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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Coming up, Suicide Squad, we look at the verdict on that, and what else


is in the cinema. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Martin Bentham


from the Evening Standard The first day of Olympic action


features on most of the front pages. The Telegraph has an image


of British swimmer Adam Peaty who has broken the world record


in the 100m breaststroke. Its lead story says


the Prime Minister will launch a new generation


of grammar schools. The Observer also has a photograph


of swimmer Adam Peaty but leads on a warning from scientists that


a key climate target may be missed. The Sunday Times says


the Rio Olympics has been rocked The Independent claims


the Russian team will be banned It has an image of a Syrian


refugee competing in Rio. The Sunday Express leads


on fracking, reporting that a percentage of profits will be paid


to nearby households. And the Mail on Sunday has the same


story, saying the Prime Minister is planning stunning cash payouts


to families in areas affected We will start with three of the


papers that are looking at the Olympics in various ways. The Sunday


Times says, real Olympics rocked by new doping scandal. There is an


official, and we went into too much detail about who it is, but he was


said to have asked for a ?10,000 bribe to do what? The allegation is


that it was a Kenyan official. The Sunday Times has done sting, gone


out there and suggested they have a team of fictional British athletes,


although obviously the relevant official didn't know that, and he


has apparently offered for a 10,000 downpayment to give them warning of


drugs tests, and told them that Kenya is a good place to get away


with cheating. He apparently knows an official who does drug tests, and


can have 12 hours notice. This official has been asked to return


home to face allegations, and he was suggesting that he could manage to


help people avoid the drugs testing regime, which is designed to expose


cheats. He denies all of this, but there are obviously serious


allegations. Is not suggesting there is any supply of the illegal


substances. You could take actions to read your body of drugs if given


notice, predominantly, or presumably stop sign it all sounds terribly


unhealthy, the idea that you take drugs and then get rid of them


before you are tested. There is a semi- rebuttal of this after similar


question last week, the idea that he was investigating them. He says he


was not a sell-out, he was doing this for the future. I have heard


that in a few stories in my time, and I'm not sure... People who were


victims of a sting were aware of it the whole time and were playing


along. The Observer, looking ahead to the Paralympics, where Russia is


facing a complete ban, it would seem. The IOC, as we know, have let


quite a lot of Russian state part in the Olympics, but the group that run


the Paralympics say they are going to actually banned Russia as a team


from entry. This is quite scary, because the Paralympics take place


straight up to the Olympics, which is in three weeks, and if you


imagine you have been spending the past four years of your life


training for the Olympics, and because Russia has had


state-sponsored drug testing, tampering with drugs, giving people


drugs, etc, because for some reason Russia thinks that it means a lot if


you have a lot of gold when medals. Well, it does, but honestly... Look,


it is a great thing when your team walks in and they have a lot of gold


medals, but it doesn't mean that you think that country is better, but


the Russians are still stuck in this outmoded view. It may be an issue of


national pride, but this is a much clearer cut decision on the IOC


managed. Yes, and one that I think many people will welcome. The IOC


rather passed the buck saying that the federation is good decide


whether or not to allow Russia to take part. You have suddenly got a


nation which has engaged in systematic doping, covering up,


trying to use their own intelligence services to help in that, and very


well documented, and yet their athletes are still out there


competing against people who clearly didn't want them to be competing.


Whereas the paralympian is, they have said, or they appear to be


going to say, no, one out all out. Let's celebrate something from the


Olympics. In the form of Adam Peaty, celebrating after setting a new 100


metres breaststroke record in the heat. He beat his personal best,


which is fantastic. The reaction from the commentator was fantastic.


It was a brilliant achievement and it is only the heat. If he does


manage to win the gold medal, which obviously he is hot favourite to do,


he will be the first male gold-medal swimmer since 1988. We have had


great success with women, but the men have not been quite so


successful recently. Good knowledge. Brazil got a medal today, the home


nation, in shooting. And Belgium in the cycling, which is great. Shall


we move on and look at the Mail on Sunday? Will you hit the jackpot if


you are sitting above some gas that could be extracted by fracking? The


express go so far as to say people are sitting on a goldmine. I don't


know if you think that ?13,000 is quite a jack pot. It depends how


near Christmas it is. It is not a goldmine, but I think we should be


fracking. The US has cut their energy costs astronomically by


fracking. I know people are worried about what it does to the


environment, but I think we are learning from countries like America


and we have done it successfully. I think it is great if you can provide


your own energy and don't have to buy it from anyone else. It


certainly ensures energy security, but there are massive environmental


concerns. There are, and personally I am not very keen on the idea of


bribing people to take the decision to grab some cash upfront. Isn't it


just compensation for inconvenience? Wouldn't you rather it go to the


council where the money will vanish? I think you have to persuade people


that it is the right thing to do, rather than bribe them. I'm also a


bit excessive, because when I look at it, in Scarborough, where my


mother lives, she would only get ?221, not the 13,000. Let us move


back to the Sunday Times. Students are offered by one get one free


degrees. Supermarkets have given off a lot of these, how do you do this?


In this case,... I think you should work on the Evening Standard. In


this case I think there is a danger, because it is talking about things


like discounts off your courses and so on, or indeed buy one get one


free, which is particularly related to an offer of doing the


undergraduate degree and then get free Masters tuition. Or reduction


in the cost of the Masters. One of them is offering it free. Sheffield


University is offering, is that right? You get a Masters course


worth up to ?10,000 if you sign up for your undergraduate course first.


I think it is great if you don't have to pay tuition fees, the whole


thing is a disaster from that point of view. But the danger here is that


universities are desperate to scramble people into their


particular courses. They are worried because of Brexit. They are worried


that a lot of foreigners who would normally have come to do degrees in


this country will now not. If you have a three-year course and you are


out of Europe, what happens to your third year? I don't think students


will be disappearing after Year 2 years, but that is another issue.


There is a decision to make about what university to go to, and it


will be sad if people are saying, I will go to that one because it will


be slightly cheaper. You want to make a choice on the basis of what


is the right university. I think students are much cleverer than we


used to be, much smarter about money. They are customers now. What


universities are doing is like everything. If you are selling


something, the more attractive you make it the better you will do. It


should be attracting on the basis of the course, not perks. I don't


believe kids will go into courses that won't lead to jobs. We are


already changing courses that don't lead to jobs. It depends what kind


of course leads to a job. It doesn't necessarily have to be completely


vocational, many people do well after just having arts degrees. A


view to being on before together? No we haven't, but we are going to sign


up as a double act. Can I just say, less boys are applying than girls.


Fewer. Those comprehensive pupils! I didn't go to a comprehensive. We are


not going to talk about... This is primary schools wanting to promote


social mobility by removing the block on grammar schools. Many


children like the idea of parents -- their children going to -- many


parents like the idea of their children going to grammar schools.


Of course they asked top science think parents are much more aware of


education these days, and there are free schools in all sorts of


choices, but I would not be here without grammar school, and I will


not be loyal to the fact that a grammar school changed my life. If


you went down that road, you would have to make sure that they are


better resourced, not under resourced. I agree, I agree with all


of that. It is still... Either way, in lifting you out of where you will


born... There are plenty of schools that do a good job of doing that.


That have even more can't be a bad thing. It looks like that is what is


going to happen, but whether it will be across the entire country. I


think local councils will vote for whether they want them, and I guess


the places in Britain that will really go for them, as they will


vote for that. I'm not sure they will, actually, we'll see. I don't


think we will get any agreement on this, I can tell. We have ran out of


time. Martin and Eve, lovely to have you both, come back, will you? Thank


you everybody for watching. Up next, Film Review. Boys are not less


clever than girls.


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