The Sunday Times has got the


scoop, reveal, Cameron's honours for cronies. We can debate the honours


system, but resignation honours is a chance for the Prime Minister to


reward people he thinks have done a good job for him and his government.


It is a bog-standard move when a Prime Minister resigns. They give an


honours list. But this is a good story because we get to know who he


has nominated and there are 48 people on there. What strikes me is


a lot of them is it seems to be a reward for failure. The people who


are getting them are those who lead the remain campaign and the


referendum and they will get away with peerages. Four Cabinet


ministers were on the remain campaign who will be honoured. Jack


Straw, the former Labour Home Secretary, who led the remain


campaign, will be honoured as well. People who donated money to the


remain campaign as well, a great reward for failure. Every child will


get a prize. It is two knighthoods, a few dames, nine CBEs, and some of


the figures they are jiggling around, ?1.6 contribution.


Unfortunately when you get a story like this it throws the whole


honours system into question. The last time there was a scoop like


this it was 13 years ago and it was for the people who declined their


peerages. I understand why they would do that. When you see


something like this and there is no validation and explanation, it


throws the whole system into question. That is a fair point. It


gives other newspapers the chance to reopen this big issue. Who are these


people and why do we elevate them to the House of Lords? This has always


been a burning issue. As Peter Hennessy said in the times, even


though it is in the Prime Minister's if, it has to go through the


scrutiny process. But what is interesting is this lady here,


Isabel Spiderman, David Cameron's wide's stylist, she is in the list.


George Osborne, the former Chancellor, who was brutally sacked


and gave all those scare stories about revenge budgets and cuts, he


is to be given a companion are. I take it you are not saying the


stylist has been rewarded for failure? No, she always looks good.


The Sunday Telegraph, mission to end the evil of slavery. This is an


interesting story, a three pronged strategy to reveal the key human


rights issue of our time. When you hear prosecutions of these stories,


it is the abysmal treatment of some people in our country, many brought


here on documented and treated as modern-day slaves. It is a personal


crusade for Theresa May. It is a year ago today that she launched the


modern slavery crackdown and now she is backing it up with the task


force, ?33 million of extra funding. The number of reports in the last


year has gone up, 289 prosecutions, 40% up on the previous year. She


thinks this is one of the biggest scandals of modern society. Between


10000 and 30,000 people living as slaves in this country, which is


astonishing for the 21st century. People in male buyers... I thought


that was a shocking thing, things like this have been going on under


our noses and we are not aware of it. Many people go to nail buyers


and car washes, many of which are properly run, but some of them are


not. -- nail buyers. She is increasing the pressure on our


police force and task force, said even though there has been an


increase in reported cases, there are a few areas that did not report


cases. They said she was saying this is one of the greatest injustices of


our time, so it is not only looking at the 13,000 in Britain, but


looking at the origin countries and saying, how did they get here and


what is happening? Let's move on to American politics which gives us a


chance to talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The Telegraph has


got five ways and 100 days that could put Donald Trump into the


White House. Now. You are North American from a Canadian background.


For a lot of people I have adopted, they are not entirely happy with


their choice in this election. Some people really dislike Hillary


Clinton and some people really dislike Donald Trump and some people


really dislike both of them. Yes, I don't... Hillary Clinton is


experienced, she knows the job, she is the safe choice and as we have


seen in our recent history, people might not be ready for that safe


choice any more and this is one of the few opportunities they get to


engage with the political system and that is why we see the rise of


Donald Trump which no one could have anticipated. These next 100 days,


quite frankly I have learned the hard way to look at my own politics,


by being here in this country, so let's see what happens. It will be a


roller-coaster, but I cannot predict what will happen. There are so many


people who do not like either camp, so many groups as well, the youth


who have not been engaged. The African-American community have not


been engaged by either as well. We have no idea where this vote will


swing, so I will be interested to see what the result is. If you set a


couple of weeks ago that one presidential candidate would


encourage publicly the rations to hack the other presidential


candidate, everybody would have thought you were mad, but that is


what has happened and it seems to go on like this Day after day. The


piece in the Telegraph is interesting, it raises the spectre


of Donald Trump winning. He is targeting the Democrats who favoured


Bernie Sanders and those who do not like Hillary Clinton and he is


sending text messages which are popping up on their telephones with


a 15 second video. He is going to these areas where people back Bernie


Sanders. He is going to go to the gun lobby areas, one in three


Americans has a gun and there are lots of Democrats among them and he


is going to appeal to them and try to cash in on the dislike of Hillary


Clinton among Democrats. The other thing I noticed this week. You are


right, Hillary Clinton has got great experience, but that has been used


as a stick to beat her with. She is part of the problem, she has been in


the system for 25 years. What ever you think of the content he says,


Donald Trump engages with the emotions of people, make the country


being great again, although you might ask when it ceased to great.


You are right about that. It is only because of my own turmoil, not


looking at party politics, I would lean towards him as well. It is my


own time I'll, through the last two weeks and my own politics. It is


quite strategic as well and everyone has assumed that Hillary Clinton


will win. She was against Barack Obama a few years ago. Donald Trump


is targeting some of the communities that the Democrats have not even


attempted to touch, whether through social media or indirect campaigns.


There is a lot of echo in this country again, through the Brexit


campaign and Bernie Sanders fired up many Democrats who were not touch


before by politics. It is an anti-politics move which fed into


the rise of and Nigel Farage. People like somebody who is not like the


rest of them and the problem Hillary Clinton has, which is what David


Cameron and Tony Blair had, is baked out all the same. They are good


politicians generally. Somebody like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and


Donald Trump appealed to those who are fed up with politicians.


Disenfranchisement is so great in whole swathes of the country that I


am scared how they are going to vote. We do not know how they will


boat. It is the same as here, it will hit as in the chin. Only 100


days. September the 26th is the first presidential debate, that will


be a right ding-dong. How do you prepare Hillary Clinton for that?


I thought this was a joke rape story, JK Rowling casts a new spell.


This is the Harry Potter play, the next instalment, people say it has


been brilliantly written. I am a JK Rowling super fan. I have been in


different parts of the world when her books have come out and coming


off an aeroplane I would go straight to the book store and by hobo. I am


so happy. Changing a story from a book to a screen or a play is very


different and difficult and for it to be well received, I am so proud


of her and her shoes are fantastic! There is something in the plotline


about shoes with a wing on. And she is wearing a ring with a snake on it


which is the slogan for a slithering house. You must be a fan. It is five


and half hours which is the length of a Wagner opera. I could sit


through a five and half hour Wagner opera, but I do not know if the kid


is good. I do not know if the parents are ready to sit through


that, it is an incredibly long time. Some kids were queueing up and some


sleep overnight for the JK Rowling books and you could see them in


King's Cross station as well. Have you see Die Zeit Procom envelope?


They will be OK, if it is well written, she will have them. The


appeal is it is a great story, the idea of magic and wizards and it is


about good and evil and all those great things about good and evil.


She immerses you in a world, we are immersed in a world that we could


not even possibly imagine. That is the attraction of Game Of Thrones,


new words and you concepts and that is fantastic. On that note we


believe it there. There is a look at the papers at 10:30pm and 11:30pm


every evening on BBC News. Breaking news about events in Austin


in Texas if you have just joined us. Officials in Austin in Texas say


they have separate


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