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US-backed fighters in northern Syria are reported to have taken


almost complete control of the strategically-important


city of Manbij from Islamic State militants.


Further south, there's been more fierce fighting


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the writer and broadcaster Eve Pollard,


She is in many more things than Standard.


She is in many more things than that. And we wish we were doing this


from Copacabana beach, or anywhere in Rio would be nice, but we are


here. Thank you for joining us. Let's look at the front pages.


The first day of Olympic action features on most of the front pages.


The Telegraph has an image of British swimmer Adam Peaty


who has broken the world record in the 100 metre breaststroke.


Its lead story says the Prime Minister will launch


The Observer also has a photograph of swimmer Adam Peaty but leads


on a warning from scientists that a key climate target may be missed.


The Sunday Times says the Rio Olympics has been rocked


by a new doping scandal in connection with the Kenyan team.


The Independent on Sunday claims the Russian team will be banned


It has an image of a Syrian refugee competing in Rio.


The Sunday Express reports that a percentage of profits


from fracking would be paid to nearby households.


And the Mail on Sunday has the same story saying the Prime Minister


is planning cash payouts to families in fracking areas.


This could be front page of Otto because I'm not sure I've got the


right order but let's give it a whirl. Let's start with the Sunday


Times. We are Olympics rocked by a new


whirl. Let's start with the Sunday Times. We are Olympics rocked by a


new doping scandal. An official has demanded some kind of payment. This


seems to be a Sunday Times story of its own. They sent undercover


journalists who dealt with this Kenya and Olympic official and they


pretended to have members of the team and he said he could arrange


for them to have warning about when Dale were going to be drugs test and


of course if you have a warning, if you have taken any drugs, you can,


if you have 13 hours, I can't imagine how enjoyable it would be,


you can flush them out of your body, and he asked for ?10,000 up front.


If this is substantiated, and we have to say there was no evidence


that illegal drugs have been supplied, it casts a big shadow over


the event. It was a fictional team of British athletes that were part


of this device in distant by the Sunday Times stop --. This man


apparently has been asked to return to Kenya and so on and it just


suggest that despite all the controversy and all the exposure of


drugs, cheating by the Russians in particular, that the problem still


continues and that it sends a message that people are still


willing to try to do something to bend the rules for their own


personal gain and in this circumstance not for his own


national team advantage, according to this story. ?10,000. Big-money.


The issue with the Russian athletes is it was said to be


state-sponsored, directly, it was such a widespread thing. You wonder


what the can watch any event at all anymore and think how clean is it.


That is the sad thing. But mags that the back of people's mind when they


seem fantastic performances. But most athletes are clean and which


give them get great credit and if we find out some of them have cheated,


that is very sad, but we shouldn't be discouraged from enjoying a


fantastic occasion. That's look at some successes. The Telegraph,


Janet. Here, we have a world record that has been set by Adam peaty and


this is in one of the heats of the hundred meter breaststroke. He broke


his own world record by three tenths of a second, he aptly smashed it,


100 metres, two lengths of the pool, he was way ahead of all his


competitors. And this was just his warm up. I had no intention of


watching any of the Olympics. I like track and field. But having been to


the, were discussing this earlier, the bicycle race today was


absolutely magnificent. It showed you rear in all its glory. We know


there are beautiful beaches but you don't realise how beautiful it is at


the back of 30 and how very, very topsy-turvy it is. Terrible hairpin


bends all the way down. The steepness was terrifying. No wonder


there were quite a few accidents. Coming down those steep slopes and


they are all going hell for leather as fast as they can to try and winds


the race. An amazing race to watch. I'm trying to persuade Eve to come


out cycling with me in Crystal Palace tomorrow. Have you got a


tandem! Right, let's go to the Observer. We've got the Paralympic


games coming up after the Olympics are over. Those games look like they


are going to beat the set for goblins for the Russians. -- beset


with problems for the Russians. These are people that have got over


terrible disasters in their lives but it seems that Russia has been


exceeding its dosage in some of the people and they say they are going


to stop the Russians entering the Paralympics, that is the story in


the Observer. The International Paralympic decision -- Mitty making


the decision of the IOC didn't make. If that is the case, I think it will


be the right decision. When you have had such systematic doping, that


should have happened. If it is state-sponsored, you probably don't


have any say over it. It is still relatively last-minute, though. It


is only a couple of weeks away. And can you imagine that you have been


training for four years and suddenly you are told you can't go. And you


feel sorry for those who are clean because they have been let down by


the activities of others. No doubt there will be appeals from


individuals. What is crazy is that Vladimir Putin thinks that by


winning a lot of gold medals you change the view of the world of your


country. Is he playing to the international audience or is it for


domestic consumption? The athletes do well and it looks good at home.


Because Russia is having a tough time, gold medals will cheer it up.


The Mail on Sunday, were you hit the frack pot? The PM is sending cash


pay-outs for families in gas fracking areas but it is a postcode


lottery. It depends where you live. Well, fracking depends where you


live. I don't suppose there is a lot of it where most of us live down in


the south-east. You can get up to ?13,000. I think we should be


fracking. I think America has cut its American -- energy costs by


fracking. What about the environmental costs? In America,


they seem to be going really percent bounce ahead of itself by actually


checking and doing checks on this. And I also believe it is is right to


give it to people and not to the Council or the community, people


will feel, and particularly, if you look at it, a lots of places in


Britain which could do with some money and work in the middle of


Britain, I think it would be great. That is controversial from Eve,


isn't it? I don't like the idea of bribing individual people to do


something. We bribe people every day. It is either a matter of public


policy that we are going to do it or it isn't, not trying to buy people.


It will be public policy. We have been faffing about fracking four


years. It doesn't get us away from using fossil fuels either. No. But


when you see the affected as had one -- in America, on energy costs,


let's talk to the average person who lives in a house where they will get


?13,000, they have done leaps and bounds checking water levels, also


saw things. It is largely unknown what the consequences are. This also


plays in to the whole point in that fracking is an alternative source of


power if we are not to proceed with Hinkley Point generally, we haven't


yet got alternative obvious solutions in turn of -- in terms of


renewable energy. The Prime Minister is looking at a way of dealing with


it. I don't think they will find it. I think it is great for people and I


think it is also, if you look, it is up in the Midlands and the North.


We'll come back to it later. I haven't heard of it house collapsing


in America yet. All these scare stories. Me to lift ban on grammar


schools, the Prime Minister seeking to reverse the block that was put on


selective education to promote social mobility. How effective our


grammar schools in promoting social mobility if parents can afford to


pay to have their children tutored so they passed the exam ration Mark


the real question with grammar schools has been what happens to the


people who don't go. The question is what happens to other people who are


going to comprehensive schools. I followed on from that and obviously


the comprehensive system was set up because the secondary modern system


was failing. At that time, secondary moderns got less resource, not more,


as perhaps should have been the case. It seems unlikely that of


course it is it great cause celebre Rafah lot of Tory backbenchers in


who will be to that this happens, whether it really... Tour with back


benches are sending data kids to private schools. I would not have


been here if it wasn't for a private school. I was taken out and my life


was changed, and I am 105 so many people are buying generation, our


lives were totally changed by grammar schools. How acceptable is


it in this day and age when you have to pass an entrance exam on the


state? How acceptable is that? Have you seen where we come in the list


of the educational league? I think it is something like 48. Millions of


countries much poorer than us, their children do better at school.


Anything we can do to improve... I'm not convinced that by that argument


that we do so badly at education. We do good at everything else, it has


to come from somewhere. The day after Brexit, you had very sad


Eastern European people running supermarkets, you had them talking


and then you have the local people talking, and the guys who lured


English often spoke much better English, much longer words than the


ones who had been taught at school. This is a scientific survey? It was


my scientific survey because I was riveted by the TV. My feeling is


we've got free schools now, academies, all sorts of different


schools, anything we can do that makes children realise that actually


you do need education to get on and the sooner you learn... Died all


children need education? Of course. All children need a better education


than we are giving them right now. They might do but I'm not


necessarily sure that the grammar school is the solution to it. There


has been plenty of success with raising standards here in London


with some schools that were previously not doing well. The


aspiration you are talking about has been in cognate id in a different


way, it hasn't been through the school structure, it has been in


convincing them and... Getting their parents involved in all sorts of


things. I'm not knocking that but why stop anything that works and it


did work? We got there. Five papers in the right order. Hurrah. Well


done everybody, especially Janet. Art in an evil be back again at 11


o'clock. Next it is Reporters.


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