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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me Caroline Frost, Entertainment Editor


for the Huffington Post and Tony Grew, Parliamentary


The Metro says that millions of people across Britain have been


'robbed' of the chance to own their own homes.


Reporting that levels of home ownership have plunged


Property ownership has fallen to 64.1% UK wide,


from an all-time high of 71% in 2004.


The Guardian leads with the same story -


reporting that low-levels of home ownership, once confined


to London, are now a problem in cities like Manchester,


The Financial Times reports that Uber, the app-based taxi-hailing


service, has ending a multi-billion dollar tussle for the Chinese market


by merging its loss-making business in China with a local


Beijing has warned damage had been cancelling the Hinkley point project


would put Chinese investment in the UK at risk. The Daily Express says


several dozen peers in the House of Lords are plotting to block Brexit.


That would be interesting. We will start with the owner 's resignation


list. It is interesting that David Cameron, he took office six years


ago saying he would be representing a new style of politics.


Now he has left office and some are suggesting he has behaved like any


other leader has done over the last 50 or 60 years. What we have seen


his David Cameron acquitting himself impeccably in those days immediately


following Brexit. We had the speech with the catch in the throat and the


resignation. We had all the jokes, the round of applause. It all seemed


to be going well. He was leaving, a smiling perimeter figure that proved


all political careers don't end incomplete ignominy. This team he


leads a little bit of a nasty aftertaste. It is Theresa May


picking up the pieces and clattering a busy week for her. She said she


won't get involved. It is something she will not do. What another


parting gift from David Cameron. She must be delighted. First he takes


the country out of the EU and now he creates a political row. There is a


stench of hypocrisy around this. We have people here from the Labour


Party saying may want the resignation list to be abolished. By


the way, resignation honours, Tony Blair didn't take the opportunity to


have a resignation, but... That was only because of cast -- cash for


questions. The House of Lords, there is a lot of reforms needed and to


the honours system more generally, but for Theresa May... The other


problem for Theresa May is she does have people calling for some sort of


reform of the honours system and she is thinking that is not the top of


my list. People do remember the lavender list.


What is... Samantha Cameron's personal adviser. Stylist is a


pejorative term, she has assisted her with her duties as first lady


for a time. There is a culture in Whitehall and demonstrate that


people are given honours for serving the country in this capacity. The


suggestion that she was a special adviser on some are saying she was


the stylist as well, does that not the other honours list that there


are throughout the year that do recognise the schoolteacher who has


worked for 40 years in the same school and so on and so forth, does


this list affect those lists? Does it do mean the whole thing? It does


sound as if there is a plateauing and you are right. A person who has


put her curlers in is not the same as someone running a youth club. I


have a friend he has an OBE for many years for all sorts of countless


tasks and services to his community. I don't think less of him as a


result of this. I would say not but it needs sorting out. Let's go to


the Times. China raises doubts over ?100 billion investment in the UK.


That decision not to rubber-stamp Hinkley Point on the part of the


government, it could have long-term repercussions. This is a sign that


Theresa May is leading a new government. This isn't continuity


Kamin or a change of personnel, it is a new government. Theresa May


repeatedly raised concerns about the national security implications of


allowing China to be involved in building the infrastructure of the


country. Now she is premised she is showing she is willing to take tough


decisions and sate my concerns about national security still exist and


for this to go ahead we will have to look at this again and decide


whether we want China and EDF to go ahead with building Hinkley Point. I


don't think the issue is whether it should be built whether we needed,


those arguments have been hard but she has concerns about that aspect


of it. What you see now is China to run the toys out of the pram and


threatening the United Kingdom. China is seen as one of the


countries we want to do business with. Having said that, there are


other countries we could trade with. China is a big and will probably be


the biggest economy, we will trade with them, but I am with chorizo, we


should be cautious. -- I am with Teresa Lu. There will be people out


there who will be concerned at the possibility that the Chinese will


have quite a deep stake in basic infrastructure in this country. We


have this background of mutual distrust between the US and China


and we are meant to be keeping these relationships with the US, may in


November. Certainly, this is when something comes along and you think


what is more important, that investment for our security? I am


seeing a brinkmanship coming off. How much does China want that


investment or what are they prepared to do to get it and how much is


Theresa May prepared to stick on it? Do you think Theresa May will say it


now doing? There could be some sort of change in the deal. That is more


likely. I would assume there will be a Dean. Plan to web company records


will boost from. I can't stand by this. They are talking about


companies agreeing to a plan to wipe off a whole bunch of historical data


and you have all these investigations agency is saying that


it's going to interfere in a whole amount of archive investigations


into white-collar crime, historical things and we know that a crime 30


years ago is still a crime. These people are saying the reason they


are worried about it is they have a right to be forgotten and the meat


that is like saying I have an embarrassing picture on Facebook


that doesn't do me any favours. If serious people are wanting to form a


business men they should be accountable for however long it


takes and be able to extend themselves whatever happened,


whether it was in a good thing they paid the price for whatever. It


should come to light. I see no reason to justify this. Millions


robbed of the chance to own their own home. We are no longer a nation


where Englishmen enjoys their castles. This is shown that


long-term trends in London, a lack of affordable housing, a lack of


available housing, low house-building and an increase in


the amount of houses being used in the private rental sector, all of


these things combined have had an effect in London that is well


reported but less so in cities like Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.


The same thing is happening. The house of -- the price of houses has


risen in towns where people could afford their own home and now they


no longer can. Greater Manchester, the proportion of homeowners is down


to 57.9%, a significant drop. This is a major challenge for the


government. Governments have been telling us about building more


houses but they haven't done it. Theresa May, one challenge for her


is will there be a big boost in infrastructure investment and when


we talk about infrastructure do we just mean things like HS2 or things


like 10,000 or 20,000 new houses for Manchester? To be clear, this isn't


about the skyrocketing prices we see in London, this is desirable


properties in short supply because there aren't enough of them. It is


strange hearing these stories. The drove home through West London and


North London and all you see is a development centre but that isn't


the case for areas further out. It fascinates me because if you go to


Europe they have such a different business model where it is not so


important to own, everybody rants. As we were discussing, what you have


the back that up is a sustained limitation on rents. It is not open


to exploitation. Lords want to stop EU exit. Is that... Is there any


chance that will happen? May also report that Lord Kinnock has joined


the Brexit blockers. The House of Lords is a sensible, thoughtful


chamber. There may be a group of peers under the impression they can


block this from happening, there is still a legal argument over whether


triggering article 50 requires Parliamentary approval for whether


the government can do it by itself. There will be some thoughts you are


unhappy, some of the art receiving EU pensions. Now, I think the vast


majority will recognise that the people have spoken and their job is


to get the best deal for Britain. That doesn't mean the Lords would


have a significant say in scrutinising the negotiation


progress and there probably will need to be able in both houses. That


is years down the track from now. The Financial Times. British Euro


clap pensions set to spark bitter Brexit exchanges. We will skip over


that. Forget it. We will go to the Telegraph. The Olympics begin this


week. The contaminated Olympics. The back page of the Telegraph. That is


something not very nice floating in the water where they will have a lot


of the sailing events. We should point out that this photo was taken


in June, so we all know that, historically, Olympic venues do


their best work in the final ten days. It has become an Olympic sport


to despair of the Olympic venue in any city. All we hear is it is a


fiasco. London we had all sorts of security nightmares and then had the


Triumph of the event itself. Rio is riddled with problems. They are


really threatening to overshadow all the athletes and their efforts. I


just wonder, given that London 2012 was so amazing on so many levels,


even the weather was good for the majority of the time. Is there much


enthusiasm here for these games? I remember the build-up for the 2012


games. There was a sense of pessimism. They remember the


expectations for the games in London. The expectation among


Londoners was that the games would be terrible and it would be an


encouragement. There is something about the Olympic spirit and I mean


that. The spirit of the games will let these problems away and when the


Olympics have been attacked by terrorists as has happened on two


occasions, they have been racked by problems, the Olympic spirit has


shone through from that. I am expecting to be surprised and I am


looking forward to seeing real but on their show and the thing about it


is but at that moment they are the focus of the world and that is the


beauty of the games. Our correspondent said exactly that. The


anticipation is beginning to build. We have had our excitement. Thank


you for joining us here on The Papers. All the front pages are


online on the BBC News website. It's all there for you, seven days


a week at bbc.co.uk/papers and you can see us there too,


with each night's edition of The Papers being posted


on the page shortly Good morning. The gardens of


southern Britain have had a good watering. As we go through today,


the rain will show signs of heading northward. There will be some


sunshine across


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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