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government commitment to triple lock pensions, a former minister has said


it has outlived its purpose. -- age UK.


Our guests joining us tonight are the broadcaster,


Natalie Haynes and Rob Merrick, who's the Westminster Correspondent


The front page tomorrow starting with the FT, according to the paper


to reason may faces a revolt after her lukewarm attitude to China with


one minister ready to quit. The heat is on for Sir Philip Green after the


collapse of BHS. Bad news for savers as they warn of a double whammy of


rising inflation and record low interest rates. Donald Trump is long


busted after his comments on a Muslim serviceman killed in Iraq.


Anger in the Telegraph over the resignation honours list for David


Cameron including his wife's stylist. The same story leads that


I. 24 honours for the former Prime Minister's entourage. They'll also


the lead in the Daily Mail which says all but one will be going to


people on the same side as him in the campaign to remain in the


European Union. Let's begin with the honours and how it is reported in


the Daily Telegraph. Tories in on a revolt, David Cameron accused of


devaluing the system by giving an award to his wife's stylist. That


would be the one they pick out that there are a lot of other people.


They don't have to give these awards with David Cameron has chosen to.


The last time I was sat it was the night David Cameron resigned and we


were talking about what he may do next and what Prime Minister he


would want to be and we agreed he would not want to be like Tony Blair


in the way it has been tarnished so badly. If that is the case it seems


like he has not made a good start because he ran through these


enormous payoffs against top level civil service advisors and now they


were not enough and all of the staff are going to get a gun. I say almost


all of them but it is because 48, some to other politicians and his


wife ayes stylist. Other taking a slightly sniffy time that a driver


is getting an award, a stylist because if that is what your job is,


that's what you do, you can still do it well. They are making a classist


statements, the idea that women might need help dressing for the


untold scrutiny of save the newspapers is unthinkable I'm sure


to the people writing the Daily Telegraph but it is very hard. I


clearly look like I said to my close until I got here and for some people


I may still but somebody spent some time making me look neater. We all


turn up looking less than best. Somebody makes you look nice and it


is an heroic effort as far as I'm concerned. There doesn't seem to me


to be intrinsically less worthwhile than really quite a lot of renowned


politicians on this list but I suppose this is all relative. It


would be very much better to ram down on the subject of honours


instead of rounding up. Instead of saying give it to the stylist, the


show found all of the people you couldn't pick out of a line-up, I


would challenge people to identify will struggle to pick one example


entirely at random. Why give any price. You could pick from a line


of? I could but I don't think that qualifies you for a gong. There are


four Cabinet ministers have fun night head and this is an epidemic


at Westminster. When the Speaker calls out the MPs, service and said


that, it is like King Arthur 's round table with so many nights and


his nondescript MPs who have achieved very little frankly, they


have been loyal but the idea... Could that be the least you aim for?


Hard-working loyalty seems like the very least you could do. It seems to


me like the low bar. The interesting thing is if it will all go ahead and


Theresa May has been keen to separate herself from much of the


legacy of David Cameron so we will see how many of these 14 names


eventually emerge. The guardian and furious as Donald Trump insults a


Muslim family. He said the candidate is a black soul unfit lead so tell


us about this. This is Mr Khan and his wife who feel understandably


insulted, ... I'm not sure she feels it she might objectively be it. We


have been waiting for the moments when the irresistible force and


immovable force coincided and this is perhaps the moments when Donald


Trump's complete incapacity to communicate with people in a basic


courteous way suddenly coincides with America's considerable


deferments to its veterans and in this instance to the parents of a


soldier who was killed in an especially heroic act. As if they


could be a more heroic die Lee Mack Way to die, this is a man who went


ahead of his own soldiers and died protecting them. And Donald Trump


unable to see that perhaps it would be a better idea to keep his big


mouth shut shall we say, suggested that because this man's mother


didn't speak at the Democratic convention that it was probably some


sort of religious... Because she's Muslim she stood behind her husband


and let him talk... It didn't seem to have occurred to him or anybody


in his PR department that perhaps a bereaved mother might not be able to


talk would be on an account of grief rather than religious and it might


look crass. Also check your facts. Why start now. You wonder if this is


what will be damaging. There is no realistic hope there, everything


else has bounced off and last week he apparently was urging Russia to


join in hacking an American citizen, Hillary Clinton. His voters hate her


so I don't think they would care that they might Yaya Toure but


that's a national security issue. Ordinarily any suggestion that


President cannot trust national security would be the end of his


campaign. I'm not sure however distasteful this is it would be any


different. If he were to be elected then surely this rhetoric would


stop, the day after when he woke up and thoughts right this is it, he


has to be confirmed soon the next day but wouldn't it dawned upon him


that we would see a change in his attitudes? I was reading about a


lady called Mohammed on the way an and she is a fencing competitor in


the Olympics, she is an American and is a Muslim woman with a hijab, she


has a good chance of winning a medal and if she could she would be


honoured with the stars Stripes, it would be one in the eye for


Donald Trump like when Jesse Owens won all of those gold medals in


front of Hitler, not that I would compare Donald Trump to Adolf


Hitler. One in the eye was something alike. Good background knowledge,


nice reading around the subject. It would be great if she could win an


Trump would have to salute her. Staying with the Guardian, the AIDS


death toll may soar again, why is this? In Africa we are talking.


We're talking in the developing world, this is a story because, I


was not aware of this, but the US set a target for the end of aids


which has been endorsed by lots of governments, Barack Obama said he


thought the end was in sight but it seems like this may have been


misplaced. There is no figure here for how many future aids death there


maybe, 1.5 million a year, it daughter could soar again that


nothing definitive. The story is saying that the hope is clearly


there until recently that AIDS was on the decline might have been


misplaced and will continue at such a high toll or even higher. Can we


explain why? A couple of problems to distil a short answer. Not least


that the drugs they have been using to treat HIV and AIDS complications


in Africa, people developing a resistance so 1 million people die


from HIV infections in Africa and 2.1 million people were infected


last year, new people. And so it is hard to see those numbers staying


low. Unless they find new drugs. It will stay catastrophically high is


what I should say. Let us look at three different takes of the real


Olympics. Five days' time. Here it is in the Telegraph. -- Rio. Alysia


Black who is a British Olympic diver but the story as Russians may be


expelled from Rio hours before the start. The IOC handed over


responsibility for the Russian athletes to the individual sports


governing bodies and now they have had a rethink? The IOC has not


covered itself in what should we say administrative glory I would say.


Understatedly. Thus having said we have this report which are just a


state-sponsored doping has been going on through Russia over several


games, and we are going to have the renominate medals from London, and


from Athens and Beijing and this is all a disaster and then going well


don't worry everybody, you just cheesy you would like to come, don't


smite us over here at the Olympics. Did we say the Olympics was in a few


days, don't worry about us. And now suddenly they noticed up perhaps


people are a bit grouchy about it and it looks a bit bad that the one


person you'd definitely bad was the whistle-blower and then everyone


else is open to negotiations. They have made such a terrible mess of


this, I know we say that for every Olympics and London included and it


is and administrative disaster and the games are glorious and we forget


what a shambles it is that this looks pretty bad even by the


standards of the IOC. The FT in a different direction saying protests


in Brazil. These Olympics are costing less than other games. A lot


less. What this story says is that with the backlash in Rio against the


cost disruption, there is a shorter list of cities that wish to bid to


win the Olympics and I know hamburger and some other place --


Hamburg and other places, in the future of Western democracies people


will not put up the cost of disruption, they will end up in


places like Russia and they had an unbelievable bill of $50 billion for


the Winter Olympics but Putin's was able to do it and no one could


protest. A larger version of the Eurovision Song contest, some


countries dread winning because exactly very expensive to stage it


and this is many more times the cost. Father Ted, remember when they


enter a bad song because they can't afford to host it again, eventually


that will happen with the Olympics that people will have to send them


east Didsbury primary sport state team and then say no we are terrible


at sports. I think they will be expect actual, I'm sorry East


Didsbury, I feel bad for that example. They are going to triumph


with God medals across the board. There is no legacy, were not


promising anything for the youth because it is or is about the


legacy. And the Lexi never sees a manifestation which is -- and the


legacy never sees manifestation. These Olympics are costing a third


of the London games and as much as we loved the games, we can't pretend


that they had a huge long-term impact. Finally a picture story,


here it is again. Rolling down to Rio and the Independent and a


performer from the city 's favelas performing for his role in the


opening ceremony. I wouldn't be surprised if that is an example of


cap wearer. An amazing photo, not just the extraordinary gym ability


but the background as well. I hope this person is delighted about the


Olympics because lots of people in the favelas said not because they


are the people who have been most disruptive, moved or had barricaded


the tub so heaven forbid visitors will learn there are lots of poor


people in Rio de Janeiro. Hope it goes well though. So much hope in


it. That's it for the sour but of course because it is a Sunday night


we are back at half 11 for another look, coming up next it is headlined


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