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More than 1 million people turned out in Istanbul to protest against


last month's attempted coup in Turkey.


Hello and welcome to look ahead to the papers, with us or our James


Milner and Eva Simpson hoping for some silly is that we can't find


any. Let's look at the front pages starting with the metal, reporting


opposition MPs have vowed to fight Theresa May's plans for new grammar


schools. The Daily Telegraph said union leaders at Southern rail have


been accused of deliberately damaging Britain's economy by


ordering the longest rail strike for almost 50 years. The Daily Express


collided on the news talks with big business of quitting the EU have


begun six weeks after the Brexit vote. The Guardian focuses on


International Paralympic committee's decision to ban Russia from


competing at the Paralympic games in Rio. The Times says Russian and


Syrian aircraft bombing opposition areas of liberal in revenge after a


Rebel Alliance for a vote of month-long siege. -- Aleppo. The


commercial Times leaves on the fact that the pay of 100,000 Chief


Executive rove by one tenth last year -- rose. Let's begin. The


Guardian is the only one we found so far that is looking at this


Paralympic story. Russia banned outright from competing at Olympics,


Putin attacked for medals over morals position. A very emphatic


position by the International Paralympic committee compared with


the IOC. That is strange because it announced today that no Russian


Paralympic and will compete but then you have the IOC who have allowed


the able-bodied Russian team to compete in their current Olympics.


The entire process is odd because you think, why isn't there a blanket


ban for all of the Russian athletes? Why can some compete and others


can't? It seems you either ban them all or decision to work some compete


should stand, it is old and if I was a Paralympic and who had trained


just as hard as an able-bodied athlete I would feel very aggrieved


by this decision. And Russia said they will appeal. Of course we have


all of the fun and games with appeals. The IOC initially banned


Russia and Russian athlete and then some got in and they left up to the


individual sports. The only thing is it appears the Paralympic committee


have the guts to do at the Olympic Committee didn't. If the


state-sponsored doping was going on then clearly the country as an


entirety has no right compete in a sporting contest that is the


Olympics and if you were an athlete who had trained for years and not


doped then you be very aggrieved that the Russians were letting if


they had. Whichever way you look at it, we you watch any of the Russian


athletes, you will always come you'll just be left with a sense of,


well, who is clean and who isn't? It is all such a mess. I was listening


to this looming earlier and someone called Julia something or other and


they kept saying a very controversial figure every time they


said their name because she has had a positive test in the past. Even if


she is clean now. Such a cloud hanging over the entire team. It


spoils the whole thing, which hopefully won't happen at the


Paralympics because they will be banned. It is based on tests from


the Sochi games, samples from the Winter games. And what appears... In


which they came second. Shall we look at the Metro. MPs fight me's


bid to expand grammars. No sooner has the prime Minster expressed his


desire to have more grammar schools in some people are climbing all over


the idea. Who doesn't like it in particular? It is a political walk,


this is a great story. MPs don't really matter. Because if the Tories


get behind this, they can get it through the Commons. The problems


start in the Lords because the Tories don't have a majority there


yet, there are still building their numbers and that is why Tim Farron


comes into play. His eight MPs, but many Lords, somewhere in the


vicinity of 100 Lords and they have the balance of power. Labour will


oppose it if the Lib Dems supported and they get other people on the


thing would get past. People who like grammar schools say they


promote social mobility and give children from disadvantaged


backgrounds the option to to have an education that their parents


couldn't necessarily afford to buy? Most of the objections stem from the


fact of this idea of social mobility has not been proven. That might have


happened historically but if you look at Granero system now -- the


grammar system now. The number of children who go there who have free


school meals, measure of poverty, is a very old number, about 3% in some


schools. The argument is we have a system where there are grammar


schools and in those schools that is not social mobility, so why is


creating more grammar schools going to encourage more social mobility?


What it will do is encourage those sharp elbowed parents... Who just


want the best for their children? Everyone wants the best but some


people have more of a means you can get tutors and the other


paraphernalia that comes with passing these exams you will have a


better advantage. That is the main objection. It is just to keep Tory


voters happy. Neil Carmichael, the new Conservative chairman of the


education select committee told the BBC tonight that he would oppose


moves to allow a New Generation of grammar schools. He doesn't believe


that a return will improve social mobility but will be a distraction,


he thinks. If the conservative camp are entirely convinced either.


Ignore what I said about the Lords because the House of Commons comes


back into play and then it gets more interesting. Because if you only


need a few Tories to be against it for the SNP to hold the balance of


power and then you have an entirely new problem is the SNP get to decide


on English education policy because education is devolved Scotland.


James Milner. Political wonk. If I thing is in The Sunday Telegraph who


have the exclusive about grammar schools potentially being


reintroduced they also have a story that said the private school system


is under threat because parents have never had it so good in terms of


their state school choices. We should not just automatically think


that state schools are a disaster. They are doing better than ever. So


why do we need grammar schools? No one has really answer that question.


Let's go to the Financial Times. Blue-chip bosses ?5.5 million salary


is boost me's call for a crackdown. It was only last month that the


premise was saying it was unacceptable, this growing gap


between the average pay of our company worker and The People


running the place. In terms of grabbing the agenda, Theresa May is


on the front pages of most papers for different reasons. She is really


in control of the agenda. She is calling for a crackdown on salaries


and says that the FTSE 100 companies, their pay has risen by a


tenth to an average of ?5.5 million, which is eye watering in anyone's


books. It is almost the closest you get to a silly season story in the


papers because it is as if they have gone to write everyone is on


holiday, let's put something about fat cats on the front page. You


can't go far wrong. And it's true. Because even if it's not that new.


What flatpack pay, that would be interesting. If you Amess trike --


if you are Mr IKEA. It is in the States. Indeed. The figures are eye


watering and then you get the American figures were Chief


Executive Skip to four times employees median compensation. --


204. That figure is on the sixth part of the story suggests it is


maybe slightly thin fact that turned American figures, you have got a


huge amount of good -- it is good to compare. Daily Express, EU exit off


the lead last, Chris retrieves work on how we cut ties with bottles and


a key issue is whether we will stay in the single market. It is a fairly


fundamental question. Who would have thought? The express loves the EU


and Brexit, not sure... They want to let us forget about Brexit. It has


taken six weeks. The sixth paragraph of this is explaining the


relationship between Norway and the EU, suggesting there isn't a huge


amount of news in the story. It seems to be official at the Treasury


have made contact with the city. What does that make? Presumably they


have sent e-mails, do you want to visit us in September when we at our


desks speak about this? The suggestion is there is a poll being


done, two thirds of grassroots Conservative Party members don't


like the idea of a Norway style relationship, which includes a


single market freedom of movement. It is the freedom of movement


because that was the mantra of Brexit, take back control, so if we


have gone through all of this and we still have freedom of movement that


will not fly with Brexiteers. Not surprised they don't want to travel


down that road. It doesn't seem clear Brexit still means? Even if


Brexit will happen, we believe some people... The prime ministers says


altogether Brexit means Brexit. Whatever that means. It doesn't mean


anything. Heretical talk. Let's look at The Daily Telegraph. Locals might


get compensated for new housing. Last night it was people being


potentially if the consultation goes this way being compensated if they


live in a place where Shell gas is to be fracked. And the distraction.


What is this about? This is a continuation of that story where


developers who will have to give people, homeowners in the


countryside and villages and towns where they will be developing new


homes, they will have to give them potentially cash incentives to keep


them sweet to get them to agree to this planning permission. I don't


think that is a particularly bad idea if you have moved to a village


because of the tranquillity and the peace and the lovely scenery and


suddenly a developer wants to come along and build something you don't


particularly want, why shouldn't you be compensated? People need to live


somewhere. The question is how much do you have to be paid? If I was of,


say, copyright Corbin persuasion, I might suggest this is a very Tory


policy, the idea that if you give people enough money they will accept


anything. It might be true. But there is something. If you give them


money before you put in your planning application that would be


bribery. If you do it afterwards then somehow that is OK? But if you


can't get planning permission because the locals object then how


do you be houses built? -- how do you get. Chouly how much you are


prepared to pay would have to be part of the application? Ask the


Government. I'm asking you. This is Theresa May again, taken control of


the agenda and pumping out announcements that maybe don't have


much substance. Maybe she would like to join us for 1130. Finally,


five-year-olds reported to police for sex assaults. On suspicion of


them. The suggestion here is that common sense is being abandoned


because of the pressure for schools to act on allegations. What do they


mean? The problem in this piece in The Telegraph which does not explain


the late -- nature of these assaults so we don't know if it is touching


or kissing, all we know is that teachers are calling police or


reporting children as young as five to police in increasing numbers.


Between 2011 and 2012 there were 719 incidents reported to the police and


that has come up 1955 between 2014 of 2015. There is a suggestion there


is more to report these cases to the police in the wake of the Jimmy


Savile affair according to The Telegraph. The charity is talking at


the moment, plan International, as are many organisations, about the


rise of sexual violence and assaults in schools. They are speaking about


all the children ordinarily. If there is worrying behaviour amongst


small children it is probably not sexual assault, is to do with care


that they need, isn't it? Yes. That is possibly why these are being


flagged up. It is a good thing perhaps that some agencies are


seeing something is wrong, you need to hopefully pass this onto another


agency and look at is going on at home. There certainly has been a


rise in sexual allegations made to the police involving schools, 719 in


2011-12 to nearly 2014-15. It is interesting reporting because plan


International have done the region of information to get the figures,


their thing is compulsory sex and research of education in schools,


which a lot of people would like to see introduced anti-government


boxing to be entirely against it and -- and the Government don't seem to


be. I'm not sure of plan International would be entirely


delighted with the way this has been brought in. Not the statistic they


were driving at, I would imagine. That is it for now but we will be


back at half past 11. Hopefully they will join me too. Coming up next, we


spoke about the teenage heroine of her new book, Paradise Lodge in meet


the author.


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