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can Matt Damon reinvigorate Jason Bourne again? All the other top


movies in the film review. Welcome to our look ahead of what


the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. Rob and Natalie are with


me. Quite a few different from the last hour. According to the


financial time, Theresa May faces a revolt in the Treasury over China.


The heat is on for Sir Philip Green after the collapse of BHS. Bad news


for savers in the Daily Express. Warning of a double whammy from


rising inflation and a record low interest rates. Donald Trump in


trouble for his comments over a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq. A


story in the eye, 24 honours for the former Prime Minister 's entourage.


It also leaves the Daily Mail. All -- we will start with the honours.


Two of the women who are going to be honoured - aid who put George


Osborne on a diet and a fashion stylist. How surprised would anybody


be that the Bremain campaign are getting honoured when that is


exactly what the Prime Minister campaign for? It is curious, it is


odd to be annoyed by somebody who ostensibly fought on the same team


as the Prime Minister even if they then lost would be in the top of his


list to thank. It does not seem shocking to be rewarding loyalty of


purpose, if not loyalty of person. They chose pictures of two people do


not fit into that category. Stylist and an aide. Wet and haircut. This


is a style haircut. And at the Halep pose when he stood idly... LAUGHTER


Isn't it funny how you forget so quickly. Or you blank it out!


Politics has just kept going this year. On and on. A scoop by the


Sunday Times this morning to have this list which presumably was


handed over by somebody. It has run on into day two. I do not know much


about the fashion designer. But the transformation of George Osborne's


image did not do him much good. Earning about 100,000 pounds was


clearly not enough and she is about to get an OBE. Clearly a lot of


people do not think her achievements merit that. The remaining campaign


is accused of telling many exaggerations. -- remain campaign.


The Daily Telegraph, Tories in honours list revolt. Cameron accused


of devaluing the least. You wonder why anybody would ever there to do


this on the X it from number ten. -- except. There are bound to be names


people would disagree with. It is very strange. Probably most people,


even people who were not fans of the monarchic system, like me, kind of


get the idea of giving praise to those who have done hard work,


particularly for charities but I seem to remember the same kind of


grumpiness when we got an honours list after the Olympics. People


saying, they already won an Olympic medal, do they also need a gong?


Just turning up and doing your job and getting the gong, you are sort


of devaluing the system. People giving hundreds of hours to charity,


and instead there is someone who creates a diet on gives on


haircut... The last two prime ministers chose not to have


resignation honours. Tony Blair had an investigation and that stopped


him from doing it. John Major was the last by Minister to do this. Of


course, this is only the start of this sort of unhappiness. David


Cameron's honours on departure... In the Times, lives at risk as firemen


standing in full paramedics on a lot of occasions? It is an interesting


and important story. Many viewers may be quite either. If you or a


friend or family has a serious injury, a heart attack, they struck,


you expect to be rescued by a paramedic but many players services


are on correspondent duties. 4000 times a month you occurs. --


respondents. And there are people thinking they ask to do things


beyond their capability. A number of instances where people were having


heart attacks and they did not have the medical knowledge of treating


these. Why it is not sending paramedics? The short answer is


there is a shortage of paramedics. People say, it is not that hard, is


it? To be a paramedic. I mean, what could possibly be difficult about


what paramedic does and the answer is almost everything. 4000 cases in


a month, it is nearly 50,000 per year, to give that number its full


kind of impact. Across the whole country. Across the whole country


and I am sure the fire people who turn up are extremely, more than


extremely competent and they are terrific but the cases they are


being sent to could be catastrophic. Strokes, mental health issues,


broken hips, drug overdoses, and in one case a distressed female saying


she had been kidnapped. That seems to be above and beyond. They are


anticipating for example someone who has a heart attack to use at


defibrillator. We need Rob for this, O'Neill threatens to leave Treasury


over Theresa May, ambivalence to China. He is said to have been a


start signing. Across the country people will be saying, who is the?


But not you. LAUGHTER a few people have heard of you. Makes us glad you


are here. Jim O'Neill was brought in by George Osborne because he seemed


to be an infrastructure with. He's a man who can turn around


infrastructure. This involves going to Beijing, where the money is. They


are helping to build the nuclear power station and other things.


Theresa May has put the brakes on the Hinkley point development. And


that they are now wondering what his job is. It would be a blow to lose


someone with this kind of expertise especially with Brexit happening,


there is the fear they will not be left alone the money but the


capacity to drive forward these projects. It seems as well that


O'Neill was slightly taken by surprise when the government said


they were not going to sign... It seems his particular area of


interest have been Hinkley point and the northern powerhouse that both of


which can safely be said they are not progressing with the gusto


supporters might have hoped. The interesting point for some of us is


that, apparently, it does not want to damage the pitch about the


superbug problems with the G20. He appears to be sucking it up for now


in order to get this pitch across over the next few weeks. Apparently


he wants to know Theresa May would want him to stay. Finally, a couple


of stories about the Rio games which start later in the week. The


beautiful photograph of a lease in a black, one of the British divers --


Alicia Black. Is this the IOC finally doing this job? Some might


argue late in the day but making a decision as to whether Russian


athletes should compete? It might be a different story, it has been the


recurring theme. At every stage you think the IOC has made a reasonably


coherent decision, they go, just kidding! Who knows if they will hold


to it. They had left it to different federation organisations to decide.


Russian track and field athletes are out. To do maybe they have decided


to keep people in. Tennis have decided to keep people in. And now


the ISC may have the authority to keep them out. --I received. They


could be going to the Court of arbitration. On the morning of the


Olympics... We are used to the Olympics having crisis but never up


to this late stage. The ISC expects to make a decision by Friday. --


ioc. Somebody being yanked out of boat before the race? Anything is


possible this summer. Anything, you are right. Finally, in The


Independent,... There you go... Rehearsing for the Opening Ceremony.


It will be extraordinary with all the different flavours of resilient


culture is and that surely cannot we tainted. We have such fond memories.


They will have to hit some heights to match London. Nice to see it and


thank you very much. That is it from us. Coming up, the film review.


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